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  • He needs a Jolly Ball.
  • Yes, except he's supposed to be quiet and not bouncing and frisking around. Hopefully, they'll tie one up for him so he can use his head end to play when he's confined.

  • Today Rowdy is 6 months old. He's a happy, healthy boy. His ulcers have finally healed up (he developed them because of all the strong medications he had to take), and he has showed no signs of trying to eat sand for over 2 weeks now. He's also passed his BFF Gasston, the burro adopted to be a buddy for him, in size. Here are picitures from today: Gasston is hard to see in the middle picture. He's behind Rowdy with his head resting on Rowdy's back. Very cute.

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  • Aww, these are such sweet pictures. I love the middle one with Gasston resting his head on his back.
  • Yes, that is sweet. They have both learned that when guests arrive, they will get special treats. When I was there, I got to hear Gasston braying. Made me chuckle. Also got to hear Rowdy whinney, cute and high-pitched like a human boy before his voice changes. Ann says Spider has a mature whinny. I'm anxious to see them all again, and meet Spider. I'm hoping to get up there the first week of December.
  • Donkeys are so full of squee. We had a mini one at my barn once. Along with a mini cow named Cheeseburger. There was much sorrow when they left. We all love small squeezable critters, I even miss the mini that left us for home at his owner's house.

    Rowdy looks like a nice up and coming young fellow.
  • Rowdy is amazingly level-headed considering that he thinks of Ann as his mama and he was raised in a house. Hahaha. Oh and that he eats yogurt from a spoon. So cute. I feel really priveleged to have had the chance to do that myself.
  • Dr. Sam did not work with Spider yesterday to give him a shock wave treatment. He wants to wait until Spider has been confined for a week or two.

    This morning Spider's stall area has been reduced from 24X24 down to 12 X 12. He still has quite enough room to move around a little, but he won't be running or trotting. They hung a jolly ball on the side panel for him and he has a hay net to keep him occupied. There is enough room for him to lie down for sleeping. I think this won't be too onerous for him. He'll need to be there for at least 3 weeks. He seems to be feeling better already. If you are a member of MareStare, here's his cam link: http://www.marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=meaola. He's on cam 3, the lower left corner of the 4-way screen. Rowdy is on the other 3 cams. It's free to join MareStare.
  • Thanks for all the updates VA!
  • Here are pictures from Ann of Spider's Compound, or Small Stall. It's one-fourth the size of the original which you can see beyond the new pipe walls. The wooden walls were added to the original pipe walls to block his view of the turnout arena. Seeing the other horses running around in there has bothered him a lot, but this morning he could only hear them and that seems not to bother him.

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    Spider's butt is facing his shelter to the west. Behind that wall is the area where Gasston lives and beyond that is Rowdy's paddock and the house. So he's not too far away from it all.
  • Here's a report from Ann on the situation with Spider as of 6 PM PST. Emphasis mine.

    "...plan B for Spider is working so far. We had to enclose the outside of the stall around him so he can't see horses running and playing in the arena or turn out because he just gets too excited. Tomorrow, we will start tying him for a few hours each day, so he can be still. We have all of his painting supplies, and we will start playing with them tomorrow.

    That ought to be fun to watch, but I have to go to my bank in another town tomorrow. Rats. Hope it works out, and the he enjoys it. Good fund-raising idea.

  • I'm posting this because of the information about Craigslist. This girl won't be waiting long for her forever home. They've already had 3 serious inquiries about this nice Quarter Horse.

    From Mea Ola's Place facebook page.

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    "Welcome Lacey to our herd! Lacey is an owner surrender that was about to be put on Craigslist for free. For those of you that don't understand why this is a bad idea, let me tell you why no one should put horses on Cragslist for free. There are folks out there that are great liars and heartless. Most times the free horses end up at auction and are bought by killer buyers. The person who picked up the free horse then just made $400 to $600 on your beloved horse that you thought was getting a good home.They are then shipped to Mexico or Canada for slaughter. Many people think that because slaughter is illegal here that their horses won't end up there! WRONG!
    Lacey is a very nice mare, broke well, and sound. She is 14 years old. We will be campaigning for a forever home for her. Unfortuantely, her former owner's health forced them to let Lacey go and they did not have time/funds to find a good forever home for her, and that is why they thought of Craigslist, and thought they would be blessing someone with a free horse. Thankfully, we were called before that happened."
  • She's really beautiful!

  • Yes and looks sweet. So glad she was saved by Ann and not sent to a kill buyer. Wish I had money and a place to keep her Her fee is going to be between $800 and $1200. Still a bargain, but more than a con artist selling to a kill buyer would make, so the temptation goes away. One woman--a fan of Mea Ola's Place--is interested because she is older and needs a calm, gentle, and reliable mount. Like I would, too. Someone already known is usually a good bet.

    The people who got Grammos last week are also a perfect family. They already have an Oldenburg Warmblood who looks like his twin. Here's a sweet picture of the husband half of the couple who is adopting him. I think it's wonderful. The wife is holding the lead rope.

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    I got to meet Grammos when I was there. He's huge and also the same height as Coz.
  • Now is the time to contribute to your horse worthy organizations. My thoughts. K
  • VA_in_CAVA_in_CA Member
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    Yes. And here's an easy way to help your favorite charity without it costing you anything extra. You don't have to choose Mea Ola's Place, but every little bit helps and I can vouch for their integrity.

    Posted by Ann: (emphasis mine)
    "Not just for the holiday season, but all year round. Please consider joining iGive, as a percentage of sales you make are donated by the retailer, via iGive, to Mea Ola's Place once you enter Mea Ola's Place as your charity of choice. Every couple of months, a check is sent to Mea Ola's Place to care for the horses. Browsing the many stores on line also counts towards the donation

    [It] downloads the iGive icon on your browser page and then you use the iGive page to see a list of the stores online you can shop at. All the favourite stores are listed and when you shop from that store you will also see the iGive icon on the page. It's all done automatically and you can check to see what your shopping donation is worth to Mea Ola's Place". (or the charity of your choice.).

    Sounds like a good idea.
  • I've done iGive for quite awhile now, for The Cloud Foundation that helps our wild horses. I think it's a great way to donate!
  • Mea Ola's Place spent most of Thanksgiving finishing the construction of windbreaks and shelter tops for all the horses. They will all have windbreaks on at least 2 sides, and some will have 3 sides. Gasston finally has a shelter with a cover. A big winter storm is predicted for SoCal next week, so this is just in time.
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    This is a beautiful photo send from Ann at Mea Ola facebook on 11/27/14 to celebrate this past Thanksgiving. I just LOVE this photo! It could be a postcard or painting inspiration!

    imageFrom Mea Ola Facebook 11/27/2014
  • Yeah, I like that one, too. I hope Zenyatta got a goody bowl or basket full of fruits and carrots on Thanksgiving.

  • They've been having winds of 32 mph at Mea Ola's Place. Sand blowing everywhere. Ann reports that Gasston was running around like crazy braying. Unimaginable to me. Here's a quick video taken at the front of the house. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=823510931025069&set=o.354455877949867&type=2&theater
  • Can't see the facebook video...it says it's not available. :o(
  • Thanks for the note. I'll check it out. It might be on YouTube. It's only 15 seconds.
  • Well I posted it on my Timeline if anyone with facebook wants to see it there. It's here: https://www.facebook.com/virginia.hagler The funny part is Ann's voice saying, "Oh yeah. I've got to walk right out there. I'm so excited," in the most unexcited, deadpan monotone. LOL
  • Spider is getting a grooming. He likes that. http://www.marestare.com/fcam.php?alias=meaola for MareStare members. It's free to join.
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