What are the protocols for Silver Charm

Silver Charm will soon be coming home to the States. But Old Friends say SC has several protocols that he has to go through.

I know when a horse leaves he's put in a quarantine barn and only specific people can go in and out of the barn during that time.

I'm curious what SC will go through. Help!


  • Silver Charm will first be quarantined for 3 days at a USDA-approved importation facility. Once he passes that quarantine, Per Kentucky law he'll have to be tested for contagious equine metritis (CEM). It's an equine venereal disease. Japan is considered to be a CEM-affected country. (I assume SC will have to be tested even though he is no longer a breeding stallion. ) I guess he'll be able to stay at Old Friends while he is being tested, but I don't know. They'd have to have a vet come out to do the testing, or else take him somewhere where he can be tested.

    OF generally likes to give their new horses a chance to settle in before being on tour. How long that takes depends on the horse. Since he's not coming of track, I would guess that he will be greeting visitors soon after his health testing is completed.
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    They may quarantine him on the farm for a week or so to make sure he doesn't have shipping fever or anything contagious
  • Be fascinating to hear if he 'remembers' English.

    He would have had all his foundation work from a foal until he was 5/6 hearing/responding to English but then a good decade with hearing and responding to Japanese. We often discuss just how a horse remembers thing.

    Or if it's not the language so much as the tone a horse responds too. Really any of these horses who change circumstances between languages and back again, would make for an interesting study.
  • Does anyone have any recent photos of SC?
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