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    This is very off topic but thought you would enjoy this heartwarming video of a little boy who found a $20 bill and gave it away to a soldier...a complete stranger.
  • Made me cry. We always need to reminded of kindnesses such as this. Thanks.
  • Oh wow. This is indeed a tear-raising story. Thanks for posting. Interesting that the little boy is the spitting image of his dad, who would have been very proud of his son.
  • Such a sweet video! Thank you sharing it! That boy is a shining example of kindness and love.
  • Will wonders never cease?!
    I have been stuck on my hill for 16 days because of the weather. Cold... set several new all time records... and snow. Any time the temp got above freezing, it melted some of the snow which immediately froze into a layer of ice as soon as the sun started going down. And was then covered with a new layer of snow overnight. Now, I'm not talking about a lot of snow... maybe a total of 12-14 inches over the 2+ weeks. (I feel for Boston and New England) BUT I live part way up a private "road" that is actually a narrow, heavily rutted dirt and gravel trail through the woods to the top of the ridge. It is 100% UNmaintained. It's even unmarked which leads to all sorts of confusion, but that's another story. Our local weather forecasters are right 99% of the time so three weeks ago when they started talking about a couple back-to-back storms going to move over the area, we all began meandering into the grocery stores and gas stations to prepare. Just by luck, I stocked up instead of just buying my usual week's worth of real groceries... I eat out most of the time. By the time the weathermen started talking about the next week's storms, I was already stuck. After 10 days, my son, who lives down on real roads near town, made it to the grocery store with a shopping list I emailed him and then drove back to the beginning of my "road" where he parked and hoofed it up the mountain to me. I haven't missed a meal... although it wouldn't have hurt me any if I had! So yesterday, it made it to 40 for the first time and last night it rained off and on which melted and washed a lot of the snow and ice away. I heard the neighbor above me go out to work at 6 AM in his 4-wheel drive and thought I'd go out this afternoon and see if my poor old Ford would start for the first time in 16 days. It did! First try. Didn't even stutter. And, since my own rather steep driveway was semi-clear of snow, I figured the trail would be passable... at least going down... so I grabbed my purse and bee-lined it to the nearest Hardee's! The county roads are clear... and dry! I only slid a couple times up and down the trail and we're expecting temps above freezing and more rain tonight so tomorrow I plan to go into town to get stuff I'm going to need for the next bout of winter, scheduled to arrive Wednesday night. Happy camper here!
  • Wow, whoodler! That sounds crazy! I'm lucky we've had a mild winter this year. I'm glad you get a chance to restock.
  • Does sound crazy whoodler but I live in Illinois. You never know what to expect here. Sat night 7 inches of snow (the other six from the week prior hadn't melted all the way). If finally stopped snowing at 2 p.m. yesterday. Today about 35 degrees and lots of sun. Tonight sleet/freezing rain turning to thunderstorms tomorrow (to get to 51 degrees) and back to freezing rain for Wednesday morning. We had several days of negative temps. I'm just glad I don't live on a hill or private road. What's odd it prior to the last four weeks, we had no snow!
  • We were having an incredibly mild winter as well, especially after the polar vortexes of last year. I live in the mountains, lower level, thank goodness. My side of the ridge is protected from MOST of the bad weather in the area... it swirls around us rather than coming over the ridge. That's one of the reasons we depend on our local forecasters more than the national ones. Our local guys... and they're all guys for some reason... have lived in the area for years... the "newest" has been here for over 2 dozen years... so they're usually very accurate. The fact that I'm also in the woods means sunlight doesn't get down to the road level except in patches here and there. The two families above me have 4-wheel drive vehicles, but they were stuck as well because of the ice. The roads in towns were clear after the first few days and kept clear, but schools have been closed for 2 solid weeks even there, not just country schools. So many of our country roads are dirt/gravel and mountainous that extra weather days are always written in, beyond what the city schools have, but everyone is well over their allotments. Last weekend, there were major winds on the other side of the ridge that did so much damage it was on the national news. It was 15 to 20 miles from me, as the crow flies, and I didn't even know it had been windy. I live out here because there are no neighbors, no city sounds or smells and "my" deer feel free to stay in the yard grazing even when my dogs are out (on the other side of the fence) and I walk out the door. There are write-offs, of course... no mail delivery, no garbage pick up, unmarked roads mean ambulance/fire/police response time is increased, that kind of thing... but it suits me, hermit-minded that I am!
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    Oh, and I forgot the biggest write-off... dial-up. But at least I have THAT.
  • Congratulations though, you survived 16 days without being able to get out, I would go stir crazy
  • KMMKMM Member
    Interesting weather narrative. Where are you? Montana or other northern state?
  • Nope, eastern Tennessee.
  • Eastern TN is where the Smokey Mts are. No wonder. That's pretty wild country in there. Where in TN is Chattanooga?
  • Nope, eastern Tennessee.
    Whoodler, I used to live in Oak Ridge, TN. Are you close to there? I just love East TN. I miss the mountains so much!

  • No, I'm in the Tri-Cities area. The "cities" being Bristol (which is in BOTH TN and VA,) Johnson City and Kingsport which form a triangle.
    Oak Ridge is west of me.
    Chat is west and south.
    We are between 3 or 4 mountain ranges... Blue Ridge, Appalachian, etc... which is what makes predicting LOCAL weather so difficult. Like I said, our weather people are terrific. I've lived all over the country and have never said that anywhere else.
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    Must be beautiful country. Are you near Appalachian trail?
  • Relatively.
    This is a great area. I like the people, even though I'm still a damned yankee. The roads are in good condition and well marked... and the local drivers are the most polite I've met anywhere in the country. Prices are low. Sales tax is close to 10% but there's no state income tax. The scenery reminds me of the Pacific NW but with smaller mountains and more varieties of trees. No sheep to speak up. And, at least where I live, dogs roaming loose are an exception rather than the rule. Horses and cows are a different story!
  • Oh my goodness, Whoodler! Remind me not to complain about our crummy weather here in TX, but I am so very ready for spring. We are expecting another ice/sleet/snow storm this evening and the horses will be stuck in the barn again. Sugarfoot lives at a boarding barn right now that is surrounded my mud and muck that sloshes to your ankles in places. Ugh, but to be stuck in place for so many days -- oh my! Hope your weather clears up soon, too!
  • We've got that threat of very cold and icy conditions here too in TX hill country (just NW of San Antonio). Quite unusual but managable. At least we've been getting some moisture so no drought like we've had.
  • We started with 18" of snow, then 6, then 3, then 5...and none of it ever melted off.

    More on the way. Make it stoppppppp.
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    Fingers crossed for everyone!

    We're under a winter weather alert, even though it is 60-something right now (12:30 PM.) Supposed to start with rain, turning to freezing rain around 4, transitioning to snow overnight and not getting above freezing tomorrow. I'm still doing "morning" chores and need to get into town and back before the weather arrives. And, yes, I'm on the computer! (Needed a break.) This time, we won't be housebound for more than a day or two because the temps are going to bounce right back up this weekend. I really can't complain about the weather here... it's generally moderate, summer as well as winter, and even when there's a bad spell, it seems to move on rather quickly. This February was the worse it's been in the 16 winters I've lived here. The area is worth it!

    At least I don't have to "go" to work every day. The animals have to be cared for, but that's part of the deal when you have them.

    And tonight's The Walking Dead night! My favorite night of the week (followed closely by Sunday, when the new season 5 episode airs!)

  • Oh, The Walking Dead is my favorite!!!! I LOVE it. Sunday is my favorite night by far.
  • Wow I wish we could get some of your snow i almost never get any snow where I live
    its funny if you look at the weather map a lot of times the snow covers all of the surrounding states with more than 1 inch and then my state is 60 and sunny lol
    Each winter we get maybe 1 or 2 snows a year and at the most we get 2 inches at a time.
  • Here I get 2 hours of The Dead on Wednesdays on Mytv which has an exclusive syndication deal. They started with the very first episode and are going 2 back-to-back each week. We're now up to season 4. Then just before the end of the year, I had to upgrade my very limited "basic" cable and now get AMC, so I get another hour on Sundays on AMC. As if AMC knew I hadn't seen much of the previous seasons, they had a week long 24 hour a day marathon at the beginning of the year which I watched faithfully, again starting with season one episode one and got caught up all the way to the season five mid season break. I can NOT get enough of the Dead. I am not a zombie/horror fan and didn't believe all the rave reviews I was getting, so when it started in syndication I figured I'd watch a night or two. But just about every episode has several "oh wow!" moments. It took me most of season 1... which is just 5 episodes... to figure out the show is NOT about zombies. But even before that, I did not mind them. I was tickled a couple weeks back in season 5 when Rick said THEY (his group and people everywhere) were the walking dead because that is what I've been telling people who haven't seen it. It is such a preview of what could... will... happen sooner or later when our infrastructure is destroyed or even shut down for just a few weeks or months.

    My favorite line of all so far is when Rick and Carl on sitting in their refuge house after escaping from the Govenor's destruction of the prison and there's a knock on the door. Rick looks out, starts smiling and tells Carl "It's for you."
    Just PERFECT!
  • Haha! I loved that episode with your favorite line in it, too. I'm scared to tell you my favorite line because you may not have seen the episode yet. It's an episode with just Carol, Tyrese, Judith, and the two little girls and has to do with "flowers." Have you seen that one yet? It's also my favorite episode of all of them. I also love the one where Lorie has her baby & don't know if you saw that either.

    I AM a zombie freak and love all the old classic zombie movies, Night of the Living Dead, etc. Day of the Dead, the original, is my favorite. So, yes, the zombie love is what made me start watching, but, you're right, it's not about the zombies and people who hate zombies still love the show. I do like the "walker" aspect of the show, but it is so much more than that! I hate the fact that they're not afraid to kill off the regulars, but it's part of loving the show also. NOBODY is safe! I almost dread new episodes, but also cannot wait. I wasn't ready for Tyrese to go, but I haven't been ready for a lot of them who were killed off. It's an amazing show and I hope it lasts for a long time.
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