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  • I'm current. Thanks to Mytv and AMC's TWO marathons between Christmas and the end of the mid season break. I've seen every episode at least twice, some three times.
    Have to tell you I absolutely LOVE Carol. She started out such a mousy little wimp and now look at her. Last week when Daryl told her she looked ridiculous, I cracked up. The plot twists... like what happened with the two girls... wow and wow! Hated the thing with Beth. And the next episode, Tyrese, and the NEXT episode they sat around eating dog! The show just keeps on pumping it up. And I really like the two new characters... the scene where Aaron and the group he was with got to where the other guy and that group were, was stunningly real and natural. Rick's comment at the end of Sunday's show... "If they (the group running Alexandria) can't handle it, we'll just take over" or something to that effect. That's my guy!
    Do you ever watch Talking Dead? The first time I saw it was when the season resumed and I hadn't seen the episode yet (watched Downton instead.) They were all so positive about it, I was already for this spectacular piece of tv magic... one of the guys on T-Dead said it was "art." Turned out to be my least favorite episode yet (the Tyrese episode... it just didn't fit the feel of what the show had done before.) Didn't watch T-Dead the next week, but saw the last half of it the week before last and it was better. I don't understand twitter and people's need for it, but some of the comments about Aaron were funny.
  • I do watch the Talking Dead, but mainly because I keep the channel on after TWD ends and re-watch the new episode later. I like it and sometimes they have really good people on like the writers and make-up artists and that is interesting to me.

    Yeah, Rick is the man! I cheered when he ripped out that guy's throat! Lol! And I love Carol, too. She did look pretty funny Sunday and I loved she asked about joining the Junior league. She's good. I like something about everyone on the show. They're all good, though Carl tends to get on my nerves big time. He's getting a little better as he grows up. It's such a good show and I'm totally addicted.
  • Yeah, Carl is probably my least favorite. He does seem to be growing up a lot faster than the time line would suggest. Probably having to fight for his life every day. And he IS really four years older than when the show began.

    And that baby! What a doll she is. Is she twins, I wonder. Or maybe a CGI or robot? In one recent episode... maybe last week... Rick went to get her out of the backseat where she had been sleeping and she was waking up. She went to him just like he was her real dad. And the positions she gets carried around in!

    We're coming up on the episode you were talking about... next Wednesday I think... so I'll try to see what the line was that you like. I really don't like it with the group split up and all these episodes that bounce around between them.
  • So, OUR storm is about 12 hours behind schedule... but seems to be worse than what was originally predicted. All the schools are closed... after being open Tuesday and today this week... and a lot of businesses. The scroll on the bottom of the tv screen never stops. They should just put "EVERY thing closed. Stay home!" and leave it at that.

    How's it going with everyone else?
  • low 70's and climbing. Mid 70's for the weekend. Surfing, or skiing as we have had a fresh powder drop, so many choice's...walk the desert and find twin falls, rock climb...or maybe get artsy and do Laguna...nay. I'll be watching and betting on the next derby winner...3 8
  • I missed all of Season 4 of Walking Dead :( for shame, for shame....

    Watched first episode of the new season and was shocked when tyrese (spelling?) died. I had known about Beth dying as well and the others based off what i heard so seeing them in the 'slowly dying, hallucinating' scenes wasnt a shock to me.
  • Its awful cuz Maggie now has no one left from her family :(
  • Its awful cuz Maggie now has no one left from her family :(
    I know! Poor Maggie. I hope Glenn stays around for her, but on this show, you never know.

  • I missed all of Season 4 of Walking Dead :( for shame, for shame....

    Watched first episode of the new season and was shocked when tyrese (spelling?) died. I had known about Beth dying as well and the others based off what i heard so seeing them in the 'slowly dying, hallucinating' scenes wasnt a shock to me.
    The Beth death episode is the 8th of the fifth season, the mid season finale.
    The Tyrese death episode is the first episode after the fifth season hiatus, the 9th episode in the fifth season.
    Last Sunday was the 12th episode and there are only four more before it's over until next fall.

    If you get mytv... I think it is an NBC affiliate on basic cable... they have TWD in syndication. We just finished episodes 10 and 11 of season 4 tonight. Eps 12 and 13 next week.The group is split up and all of the sub-groups are headed for Terminus. Three more to season 4 after that. Don't know if the syndication deal includes the current season or not... hope so!

  • Shout out to VA_in_CA for making this thread. Such a great idea! I love reading the completely "off topic topics" that get posted here. :)
  • Yes, they certainly are OFF. LOL
  • Never have watched The Walking Dead show as I always thought it was a horror series and I don't like scary stuff - lol!! I usually have the tv on but very rarely pay attention to whatever is showing. As far as the weather goes, we did get the ice and snow storm as promised last night. Woke up to at least three inches of snow, which for my part of Texas, is pretty huge - lol!! The sun is shining though and my daughter and I were able to make it to the barn to feed Sugarfoot this morning, but will most likely stay in until his dinner time this evening. It is pretty to look at - as long as I am warm here in the house. Our cities don't have snow removal equipment barely enough sand trucks so the roads are pretty treacherous - especially because so many idiots with big pickups think they can drive just like normal on the icy roads. Wrong! Stay warm!!
  • Tomorrow we could be talking about Pickles LOL
  • But today we go from Zombies to snow.

    Where i am at, we have 6 inches of snow so far. Again. My work is closed so yay for that =D get to stay home and snuggle with my Jasper. He was out in it this morning running around. Its just so beautiful outside with the snow silently falling.
  • 84 and sunny...
  • Yesterday it was 53 outside....
  • All we've gotten so far is sleeting rain. Tons of it. And it's cold and getting colder. We reached our high for today around 2 AM and aren't going to be back above freezing until tomorrow afternoon. Schools and everything closed... a lot, but not all non essential business. Dogs are soaked to the skin... again... but they do love playing in the... whatever is wet on or in the ground!
  • Celeste
    The Walking Dead is symbolic of how people would get by if some... any... catastrophic worldwide event occurred. No government, no commerce, no communication, every man for himself. It's not a pretty picture. The zombies represent known danger that is present all the time, everywhere, and has to be dealt with so often it becomes second nature. The real problem comes from other people. It is well written and has an excellent cast. For me, The Walking Dead is the first don't-miss-a-single-episode show since The West Wing. I don't do anything else while it's on... and for most tv, I'm on the computer or playing Sudoku or doing something with the pups, etc.

    The other show I look forward to seeing every week... without being obsessive about it... is Scandal.

    But I could watch and rewatch the Dead every day.
  • bigherbie, where are you with such nice weather?
  • Arizona?
  • Central Florida - but we have had our share this year, 20's in the a.m., highs of 50 with gusty winds. I know that doesn't seem extreme but it is to us wimps. :)
  • Anywhere near Orlando? I have relatives there. Also have a cousin moving to St. Augustine soon, and a friend in Tallahassee. I know the last two are in Northern FL.
  • I watched a couple races from Gulfstream on Starting Gate this afternoon... didn't look that warm! Outriders, gate assistants looked pretty bundled up.
  • 51 yesterday here and 10 right now. And who doesn't like the Walking Dead. We finally convinced a male coworker to watch it and he sat and watched all of season 1 in one night. Lol, he's hooked!
  • speaking of really addicting shows; Game of Thrones.

    Anyone here a fan? For the longest time I havent seen it but then me and my bf decided to download all the seasons there are (4) and watch it. We literally watched episode after episode having to pull ourselves away from the tv for a break. Season 5 starts sometime in April and i cannot wait. I have read all of the books prior to watching the tv series except book 5 and the 5th book is Season 5. Im debating on if i want to wait to watch or go ahead and read LOL
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