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  • Nature can be cruel and when humans get involved, it can be worse. Maybe the mother got a rat that had been poisoned. Sad. I check in on the falcons about once a day. The parents seem very diligent.
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    I've never seen a hummingbird cam before, Cool!
    Here's an osprey cam I've started checking.
  • Where is the hummingbird cam link?

    Back in the late 70s, we had a hummingbird make a nest in a hibiscus "tree" outside my son's bedroom window. It was so cool. The nest was about a foot from the window. It was great watching the whole process. Only mom bird incubated the eggs and then fed the two babies. Papa only showed up on the last day to drive the babies out of the nest, which was way too small for them by then. That was interesting. The females all look alike, so we didn't know their variety until we saw the male. They were an unusual variety. The male had a large purple gorget (throat area).

    Do you know where the ospreys are located? It looks hot there.
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    Hi VA,
    The hummingbird cam link was in a post back on the first page-doesn't seem to be running anymore.

    Info on The osprey cam from the ABOUT page on the website
    "This pair of ospreys, whom Tommy named George and Gracie, reside on the North Fork of Long Island during the summer. They were first spotted in 2014, perching on top of an old television tower located on Tommy’s property. Tommy had a wooden platform installed on the top to encourage the pair to build a nest, and sure enough, it worked. He also set up a video camera to be able to get a unique, up-close view of the birds in their nest.

    George and Gracie, in their adolescence, spent the year building up their nest, then flew south for the winter, to return in the spring. In May, they laid three eggs. Tommy and his friends began to watch often as the couple took turns going to hunt for fish and tending to the nest. The amount of interest inspired us to broadcast the stream to the web. Since then, the stream has become incredibly popular, even being picked up by several news sites.

    This site is still in its infancy, and we hope to have much more content added to it, including highlights, blog posts, and more. It was very exciting to watch the babies grow up into another generation of these remarkable birds. Over the course of the summer of 2015, we polled our users to come up with creative names for the babies. Click here to find out what our viewers came up with."

  • Here is a link to a hummingbird nest on Explore
    Bella Hummingbird has one baby and a non-viable egg
  • Thanks, Sally and Louise. Fascinating!
  • It appears the Peregrine falcon chick has died today after falling out of the nest ten floors down. He was retrieved by Arizona Game people and seemed okay and was put back in the nest. However, it now appears to have died in the nest. Very, very sad.
  • Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that. It's parents were such good parents. I hope they'll try again, but maybe it's to hot for that. I was always worried about the chick falling out because there wasn't much of a "lip" between the box and the edge of the ledge which the parents often sat on. Poor little thing. Peregrines are pretty rare, too. Are they on the endangered list?
  • I know, VA_in_CA. This was such a sad situation and I had grown so attached to this little falcon. It just broke my heart and I cried all day about it. I guess I'm not cut out for these cams. Nature sure sucks. They tried and intervened and the baby had x-rays and was hydrated, but apparently he had internal injuries from the fall. At least he was able to be back in the nest to die with a parent. Ugh. It's making me cry again thinking about it.
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    Everybody tried so hard. Will pregrines have another this year?
  • I don't think so @KMM. We will have to wait and see if the parents hang around the nest and have more eggs next year. I hate this happened to them but I'm sure they accept these things easier than we do.
  • I find it amazing that he survived a fall of ten stories onto a hard roof, not into soft, yielding grass. Being a bird parent is really hard.
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    Google Doodle Salutes Phoebe Snetsinger
    In celebration of what would be the hobbyist's 85th birthday, Thursday's animated Doodle sees Snetsinger excitedly watching and noting her observations of several birds including the blackburnian warbler, red-shouldered vanga, village weaverbird, eastern bluebird, and red-capped manakin.
  • There is one chick already hatched and another is now hatching. Bald Eagles in southwestern Florida.

    Check out the drama at the Ranch! A goose laid on egg in Harriet the osprey's nest and she's trying to get it out, after having fought off the mama goose yesterday. In yesterday's video you can hear (and sometimes see) our attempts at chasing off the goose before Harriet came back. There were sling shots, dogs, tennis balls, and a shotgun involved.

    In a few days a foaling cam is also going to be put up for Lovely Lady Lonza, a Tennessee Walking Horse mare. I think it is going to be a members-only cam? Costs $8 a month but there is always PLENTY of drama going on!
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