Madame Mistletoe

Many know Shari Voltz....teacher and leader of Homeroom 215 ...she has used Zenny and others to teach her students life lessons and about horses...several years ago trainer Tim Ice and the Peppermint Pal program featured a lovely chestnut filly named Madame Mistletoe...aka Missy...this program also helped children to know and understand a little about horses...Missy was sold and claimed and won a few...but Shari always kept track of did some others...Missy was retired to Cantor last year and has been retrained and adopted by a lady named Jenna...who lives close enough to Shari for visits....Jenna is keeping up Missy's fb page and has entered Missy in if you have a few moments...please go to this site and vote for Missy...
thanks for your help
I will check this link to make sure it works after I post...messed up the first try when I posted this on the blog side...good old electronically challenged me..LOL
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