Hope's Love (California Chrome's full sister)



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    Did not understand your comment. Basically saying that breeders take care of their prepotent bloodlines like the owners of vineyards year after year bring their grapevines along. No one could have predicted CC's success including his breeders. Unlikely to happen again. Why do you think those well bred yearlings, colts, fillies, mares etc. Go for such high prices at sales? CC is an anomaly. K
  • Apparently Mr Coburn knew LOL. I still find it amazing that he predicted it
    Nobody in horse breeding, including the experts, would have predicted CC.
  • Apparently Mr Coburn knew LOL. I still find it amazing that he predicted it
    Nobody in horse breeding, including the experts, would have predicted CC.
    Lol Rachel. Right down to the color! Maybe he was having Secretariat dreams.
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    When? As a foal? Don't know his back story. K
  • He said he had a dream before CC was ever born. His wife/friends confirmed it but who knows? Made for a greater story line.
  • Oh, CC's story is quite the tale KMM! I'll find it for you
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    Breeder's back story.
  • This is a good article. Had no idea Victor learned to ride on Donkeys in Mexico City lol
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    I know CC's storyline. Not his breeder's predictions. K
  • LOL! So glad that waitress pulled the name California Chrome out of Coburn's cowboy hat instead of the name "Seabisquick".
  • Unfortunately, Linus Pauling has died, he might have been a help in horse genetics. I would, in a heartbeat and if I had the $$, go overseas to buy a Munson mare and bring her back to breed to an outcross stallion and then just hope for something special.

    "No nation on the planet has a more highly regulated thoroughbred breeding industry than Germany. Its breeding authority, for example, demands certain standards of a stallion prospect in terms of its racecourse ability over a period longer than one season, together with a record of any physical defects — whether inheritable or emerging from stable routine and competition — and having nothing to do with individuals that competed under medication. The rigid rules are in place to promote quality and soundness in the German-bred horse".
  • LOL! So glad that waitress pulled the name California Chrome out of Coburn's cowboy hat instead of the name "Seabisquick".
    No kidding! We then would be talking in the worst horse names thread.
  • The way the movie Secretariat plays it, no one could have seen Secretariat's greatness either. Bold Ruler offspring were not supposed to be distance horses. And although distance was in the mare's line, she was considered "old." Ogden Phipps chose the other mare, not Somethingroyal during the coin toss if the movie is at all accurate. So race horse pedigrees are not 100% predictable.
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    Still from stellar bloodlines. Comparison is way off. K
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    Do not mean to be harsh. Know you guys love this boy, but he came out of nowhere. No one saw him coming but that adds to his rep.

  • Okay, no more from me...everyone have a good evening.
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    Not into racing, and only an occasional fan during major races...
    But during one of my past researches, I heard the same kind of opinion/feeling about Seattle Slew back when he was a yearling at the sales...he was bought for less than $18K ($17,500). His dam didn't have any outstanding racers. Like Lucky Pulpit, Seattle Slew had a strong sire bloodline by Bold Reasoning...but in Bold Reasoning's offspring earnings, only Seattle Slew stands out.
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    I actually think that "people" in general have lost their way. I truly believe that no one knows how genetics work, you never know in any given situation what will work to produce something extraordinarily special. I have experienced this in my family - we all laugh and say how did she .....

    THAT's exactly it! You cannot predict it. There are too, too many variables, even with simple animals. This "nick" business is baloney. This reading pedigrees is pure crap. It is all LUCK!

    If it weren't, there would be generation after generation of extraordinary animals from the same line. And there'd pretty much BE just one line because all the rest would have died out from lack of use.

    Yea, bigherbie! Someone got it!

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    Exactly @whoodler. Noticed most mares (even that great producer) may have only one standout foal. ?Man O War? No one really knows, not even the experts.
  • Well, there is that very special group of mares who seem to have one outstanding foal after another. Better Than Honour had 3 great 3 year olds in 3 years, by different studs.

    Two things I learned a very long time ago...
    moms contribute way more to their offspring than dads do
    if you see something you really really REALLY like... especially if you see a number of offspring you really like from the same sire, you don't breed to any of those you really really like. You breed to their sire.
  • Nobody in horse breeding, including the experts, would have predicted CC.
    KMM ..I love you, but on this your wrong. Easily predictable.. you have a broodmare out of not for love , with a straight conduit to numbered account...now ,i see you dig pedigree...look at numbered account very carefully..can you see it...its the reason the dap were offered so much money for the mare you think is dirt...1.2 million...is that enough for you to look into the story of chromes mom or do you want to go deeper...
    It real is sad that we have to this....
  • Btw..the rest of the garbage you read ...its garbage....
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    Easily predictable... AFTER the fact.
    If it was so clear, they would have been offered a lot of money for the mare BEFORE Junior. In fact, if it was so obvious , they would not have been able to buy her in the first place, much less for $8000.
    If it is so apparent, why hasn't someone else with a Not for Love gal who goes back to Numbered Account done whatever with her and gotten a CC before DAP did?
    Or BRED a Numbered Account offspring to Not for Love? It's not like he arrived yesterday.
  • Speaking of belittling...
    the DAP folks have said several times it is the younger sister they like and think might do well.
    They ought to name her Love the Luck!
  • what part of 1.2 million do not get.?
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