Hope's Love (California Chrome's full sister)



  • Lord, she's just a baby! A late winter start sounds better to me.
  • Late Spring start is fair. It just turned Spring on the 20th lol

    Spring lasts until what.....June or so?
  • And SHE turns 2 when?
  • She is already 2. Born January 13, 2013. Hey, she shares my dad's and his mom's birthday! Sweet.
  • Another workout...2 furlongs in 26 flat..a week after first published work. Nice work. Steve Sherman had some nice things to say about stride and work ethic.
  • Per drf...
  • She seems to be precocious. But then again so was Chrome, no late bloomers in this family
  • He was a January foal too, right?
    Where can you find birthdates?
  • If you look the horse up on Equibase it gives you their profile and has their date of birth along with sire and dam as well as color under their name at the top
  • Chrome was born Feb 18th 2011
  • Equibase is not available to me.

  • KMMKMM Member
    It is free. Not sure why.
  • Not dial up friendly.
  • KMMKMM Member
    I can look for you if you want.
  • Thanks, I appreciate that. I wish birthdates were put on pedigrees, like on pedigreequery. I usually don't care after 3... it's sort of the 21 in humans.
  • Today Hope's Love worked 2 furlongs again in :25.00

    She ranked 1 of 7 at the distance, on her facebook she says she beat a few colts with her time lol.
  • Holly cow...here we go..another ride...love these people and am looking forward to every step this little girl takes.
  • Isn't it the other full sister (the yearling) they said had them excited?
  • Yea it is @Especially_Horses, but who knows? Hope's Love may just prove them wrong.
  • Hope has hit every mark so far and may be racing as soon as april. Mighty chrome started in april and right now there is no reason why she shouldnt.
  • Looking for the furlongs to get longer for her. This is only her 3rd workout and 2nd at 2 furlongs. They said late spring so will be looking towards around there for her first start.
  • Course...that could be any time in April if she did start then
  • Uhhh, Spring stops when Summer begins... June 21st.
  • she`ll start sooner rather later...cali makes it easier to start in cal-breds. Its where chrome started.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Three works seems premature and so early to race. K
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