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  • @tincup the winner is decided by who ever gets the most number of horse finishing orders correct. So on Saturday up until the horses start loading into the gate you post what you the finishing order will be. Once the race is over and the official order of finish is posted I will see who got the most correct. If there is a tie then the tie breaker is the time. There is an example at the beginning of this discussion that shows what everything will look like.
  • I will add a time too. 1:59.1
  • I will add a time too. 1:59.1
    You see what you just did..right? Yikes...
  • It's kinda funny, but 159.1/5 has been on mind also. Yet only think American pharo can do it.
  • okay well when you post what order you think that all of the horses will finish in the Kentucky Derby make sure you add your time to the bottom of that post so I know. @weezie & @tincup.
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    I will add a time too. 1:59.1

    You see what you just did..right? Yikes...
    Second fastest Derby in history?....Or would that be the fastest? Either way, Yep 1:59.1.

  • I will add a time too. 1:59.1

    You see what you just did..right? Yikes...
    I asked a week or so ago if anyone thought a new Derby record could possibly be in the works. Not sure why it came to mind but it did. I can see a 1:59.1 but would love to see a new record, sort of. Secretariat was the MAN and think I'd cry if it were broke. Lol

  • I agree too that this derby has a chance to be very fast.
  • I am just not emotionally prepared to see my big red boy's record go away. I will be crying in my beer right along with marepower. lol
  • OK, just checked, Secretariats time was 1:59:40 so @wezzie, that would be a new record! Makes you wonder why several of us have been thinking this. We got some talent out there this year.
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    Pharoah, Dortmund & Mubtaahij... however my heart wants it to be a Zayat trifecta of Pharoah, EK and Mr Z :)
  • Ok, @CaliforniaChrome1121, going to go with Dortmund, Pharoah, and Firing Line. Giving a time of 1:59:50 (just can't post a time faster than Secretariat's, even if I believe it's a possibility)
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    Just placed my bets.

    I did two $2 trifecta boxes:
    Dortmund/Materiality/Firing Line
    American Pharoah/Mubie/Frosted - I think these guys could burn each other up
    And then I threw Frosted to show in there for $10.
  • Okay @marepower remember on race day BEFORE the race is ran, make sure you post what you think the order of finish will be so I can compare them to others. Along with posting what you think the finishing order will be make sure at the bottom of that post you put your race time as well
  • @EliRose so do you want or top three picks to be Dortmund, Materiality, and Firing Line or do you want your top three picks to be American Pharoah, Mubie, and Frosted? For this you can only pick your top three.
  • Dortmund, Materiality, Firing Line
  • KMMKMM Member
    Carpet Diem, Mutaabhij, and Dortmund.
  • KMMKMM Member
    carpe Diem, Mutaabhij, and Dortmund.
  • It has been hard to choose a Derby favorite this year...too many good horses. Sentimentally, Ocho Ocho is still my favorite, but winning the Derby would be a big long shot for him. :)

    I'll go with:
    1. American Pharoah
    2. Mubtaahij
    3. Carpe Diem

    Personally, I hope the Derby record never gets broken. I love that Secretariat holds the record for all 3 Triple Crown Races. I don't think it'll get broken this year...but you never know. :)
  • Take comfort in theory that Churchill controls the speed.
  • Oh..and as an added elixir...the draw shot down any possibility of a new record.
  • My picks:
    Place--American Pharoah
    Show--El Kabeir

    I don't predict a record, or even a sub-2:00 time.

    I also don't see a TC winner this year--too many good horses. It wouldn't surprise me if a different horse won all three races.
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    Now that the post positions have been drawn, I think I would bet (if I did bets) on Dortmund, American Pharaoh (but he has a really bad post) Carpe Diem or International Star, although I still WANT War Story to win.

    Also, I think it's really funny/ironic/weird that Far Right drew the... far right....

    I don't think this Derby is going to be run particularly fast. Secretariat's record will be safe. ;)
  • KMMKMM Member
    Carpe Diem, Mutaabhij, and Dortmund. 2.00 4/5.
  • Carpe Diem
    American Pharoah

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