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Noticed there are no notes beside this video. Even though she lost, one could say it was her finest race. Despite an unfamiliar track, dirt flung in her face, and obstacles beyond her control, she never quit. If the race had been only a yard longer, she would have won. No other horse could have done what she did in those last moments of the race. To exceed beyond all expectations, to make up the last distance with amazing speed and power, and to give the greatest effort at the end has always been her gift. She is not diminished by this last race, and her power and beauty were never more evident. She has all our hearts and always will, but most especially so at this moment, She reminds us, as no other can, that In the most difficult times of our lives, that courage, valiant effort and depth of heart bring the greatest victories. I hope you write a lovely note for her beside this video. She is one of God's most wondrous creatures and it is one of the greatest privileges of my life to have seen her race in person. Thank you for sharing her with us.


  • KMMKMM Member
    There have been many tributes about her last race. She won HOY over Blame, the only horse that ever beat her, even by a nose. What more fitting tribute could you ask for? My thoughts. K
  • BCC 2010 is one race I don't watch on You Tube. Even almost 5 years later, it still hurts too much!
  • Anytime I watch BBC 2010 I always hope that at the end that it will come out with a different result that maybe just maybe she will get the nose over Blame. I agree with you @Captainmistress it still hurts really bad.
  • I wept bitter tears! Oh well, over it now...but it's taken a long time! :)
  • I am going to have to say that even after all of these years, the last race was a little heartbreaker but not devastating to me. In my eyes, what more could any of us have asked? Yes, she lost. But by a nose folks! And I think we can all agree that if the race had been a furlong more, it would have been hers. Zenyatta definitely owned the track. Doesn't get any better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of the hardest parts for me watching the race on Youtube was seeing Ann's face. We are used to seeing her with a huge smile on her face, feeding fruit and sweets to her Zenyatta, and loving on her babies. She just looked so devastated on the video it made it that much more sad to me.
  • You're right! For all the pain I went through, imagine how Ann felt. The love they felt for Zenyatta, and to witness that close loss, unimaginable.
  • I was there but I can honestly tell you that even though she
    "officially " lost the race, in the eyes of the thousands who witnessed her greatness, Zenny WAS the best horse on the track that day. Period.
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    Hardest part for me was Zenyatta last and unaccustomed to getting in her face, dead last, but finally gearing up courageously. What were those splits when she went into overdrive, but the race was too short and the distance she had to make up too long. Heart of a champion. I think she got HOY partially on that heroic run, nobody else is quite like her.
  • KMM, all I know is she was said to run the fastest and had the longest trip according to the "experts".
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    I can do the research. Back to you after 7/4 weekend.
  • KMM --- what research??? On that day, in the 2010 Breeders Cup Classic, the BEST horse finished 2nd by a nose. That race didn't diminish Zenyatta's legacy, it only enchanced her standing as one, if not the greatest, thoroughbred horses to ever race. In her only lost, she made believers out of many naysayers and endeared herself to racing fans worldwide. I cried that day, my heart ached for Zenyatta, Mike Smith and the entire Moss team. I moped and searched the web for anything I could read about the race. Within a couple of days, I realized almost everything I read was about the amazing mare named Zenyatta and her phenomenal run in that BC Classic --- she had captivated all her watched her that day --- our Queen had "snatched victory from the jaws of defeat". She retired with 19 consecutive wins and a 2nd by a nose. She won a Breeders Cup Ladies Classic (Distaff), a Breeders Cup Classic and in her only loss, a Breeders Cup Classic race that will be remembered for years and years to come.

    I occasionally watch replays of Zenyatta's races --- my favorites are the BC races. The 2010 Classic still gets my heart rate up --- I still hope for one more stride, one more head-bob, even though I know the outcome. The only BC races that rival her performances would possibly be Tiznow's back to back wins --- especially the 2001 race when, in the words of Tom Durkin, "Tiznow wins it for America". Post 9/11, it was a very emotional time for all Americans and Tiznow truly beat some of the best horses in the world in that Breeders Cup Classic. That being said, Zenyatta's "second by a nose" was one of the most amazing and gut-wrenching performances of all time. On that day, in the 2010 Breeders Cup Classic, it was a "she", not a "he", it was a mare that showed thoroughbred fans worldwide what greatest looks like --- that image is Zenyatta.
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    Research in terms of her speeds in her catch up splits.
  • Well put KMM
  • I've always wondered what those numbers were. Will wait for research. :)
  • Zenyatta had to make up 5 lengths in the final 440 yards. She ran the last quarter-mile of her career in a tick under 24 seconds, about as fast as a horse can go at the end of a mile-and-a-quarter race. She rolled past Preakness winner Lookin At Lucky. In the final yards, she seemed to be gaining a few inches with every stride. She fell maybe 6 inches short. The wire came too soon.

  • Amen to what was said at the end of that article...Zenyatta will be great forever and we were alive to witness that greatness which is a gift in itself.
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    In BBC 10 Zenyatta lost the battle by a nose, but won the war. She had so many more people going to see her than Blame. That was something that even some of the reporters mentioned. As far as watching the replays, I always try to turn it off before it shows Ann 's face, as that is as painful to watch as Zenyatta not understanding why she wasn't going to the winner's circle.
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