RIP Kauto Star

Cheltenham Festival ‏@cheltenham on Tuesday June 30 2015 ·
RIP Kauto Star
2 Gold Cups
5 King Georges
4 Betfair Chases
£2375883 in earnings


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    Laura Collett ‏@CollettEventing ·on Tuesday June 30 2015
    Devastated to announce Kauto Star sustained injury in the field,
    with his best interest at heart a decision was made to put him to sleep

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    Kauto Star - Legend of National Hunt
    Published on Mar 20, 2015
    Alastair Down recalls the remarkable exploits of the two-time Gold Cup,
    five-time King George winner. Video produced by Nick Lightfoot.

    Channel 4 Racing ‏@Channel4Racing ·on Tuesday June 30 2015 ·
    Such sad news: KAUTO STAR has died.
    Here, again, is Alastair Down's video essay on the magnificent steepechaser

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    Thank you for posting that beautiful tribute video, so sad.
  • It's inconceivable, after the career that Kauto Star had, that he breaks his leg in a pasture...RIP
  • He belongs in In Memoriam.
  • RachelRachel Member
    Broke his neck and pelvic bone :(
  • He belongs in In Memoriam.
    My thought too. He's not Active or Retired.
  • Bless his heart. So sad. RIP beautiful boy.
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    Kauto Star - Meteor Shower
    Aanisah Chaudry (Video tribute from a fan)
    Published on Jun 30, 2015

    When I heard this morning, at sixth form, that Kauto Star, a personal favourite of mine as of so many others, had lost his life, I swear a part of my heart just shattered.
    Along with Commanche Court a few years previously, Kauto was the horse who sparked what I can only describe as an unconditional love for horse racing, and a crazy desire to one day work with racehorses. I’m not sure entirely what it was about him, be it his class, his elegance, his sheer beauty or perhaps, that little element of fragility, that caused me to, like so many others, fall in love with him.
    Watching him race was simply spectacular – he was flamboyant, he was captivating, and he was nearly capable of inducing a heart attack coming down to the final fence. I’m sure I’m not the only person who watched him through their fingers. He oozed class and courage in equal measures, and he had the ability to reduce nearly anyone who watched him to tears, win or lose. His racing record speaks for itself – 23 wins from 41 races, at the very top of the game winning Grade Ones in seven consecutive seasons.
    Other girls have actors or singers pictures on their bedroom walls.
    I had Kauto Star. At 17, my generation never knew Arkle or Desert Orchid as much more than household names, as legends of their time. Nor can we recall Istabraq or Best Mate clearly. Kauto was the horse of our lifetime, and it was an honour to see him in an era blessed too with the likes of Denman, Long Run and Imperial Commander. My favourite memories of him come towards the end of his racing career, when he bounced back to win the Betfair Chase and his fifth King George when so many thought it was over.
    I was lucky enough to see Kauto Star on a few occasions at Cheltenham, and it truly was incredible how many people adored him. To say that he will be missed is more than an understatement. My thoughts at this time go to all those associated with him, from his time in France, his owner Clive Smith and to Laura Collett, and to those at Ditcheat who knew and worked with him, and above all loved him. Run free Kauto, we’ll never forget you. x

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    'He was lifting us into the uncharted stratosphere'
    By Alastair Down RacingPost 7:15PM 30 JUN 2015
    Alastair Down hails a true great of the jumping game who gave a generation of racing fans their very own Arkle

    OUT OF a cloudless blue sky on a searing summer's day news breaks that injects a touch of winter chill to the heart. The incomparable Kauto Star is dead - gone is the paragon.
    In the scheme of a wider world riven by tragedies and vile confrontation, a fatal injury to a 15-year-old gelding in a field is of little consequence - the stuff of footnotes.
    But in our village, bound together by a love of the racehorse and intoxication with the wonders they can weave, the pang of sadness is inescapable.
    Kauto Star lived well and it will be at Ditcheat where there will be genuine desolation. Paul Nicholls, Clifford Baker and the team had great chunks of their life defined by the fact that every morning when they walked into the yard they were in the presence of greatness
    For eight seasons that white face peered out from his box, not just lord of all he surveyed but ruler of the jumping world. And next door was everyone's favourite nightclub bouncer, the fabulous Denman, who regularly battled for mastery with his neighbour and whose Gold Cup record reads 1222.
    Stable boxes are not usually places of reverence, but the few square yards that were home to Kauto Star and Denman were the lair of legends.
    Kauto Star is deservedly described as the "finest chaser since Arkle", but that title fails to grasp how important he was to a whole generation of racegoers to whom Arkle was a misty figure from a black-and-white world."
  • What a beautiful athlete he was. Rip Kauto Star.
  • Kauto Star Legend‏@KingKautoV ‎26 ‎February, ‎2017
    Kauto's Sunday best...And now he even has his own stamp, what a legend,
    always first past the post...Neigh!

  • Cool for the Brits to do that!
  • RIP Kauto
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