Visiting Thoroughbred Breeding Farms-A Personal Adventure!



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    Sorry Captiansmistress...During the time we were visiting the area, it was breeding season and I believe they were not advertising/allowing any farm tours of Gainesway. If you've visited this stud farm, perhaps you can post your photos after my adventure? :oD

    Gee...I went through a long list of breeding farms I was fortunate that some farms still had tours during breeding season.
  • Gainesway is on my bucket list! Thanks so much for all you bring us!
  • Great @Captainsmistress! Take plenty of pictures so we can enjoy your tour at Gainesway in this thread! :oD
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    SIDNEY'S CANDY (1/27/2007)
    Candy Ride-ARG (1999) x Fair Exchange (1997) by Storm Cat (1983)
    Lifetime Earnings: $1,104,810 (17 starts: 7 wins, 4 places, 1 win)
    Background: Won the 2010 Santa Anita Derby
    Entered Stud in 2012 at WinStar Farm (shuttles to Argentina)
    Current WinStar Stud Fee: $15,000 (s/n)
    Pedigree Chart:

    imageSidney's Candy taking a rest in his stall.

    image A "classic" headshot of Sidney's Candy.

    image ▲Another headshot showing Sidney's Candy's bright calm eyes and constantly moving, alert ears.

    imageDid someone mention "carrots"?

    imageDon't you think I look handsome?

  • I've been to Gainesway twice. Once in the pouring rain, which was exciting because we had to stay in their little barns and our tour guide had to try and angle the horses just right for photos in a very small space.

    Second trip was better. I'll have those photos up once PG's done with her presentation.
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    Please bear with me...working very hard editing photos that turned out really dark that you can only see silhouettes of the stallions so it takes awhile. Thanks for hanging in there Hayflinger! :oD
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    Oh! It's one of Casey's forum buddies...she's the one with carrots. I better keep my cool and be nice to this nipping...after all she has treats! I'll let her pet me as well!

    Love my baby boy!. He looks good covered in mud!
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    LOL @Casey! Glad you read the "fine print" caption for Paynter! :oD Yes...he was very proud of his mud pack indeed!

    Actually, our group wasn't suppose to see Paynter as he was just being brought in from the paddocks as our tour ended. But I guess my omiyage (gift of Hawaiian Chocolates), etc. might have turned a "sweet tooth" with Aisling. She let me have a quick visit after the tour ended. But sadly, the interior lighting was over-powered by the sunlight coming in from the windows and I could not get good photos of Paynter...only silhouettes of him. I also had to be really quiet and quick as well...I didn't want to use the camera flash either, as it might startle him. In other words...excuses for why my photos didn't turn out. LOL!

    Paynter was very sweet to me and allowed me to feed him carrots from my "hidden aromatic stash" in my bag. He also let me pet him as I told him Casey says "HELLO"! :oD

    LOL! During the tour...A few of the stallions could probably "smell carrots" in the stables as I passed them by.
  • To me it is so cool the stallions at Win Star get a chance to be horses and go have their roll in the mud and just enjoy it. Muddy horses are most often happy horses - lol! Thanks for more delightful photos!!
  • Yes Celeste_in_TX... These stallions all looked like they had a great time romping in the mud outside. LOL! I still visualize them throwing mud at each other across their paddock fences...LOL! You can tell in their eyes they were happy after having a "fling" outside. They each have good sized paddocks to run around in too!

    I must say that all the stallions behaved very nicely...when I was there anyway.

    Gone West (a 1984 chef de race sire) x Silken Cat-CAN (1993) by Storm Cat (1983)
    Lifetime Earnings: $1,258,256 (16 starts: 10 wins, 2 places, 2 shows)
    Background: Won the Breeders' Cup Sprint and Eclipse Champion Sprinter, 2004
    Entered Stud in 2005 at WinStar Farm
    Current WinStar Stud Fee: $80,000 (s/n)
    Pedigree Chart:

    image ▲You better not take a photo with "flash", my eyes are sensitive...careful!

    image ▲Can you repeat your question again...I was distracted.

    image ▲A full body shot of Speightstown getting prepped for an "afternoon date".
    (This image was shown earlier in the Breeding Barn segment-page 4).


    TAKE CHARGE INDY (3/27/2009)
    A.P. Indy (a 1989 chef de race sire) x Take Charge Lady (1999) by Dehere (1991)
    Lifetime Earnings: $1,103,496 (14 starts: 3 wins, 4 places, 2 shows)
    Background: Won the 2012 Florida Derby & 2013 Alysheba Stakes. Retired after injuring his left foreleg during the Monmouth Cup on 7/28/2013.
    Entered Stud in 2014 at Winstar Farm
    Current WinStar Stud Fee: $20,000 (s/n)
    Pedigree Chart:

    Fortunately, Take Charge Indy had his stall right next to the open barn doors so we could get better photos of him with lighting from behind our shoulders.

    Note: The stall now occupied by Take Charge Indy, used to be the home of Harlan's Holiday (1999). It still bears Harlan's name plate as a memorial. He passed away on 11/1/2013 in Argentina as a shuttle stallion.

    imageOkay, how's this pose...this is my better side! (Take Charge Indy really enjoyed having his picture taken!)

    imageGee...I'd rather be outside rolling in the mud! (A nice view of his star on his head.)

    imageTake Charge Indy relished the attention he was getting. Note: Just to the right on the stall partition was the memorial nameplate of Harlan's Holiday (1999).

    imageWhy isn't anyone coming over to give me some loving kisses? (A nice profile shot of Take Charge Indy.)

    imageLooks like Take Charge Indy has spotted something that looks like a treat from the tour guide with Drosselmeyer in the background calling out for some attention!

    imageHere he is savoring the possibility of getting a treat from the tour guide.


    imageThis photo is not the best but...If you look carefully amid the glare from outside, you can tell Take Charge Indy was another stallion that was involved in that mud fest outside! Looks like his entire left side is covered in mud. Oh Yes!...His good (clean side) was indeed his right!...
    Like Victor-Victoria!

    image Take Charge Indy's trophy for winning the Alysheba Stakes on 5/3/2013 at Churchill Downs. This photo was taken in the reception area in one of their display cases. Rosie Napravnik was his rider!

  • Thanks! Love the one of Take Charge Indy anticipating his treat! What a ham he seems to be.
  • Also special that WinStar is honoring Harlan's Holiday by leaving his nameplate up. He left this world far too soon.

    FED BIZ (2/25/2009)
    Giant's Causeway (a 1997 chef de race sire) x Spunoutacontrol (1996) by Wild Again (1980)
    Lifetime Earnings: $770,496 (19 starts: 6 wins, 3 places, 3 shows)
    Background: Won the 2012 El Cajon Stakes, the 2013 San Fernando Stakes (G2) and the 2014 San Diego Handicap (G2).
    Entered Stud in 2015 at WinStar Farm
    Current WinStar Stud Fee: $12,500 (s/n)
    Pedigree Chart:

    imageFed Biz was another late returning stallion to the barn and we didn't get to socialize with him because our tour had just ended and we were heading out of the stallion barn when I took this photo.

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    GEMOLOGIST (1/19/2009)
    Tiznow (1997) x Crystal Shard (1994) X Mr. Prospector (a 1970 chef de race sire)
    Lifetime Earnings: $ 794,855 (7 starts: 5 wins, 0 place, 0 show)
    Background: Won the 2011 Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes (G2) & the 2012 Wood Memorial Stakes (G1).
    Entered Stud in 2013 at WinStar Farm, in 2015 shuttles to Haras Santa Olga in Chile.
    Current WinStar Stud Fee: $ (s/n)
    Pedigree Chart:

    These were the only photos I could get of Gemologist who was also returning to the stallion barn as our tour ended.

    imagePardon the blurry photo as Gemologist walked past us.

    imageAnother blurry photo as he headed to his stall

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    A Challenging Trek To See Pioneerof The Nile!

    As the Stallion Barn tour was ending, I asked Aisling if Pioneerof The Nile will be brought in today. She said no, that he was going to be left outside due to "allergies". Not sure if I could believe that answer, but she did say that I could view him outside in his paddock. Great! It's just that it would be a hike, the distance of a football field if not more! With weak knees and all, I was determined to see this remarkable stallion, American Pharoah's sire.

    imageThis is a photo taken from the Stallion Barn Complex showing Pioneerof The Nile in his paddock. You can see him walking in the middle of his field. WinStar provides him with a 3 acre paddock!

    imageAn extreme enlargement of Pioneerof The Nile from a photo taken at the Stallion Barn Complex. Even from a distance, you can tell he is a handsome stallion!

    imageRefer to the "white arrow", this is the black fenced pathway leading to Pioneerof The Nile's paddock (see the "yellow arrow" located at the very end of this path.) This is the distance I had to walk just to get to his paddock!

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    PIONEEROF THE NILE (5/5/2006)
    Empire Maker (2000) x Star Of Goshen (1994) by Lord At War-ARG (1980)
    Lifetime Earnings: $1,634,200 (10 starts: 5 wins, 1 place, 1 show)
    Background: Won the 2009 Santa Anita Derby and came in 2nd in the 2009 Kentucky Derby. Retired due to a soft tissue injury in July 2009. Sire of 2015 Triple Crown Winner: American Pharoah.
    Entered Stud in 2010 at WinStar Farm
    Current WinStar Stud Fee: $60,000 (s/n)
    Pedigree Chart:

    Note: Pioneerof The Nile's Sire, Empire Maker (2000)-Unbridled (a 1987 chef de race sire) out of Toussaud (a 1989 reine de course mare) by El Gran Senor (1981) is also sire of U.S. champion, Royal Delta (2008f) and another 2012 Kentucky Derby runner-up, Bodemeister (2009c).

    imageFinally I arrive at Pioneerof The Nile's paddock. Fortunately, he had walked over to his gate to greet me! I think he thought I was going to take him back to the barn!

    imagePioneerof The Nile peeking through the wooden fence!

    I was trying my best to get a decent shot of Pioneerof The Nile, but it was a challenge! I even tried using one of my carrots, holding it in my left hand to try to have him look at the carrot...but no! He follows the movements of my camera instead. I think he's a photo hog! I kept getting blurred close-up photos of his nostrils! LOL!

    imageMore hide-n-seek photos with me. I could only get shots of parts of his face as he closely following me around left and then seemed hopeless to get a shot of him from a slight distance!

    imageHere's a close-up of Pioneerof The Nile's star! It seems like he was playing a game, shadowing my every move...he would make a good cow pony for sure when he retires as a stud!

    image I finally wised up and place some carrots on the ground where he could eat the carrots so I could step away and get a full body shot of him...albeit at an angle

    image Another shot with him eating the carrots I gave him.

    Pioneerof The Nile was a playful and kind stallion to me...he let me pet him on his star and we had a good conversation! I guess he also enjoyed playing games!

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    Thank you for the added effort! I think you did very well! It can be so tricky to get good shots, because you are at the mercy of the lighting situation (inside) and the sun (outside), plus the antics of horses that do not follow photographer's directions! Definitely worth the long walk.
  • I love that first photo of Pioneer of the Nile peeking through the fence boards at you. It appears that he has a delightful personality which I find endearing. Thank you for sharing your journey!! What a hike, but worth it, at least to me.
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    Thanks @SallyT! Yes...I was a woman on a mission to see Pioneerof The Nile, no matter how far I had to walk! I think Pioneerof The Nile would make a good dancing partner, he was great at doing the "Argentine Tango" with me...he must have gotten that talent from his Argentinian damsire, Lord At War! LOL!

    @Celeste_in_TX! LOL! I thought you'd like that first photo of Pioneerof The Nile! I was fortunate that he saw me coming so I didn't have to walk any further to see him after that "long" haul to his paddock. It was "perfect" that he was standing right under his nameplate as well! :oD

    I think he passed on his friendly personality to his son American Pharoah! ❤
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    ARTIE SCHILLER (4/23/2001)
    El Prado-IRE (a 1989 chef de race sire) x Hidden Light (1983) by Majestic Light (1973)
    Lifetime Earnings: $2,088,853 (22 starts: 10 wins, 5 places, 3 shows)
    Background: In 2004, set an NTR of 1:45.5 at the Jamaica Handicap. In 2005, won the Breeders' Cup Mile (G1) among other wins. He was named after Sarah Ramsey's cousin's husband Artie who had passed away in 2014.
    Entered Stud in 2007 at Hurricane Hall, KY, later stood at Pauls Mill and was purchased by Winstar in 2012.
    Current WinStar Stud Fee: $ 15,000 (s/n)
    Pedigree Chart:

    As we were departing Winstar...We stopped the car so I could get a last photo of one of the horses still out in the paddocks...I found it was Artie Schiller based on his markings.

    image This is the last photo we took at Winstar...Artie Schiller was near the fence checking out the boundaries of his paddock along the driveway.

    Unfortunately, we didn't get to see Super Saver and Tiznow during our visit, but at least I satisfied my mission of getting to see up close and personal, American Pharoah's sire, Pioneerof The Nile! Just nine days after my visit with Pioneerof The Nile...
    On June 6, 2015, American Pharoah became the twelfth Triple Crown Winner!

  • This is tremendous! Thanks, Paniolo_Gal!
  • Thanks Delamont! Still working on "fixing" more photos to be posted soon from Claiborne Farm coming up next!
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