On the Road to the 2016 KY Derby

Starting with the 2015 prep races...
anyone know where to find the schedule?


  • A lot of the dates are TBA but here are the 2016 races for the Derby and the Oaks
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    Thanks, L. Never too early to get the charts and grafts set up.
    Seems like I'm hearing a lot about the girls this year and very little about colts.
  • Glad you started this thread, whoodler. And I agree.......seems to be a lot of depth in the two year old filly division!
  • Hehe, can I mention my early favorites of this year's two year olds?

    I really like Blamitonthelaw, a debut winner son of Blame. The runner up in his debut was Semper Fortis, a half-brother to Carpe Diem, who was fourteen lengths ahead of the rest - another one to watch. Next stop is the Del Mar Futurity.

    And he's awful pretty with a fabulous name. So he's got that going for him ;)
  • I guess the coverage has mostly been the girls because of Camper... and L'il Hope. Funny that they are both considered little... and the other excitement has been Wesley Ward's super-sized Acapulco (but since she's turf and in GB, we won't continue to hear a lot about her.)

    There are probably a lot more boys running around the country, so the contenders will take a little more time to reveal themselves.
  • Hey, it just occurred to me...
    are we allowed to openly root for anything Blame?
    (That's a joke, folks... I think....)
  • I'm actually really excited for Blame as a sire, so I've been closely following Blameitonthelaw as well. I also love Swipe and Exaggerator from the Desormeaux barn. I'll be very interested to see if any of Uncle Mo's offspring continue to do well as 3-4yos because they've been so precocious.
  • IMO the crop of fillies seem particularly strong. Songbird is a very nice filly too.

    Heh, maybe just remember that Blame and Zenyatta are very closely related, Blame being a Kris S. grandson ;) He's also got the puppy-dog personality in his favor - HOW could you hate that sweet face?
  • LOL! Yes...Blame is a real sweet boy indeed! I love his routine of wetting his peppermint treat in his mouth from his water bucket and sticking his tongue out to savor the sweet flavor! ❤

    Blame on 5/28/15
  • And they're off!

    Leaderboard, 9/26/15

    Cocked and Loaded --- 10 points
    Rated R Superstar --- 4
    Unbridled Outlaw --- 2
    Conquest Windycity --- 1
  • Kentucky Derby 2016: Ep. 1 - American Pharoah’s Road to the Triple Crown:
  • Leaderboard additions, 9/26/15

    Nyquist --- 10 points
    Swipe --- 4
    Hollywood Don --- 2
    Rare Candy --- 1
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    2016 Road to KY Derby Leaderboard

    10 points
    Broady's Cause
    Cocked and Loaded

    06 points
    Rated R Superstar (4 + 2)

    04 points
    Sunny Ridge

    02 points
    Hollywood Don
    Portfolio Manger
    Unbridled Outlaw

    01 point
    Conquest Windycity
    Rare Candy
    Sail Away
    Van Damme
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    Look at stats. .may not be.
  • Yeah I (like Brian Zipse) think Nyquist is overrated. He'll probably be a great miler but I think the others in his class will pass him by with time and distance. My favorites this far at Exaggerator, Swipe, and Brody's Cause. Greenpointcrusader is also very interesting.
  • I like greenpoint too. i`ve been wondering at the name., feels like there should be a story there.
    Glad to see the Juvenile carries more points now and the winners get the deserved points toward the Kentucky derby. Dont know if it`ll help with form, but I really thought that Texas Red and Carpe Diem had a really chance last year.
    We know how that worked out. Monies or points, the Juvy may just prove out year after year to be the same old. Street Sense the lone exception.
  • Greepoint is super interesting. I'm worried about how him soring up, as he's currently VERY uneven, but he is gorgeous. Bernie might not be my favorite sire, but he puts some kinda pretty on all of his babies. And when they're right, they're right.
  • I like greenpoint too. i`ve been wondering at the name., feels like there should be a story there.....
    Blood Horse Article stated the two GPC owners grew up together in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn.
  • Oh my...I'm gonna do all the the work, I wanna know green point...how cool and fun. Thank you@@bigherbie
  • All of sudden I'm doing the Lord's of Flatbush thing...green point is pretty cool. Leather jacket, late night, with the east river blowing in your face...
  • KMMKMM Member
    I like this boy very much too!
  • I don't look at 2 YOs as anything but interesting. Like Little Leaguers.

    And having 20 points instead of 10 from the BC wouldn't have helped last year's juvy winner at all.
  • Kentucky Derby 2016: Ep. 2 - Breeders’ Cup: American Pharoah hands off to a new generation:
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