Have the Shirreff's visited Zenyatta and Z12 yet?

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Does anyone know?


  • KathyKathy Member
    I'm sure we would see pics if they had visited. Probably not with all the important races going on. Crazy busy time for them.
  • John and Dottie were there early on with Zen and Z12 Racing is going strong at Santa Anita and John has a stable of horses to prepare, etc LIfe of a trainer is 7 days a week

  • Has anyone ever seen a photo of John with Coz? I believe there is one, on the blog, of Dottie with Coz, but can't recall ever seeing a photo of John with Coz.
  • KetaKeta Member
    News | September 25, 2012 (Blog)
    Dottie & John Visit Lane's End
    Happy Wednesday!
    While recently in Kentucky for the Keeneland Yearling sales, Dottie and John went by
    the farm to say hello to Zenyatta and to meet “Baby Z”. John was tickled when Zenyatta came right over to say hello, and watching baby 12Z running in the paddock with his friends was pure delight! It was great time for all.
    Enjoy the photos from their visit!
    -Team Z
  • Thanks Keta. Those are the photos I recall. Just noticed for the first time that it says "Photo by John Shirreffs". So no doubt that John has seen Coz up close. I wish Dottie had taken a photo of John with the then little guy. Oh well...nice to see those photos again....when Coz was the baby.

  • RachelRachel Member
    also, the photos that Dottie and Mrs Moss put on the blog and twitter and what not are also being shown to John Sheriffs when he cant come along to visit :) im sure he misses his girl
  • KetaKeta Member
    Especially Horses & Rachel
    Wonder if John & Dottie will be back in KY for the 2013 Keeneland Yearling Sales?
    Maybe we can look forward to another visit & more photos.
    I am sure he wants to get a look at this new little phenom.
    Hugs, Keta
  • Keta good point! It's a good bet that they will be there.
  • I think John visits Zenny every chance he gets and surely must hope he has the opportunity to train Coz. Knowing his relationship with the Mosses he probably will be his trainer.
  • RachelRachel Member
    Oh if that will be the case then I cant wait to see fb photos from Backside 55 on ny fb news feed of Coz at Belmont
  • Yeah i would like to see Coz at Belmont also but I think the Mosses will want to keep him in California?
  • With Hollypark closing not sure what the future is. And now since we can see video via online we can still follow him no matter where he goes.
  • RachelRachel Member
    NEW BLOG UP! these pictures are amazing!
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