• LOVE this horse!! And NO Lasix makes the win even better.
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    There were a lot of great stories from the breeders cup this year. I thought this one was one of the best. M. Borell is a nice part of the story as is the owner and his approach to the industry. And of course Runhappy. He`s a love nut.
    I guess you really can run and win at the highest level on water , hay and oats.
  • Yes, Louise, all due respect to American Pharoah and his historic run, to me this is the feel good story of the 2015 Breeders Cup.

  • More about Maria's training methods. What's old is new again, hay, oats, water , a few peppermints and real hands-on training.


    what works to rehab race horses, turning out in a pasture, swimming etc. also works in training race horses, who knew? seems Maria and Mattress Mack knew.

    as a poster, with the handle BadSaddle, commented on Steve Haskin's article;

    "my main interest in Maria is her training methods, which appear to be very different and super horse-friendly. Wohlers has mentioned Runhappy basically "spends all day grazing" and then there is the swimming, what, 4 times a week, all of this done drug-free ?"
  • @Zen13Fan, Thank you SO much for sharing the link and videos about RunHappy. I love them and him. I agree with you, to me and many, this is the feel good story of the Breeder's Cup with the absolute BEST connections and an amazing horse. So proud of what this horse has done and cannot wait to see more of him. Bravo to him and all involved with him. Beautiful story.

    Also, on twitter yesterday Maria Borell tweeted "The Ultimate Compliment! Edgar Prado says only other horse that felt like Runhappy was Barbaro"!

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    Run Happy ridden by Edgar Prado sets a track record win in yesterday's 2015 Breeders' Cup Sprint.

    See article & video replay
  • Thanks for posting this, Zen13Fan. I was just learning about Runhappy the past couple of days, so I'm excited to learn more. What a great story! I wish him and his trainer continued health and racing luck.
  • Thanks for all the posts and links everyone who posted. This is a great story. I checked Runhappy's Pedigree and noted that he has a lot of Native Dancer in him, through both Northern Dancer and Mr. Prospector. I also note that he had a hairline fracture already. I hope Maria's methods can keep him safe with those bloodlines. He also has AP Indy and Seattle Slew in his Pedigree. Maybe they are sturdier.
  • Maria was supposedly fired today? Sad if true. Loved their story.
  • ok... so far cant find a story. Maria tweeted. Went from the best day to the worst day of my life.
  • Ok...weird. Bruno was on the Rodger Stein show this morning and was telling a story of the work runhappy put in before the bc race. The racing manager apparently was pretty worked up about not getting a certain number. She, the manager wanted a 47 and Maria asked for less not wanting to ask too much. Bruno thought it pointed to something simmering.
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    Ok...so apparently this manager wanted runhappy on the track this morning and Maria was concerned with some heat in an ankle.
    Hoping it's not an ugly story of Maria getting the attention Laura wanted.
  • Dang, he just won a Breeder's Cup race. Why the hell did they have to get him to the track today? This sounds very ugly to me. Maria is putting it out there and I can't say I blame her. Very disturbing.
  • This story is so weird; cannot wrap mind around it.
  • Dang, he just won a Breeder's Cup race. Why the hell did they have to get him to the track today? This sounds very ugly to me. Maria is putting it out there and I can't say I blame her. Very disturbing.
    I`ve read a couple of stories about runhappy and Maria B. Read through each and you might start to get a take of the daughter in law that doesnt make you comfortable. Cant exactly put my finger on it ,but i was given the impression she was downplaying the effect that Maria had with the horse. Now why would she do that? Btw... she was the previous trainer I think. Yes...here it is...July 7th was the first with Maria. And he hasnt lost since . Wohlers is getting torn up. Maybe she should.
  • Read twitter, if you haven't @tincup. Lots of talk of jealousy of Maria and I believe it! @racingwithbruno said he saw with his own eyes that the horse was sore and Wohler does not seem to care about the horse's best interests. Equine vets not backing up Wohler's reasoning for getting him on the track today. They are ruining one of the biggest feel good stories of the Breeder's cup.
  • Even without heat and filling, it seems unusual to see a horse go back on the track the day after a race. Usually they hand walk the next day, don't they? This is sad, after such a happy moment, and I hope no one does anything to hurt him.

  • Wohlers says, "He had some heat, but nothing more than any other horse who ran 1:08 and change." So, heat in the legs of a horse that just ran a really fast race doesn't merit a day off? For crying out loud!
  • Especially a horse who has had stress fractures before. Yikes.
  • Jealousy and money ... that is always going to be an ugly combination.
  • Oh boy. What a mess. Not done well at all. Hope Runhappy can continue to stay happy and not have any more injuries and pray he doesn't break down.
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