Most likely sire for Z 2017



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    I'm kind of seeing things the way RebornRuffian 12 does -- MdO, because he's Songbird's sire. Gets my imagination going!
  • And not to forget Mdo is also sire of Rachel Alexandra, TastyTemptation and Plum Pretty.
  • I've been wanting Medaglia d'Oro for Zenyatta for years. I hope this is his year. On the other hand, I only found two of his progeny listed with Street Cry as the damsire of the foal, one filly, one colt, and neither amounted to anything. Hmm. A lot of his mares have Storm Cat as their sire. Hmm. Interesting. So much to consider.
  • mc3mc3 Member
    i really think medaglia doro would be the best choice
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
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    She'll never travel to his court but if that was an option, I think Deep Impact could be a strong contender with Zenyatta to produce a top dirt prospect.

    Deep Impact produce a $3.8 million dollar winner with a Machiavellian daughter and a six digit runner with a Street Cry daughter. So should be good to go on Zenyatta's top half.

    Also produced a half a million dollar earner with a Kris S daughter so it looks to be solid on the bottom half of Zenyatta's pedigree as well.

    And she has the Mr. Prospector element the article discusses.

    Edit to help stay on track. I think if Deep Impact were in the US or shipping Zenyatta was a viable option, he would definitely be on the short list for one of her next breedings. The pedigrees line up, the physical attributes lines up, he strengthens his mares and they could probably produce one hell of a dirt horse together.
  • Do we know that she won't travel?
  • Do we know that she won't travel?
    Word has always been that she is not an easy traveler and I don't expect that Ann Moss would ever let her out of the country for a year+ to be bred and foal out in Japan.

    And honestly I'm not 100% sure if the rules regulating Japan's racing and breeding industry would allow for it.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Sunday Silence is 2015 top world sire. Gee.
  • KMMKMM Member
    I hope that they consider top grass/turf sires too. Hampton Court, great son of stellar Redoubts Choice will shuttle to U.S. for 2016. He isn't proven enough of sire, but do so like his bloodlines.
  • Well, War Front.
  • mc3mc3 Member
    kitten's joy is a good choice
  • KMMKMM Member
    How about More Than Ready--A plus, plus True Nicks.
  • I like More than Ready for Z!
  • Undaunted, I would love Z to have a date with Medaglia d'Oro...
  • I would love to see More Than Ready or Empire Maker, but something tells me they are going with Speighstown or a similar stallion to him with speed.
  • mc3mc3 Member
    speightstown would be good choice
  • KMMKMM Member
    More than Ready has G1 winners all over the world. Have not looked to see if he has winning sprinters.
  • I had to check the top to make sure this was the new sire thread. The comments feel so fresh.
    I thought @zenyan laid out a great argument for Deep Impact, and enjoyed reading those thoughts.
    I also see many are looking at the very strong back class on grass. Thats pretty cool too.
    Now , I have a question.
    We know for the past few years, Europeans have experimented with, or desire to, the AP indy line. Some are obsessed with the idea. And we know that eb was gobbled up first chance as I think was wise.
    Dont you think it would be to Zen`s best interest to try Coz on grass to see if that surface is more to his liking? See if that back class shows? Zenyata would have the time.
    Frankly its starting to feel like ...I gotta know something ...before more time and more opportunities slip by.
    I not even sure any of this makes sense.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Remember, souped spectacular, GC son, half Sib, did it on turf.
  • mc3mc3 Member
    i think there is 5 great sires to use medaglia doro&empire maker&ghostzapper & curlin&hard spun how many will the use
  • KMMKMM Member
    They have probably decided. We don't know yet.:(
  • Whoever it is needs to have shown he can throw early maturing speed and then some.
    They have probably decided. We don't know yet.:(
  • Well, tried Tapit, maybe another line...
  • KMMKMM Member
    Heck; who knows? Nothing decisive with Z at this point.
  • Well, tried Tapit (AP Indy) maybe another line...
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