Most likely sire for Z 2017



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    @mc3 there was a significant amount of discussion among ourselves (and even many journalists) about breeding Zenyatta to American Pharaoh, or Pioneerof the Nile. But in the end we all thought the match wouldn't be a good one: it got low ratings on truenicks, and such crosses in the past have not been incredibly successful =(
    IIRC, that was more about the fact that Pharoah is completely unproven rather than a bad match . . .
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    it's interesting about her future as a mom
  • Not to mention that although unproven, his price is sky high.
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    No way on this earth would the Mosses ever be paying full price to Pharoah for Zenyatta . . . And I honestly don't think there is anyone paying $200k for one mare, either. Coolmore likes their deals.
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    Just wondering, it's been commented that any stallion owner would do back flips, so to speak, to have Zeny bred to their stallion. Throwing this out there to anyone you think that is so much the case anymore? I'm not saying a stallion owner would not be interested, but no more than they would be interested in any other unproven, in the breeding shed, stakes class mare; and not so sure a discounted stud fee would be offered. If a stallion owner, I can think of at least half a dozen other mares I'd be more interested in having my stallion go to.
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    EliRose that might have been the case this year but after this year Pharoah has close to 100 more opportunities to prove himself than Zenyatta.

    All Pharoah has to do is get a couple quality runners, out of these top producers visiting his court this year and he'll have out produced Zenyatta. And Coolmore is ruthlessly practical rather than sentimental. They're not going to court a "breeding of champions" when all the paperwork and the foals on the ground say the result is going to be a dud on the track.

    If American Pharoah shows a genuine ability to improve his mares or passes on the speed from his female family, then he might be a match for Zenyatta. But you're looking for Pharoah to improve Zenyatta, not the other way around. So doubt there's going to be a discount.

    I agree with Especially_Horses. We love Zenyatta and we love the Mosses but from an Industry standpoint Zenyatta is a dud in the shed (to date) and the Mosses are hobby breeders. They get some nice horses but they're not your Barbara Banke, Mandy Pope, Phipps, etc with a deep broodmare band that big stud farms are salivating to get a member from.

    They probably never have to worry about having their application denied and I suspect when they lost Z16 room was made in MdO's book to accommodate Zenyatta at the last minute. But if Z17 is live, S&Ns you can bet the Mosses will pay MdO's stud fee and they wouldn't expect otherwise.
  • Hmmm what about Afleet Alex, Lemon Drop Kid, or Kitten's Joy?
  • Can we switch over to the new thread I created? 2017 sire is no longer relevant.
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    maybe overseas studs would be better
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  • i hope everything is going well
  • I thought this was the thread for which stallion would be chosen for her in 2017.
  • Maybe, maybe not, lol....most likely sire for Z2017....I think that means MDO at this point. Who would be chosen in 2017 for a 2018 foal would be most likely sire for Z2018? Anyway I think Most Likely Sire of Z's Next Foal was meant for Z2018

    I really dislike ambiguous titles. haha

    I thought this was the thread for which stallion would be chosen for her in 2017.

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