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  • I think I answered this above in the next to last entry for Feb 19th. Mea Ola's Place has supporters from all over the US and Canada, and even in Europe and Australia. People have made the trip out to see her and the ranch from NY, Mass, Ind., Minn, Wash. state, and Texas. Probably other places, too, and of course lots from CA.
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    Here's the latest horse to join Mea Ola's Place This was another request retirement from Dr. Sam. This horse was a lesson horse at the same place where Vinny came from. Vinny as been an excellent horse for kids camps and he is the most people-oriented horse at the Place. He and the new arrival used to be stalled next to each other for several years, so Ann thought this would be good for Vinny since he hasn't any other special horse friend. The new horse was delivered last Friday, I think--the night before it had rained and I think that was Thursday. His name is Westly and he's beautiful He will also be used for kids and lessons. Here's a video of his arrival:

    Ann says they play so roughly together that she had to put them across from each other. How funny. They'll probably settle down soon.

    Westly is a 14 year old OTTB, about 17hh. (Vinny is a TB-warmblood cross, 16.3 hh). Westly retired from jumping after an injury, like Vinny.

    With this horse, Mea Ola's Place has reached its limit until it can get some ready for adoption. They added 6 horses this month, in spite of moving. So the new ones are Nani, Tess, Carmen, Captain, Porky, and Westly. 3 mares, 3 geldings.

    Hannah has 3 horses, (Drummer, Libby, and one she brought back with her). and there are 4 boarders. They're going to have 2 more boarders coming in March. That's a lot of horses to care for. Because of the size of the property, the volunteers are asking for more golf carts. and walkie-talkies, lol The plan is to hire someone to help with the care.

    In the meantime they are still moving stuff over and then trying to get it unpacked and put away. What a job.
  • Here's a picture Ann posted today showing Captain in the middle, Porky on the left and on the right, about 75 ft away, is Spider. The two auction rescues are in stalls just outside the barn, still in quarantine. Ann said Captain whinnied when she came out of the house this morning. That's a very good sign.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture from Mea Ola's Place facebook page.
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    Sorry, I could not access the Ann's facebook...the link tells me Sorry, this content isn't available right now :o(
  • The barn is unavailable for use by horses until the poultry coops can be moved over and erected. hahaha Here is Hannah Kline inside the barn.

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    Dang. Re Westly. Maybe I got it from the wrong facebook page. I'll try again.

    Edit: Okay. I fixed it. The link above is now correct and works.
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    Edit: Fixed the link above in the original post. You can read more about Westly in the comments below the video.
  • Thanks VA_in_CA! The 2nd link above works.

    LOL! I thought it was funny when Westly got to meet up with Vinny...Westly first sniffed Vinny then presented his butt to Vinny to sniff. Just like dogs do. :oP
  • Horses, dogs, cats, too. Thank God we humans don't greet one another this way.

    Here's a new video from Ann this morning. Be sure to click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the video for full size and sound. Spider is obviously all healed up from his "wound" and is getting some exercise here in the round pen at the new location. You can see at the right edge the two new guys quite fascinated by Spider's antics--Captain and Porky. They are seen toward the beginning with the house behind them. At the end, he attracts the attention of two horses that are boarders, at least one of which is a mare, I guess. Hard to believe that just a year ago, he was only beginning to be taken on some gentle walks out of his confinement stall. What a miracle he is.
  • Here are two photos taken this morning showing beautiful Sassy with Mea Ola, her dam.

    Note how long Sassy's tail is. She has the longest tail in the herd. When she runs, it streams out behind her. She is very fast. We suspect her sire was a TB, judging by her conformation. The little white speck seen in the first picture just at her stifle area is actually a spot of white on her mother who is behind her and has shorter legs. Note Sassy is black, like her Paint mother, not dark bay.

    She was born on MareStare in 2012, at the original location of Mea Ola's Place in Kern County, near Tehatchapi, CA, watched by people in 34 states and 13 countries. Her formal name is Lokahi Malulani, which in Hawaiian means, "Uniter, Protected by God." Ann says, on the Website, "We had intended to give her a barn name that was a short nickname for that, but by the age of 3 days, she had earned the name Sassypants!"

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Pictures from Mea Ola's facebook page posted 27 Feb 2016
  • My retired mare, Blue, has an amazingly long and thick tale. She is a descendent of Whirlaway, on her dam's side, who was famous for his long beautiful tail.:)
  • Maybe Sassy is, too. hahaha We'll never know. Mea Ola was pregnant when they rescued her and she had been taken from her owner by Kern County Animal Control. She had been badly abused and was--and is--extremely lame in her front legs.
  • Sad, sad, sad...
  • Yes. She had severe pregnancy related laminitis, but is over that now. She has had all kinds of new age treatments. I saw her getting some kind of magnetic wave therapy while up there about a month ago. You can read her story on the Website, She's the first horse on the drop-down menu under Our Horses.

    Ann and Chris are still busy moving stuff. When time allows, she needs to add 6 new horses that have been added to the Rescue. Ho boy. Then she needs to write up the stories of the horses that were rescued and have been adopted out, and the ones who crossed over the rainbow bridge.

    I edited all the entries on the Website and co-wrote some of them, especially Spider's and Rowdy's stories. I was on board for their stories. The earlier ones I didn't know about until Ann wrote them. They are all fascinating, and in some cases, miraculous, driven by the most amazing chances and coincidences.
  • Oh No...which horses have crossed the Rainbow Bridge at Mea Ola? I hope it wasn't recently...perhaps prior to you finding and linking us to Mea Ola?
  • Yes, it was prior to my involvement.

    They thought Tekka would not make it through the fall and winter, but he seems to have recovered, although apparently he has been upset by the move. They are still not finished moving everything to the new location, so they are concentrating on that. This doesn't leave much time to rebuild corrals at the new place, etc. so some of the Mea Ola herd are scattered well away from the others. In addition, new horses have been added to the MOP herd, and there were initially some of the original owner's horses there and more boarders, all of whom have since "vanished."

    Tekka is mostly with the MOP herd, but Ann says he had a "meltdown" when they took him out for turnout. If you have read his story on the MOP website, you may remember he is extremely sensitive and I suspect he is picking up on the nervousness of all the other horses, and probably the stress of all the humans. He is also elderly, and a TB (high strung).

    Most of the adoptions were before my time, too. They didn't have many adoptable horses for awhile. Now they have some, but need time to get them rehabilitated and tested for ride-ability. They almost adopted Volt to an old friend of Ann's, but somehow it didn't work out. He's a bit of a problem child because he is so full of personality and doesn't really get along all that well with other horses. He's almost always in turnout by himself. Also, he isn't a good therapy horse. At least the other unadoptable ones can be used for their various programs.
  • Ann reports that the move is nearly completed. Now they have all the "putting away" to do. Ho boy. Here's a nice smile from Rowdy.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture from
  • Omg! He is such a ham. Too darn cute. :)
  • Ann posted some new pictures of the newest addition to the Mea Ola herd. He is Westly, a TB, who used to live in the stall next to Vinny before Vinny came to MOP. Vinny was a horse with a lameness issue whom Dr. Sam asked MOP to take. Turns out he is very good with children and beginners. Westly is also in that "mold" and Ann agreed to take him because of the problem they were having with the insurance for MOP. Couldn't find any co. willing to insure "rescued and rehabilitated" horses for use with children for awhile, so Vinny and Westly will head up that department. Anyway, here is Westly, who is really gorgeous.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Pictures from Mea Ola's Place facebook page for 3 March 2016.
  • Westly is gorgeous!
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    Hi Caliber has an 11 year old mare on their website, Farley Star, who has won bucks and a stake and has a pretty nice pedigree. She traces damline directly to Pretty Polly.
  • I'll have to check Hi Caliber. Thanks KMM.

    I posted on MOP's facebook page about a good-looks competition with some of the horses at MOP. I put Westly up there near the top. He's very self-aware and kind of struts, but the best example of strutting is Volt. I think he is their most gorgeous horse. But he's 20 now. Still going strong though. He's an American Saddlebred. I think Rowdy is also gorgeous--he's a perfect Foundation Morgan--but he's not finished growing yet. He's now 21 months old and is 15.1 hh, on the high end of height for Morgans. And Spider is the amazing one who went from being an ugly duckling to being a swan.

    Here's the video of the unloading of Vinny and Volt. Vinny is a TB-Dutch Warmblood cross (a former friend of Westly); he is the first out of the trailer, and Volt is the second. You can get an idea of his carriage in this video. He's a gorgeous chestnut with a gold mane and tail, which he carries high.

    And here are two still photos of Volt.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic All pictures & videos from Mea Ola's Place facebook pages.

    In other news, Ann reports that Tess (Contessa) has now reached her perfect weight, so her feed is being cut back to a level so that she will maintain her weight. She added weight faster than the other newcomers. Here's a cute video of her that Ann posted last week, showing Tess enjoying her turnout and latest game of racing the golf cart.

    Yesterday Porky had his feet X-rayed, and as Ann suspected, the coffin bone does show slight rotation, but they think he can be helped with good foot trimming and special shoes. He doesn't show lameness, and they are working to reduce his weight a little.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    And finally, here is a video showing splendid Spider in the round pen at the new location. He gives Westly a run for his money in the good-looking TB dept. He will actually be 3 in two weeks.

  • Thanks for sharing the new photos and videos. I hope they are beginning to get more settled in to the new place after all the head-aches they have gone through with this huge move. Wow. What an undertaking and I really do appreciate you have kept us in the loop on all of it.
  • Thank you, Celeste. Ann says she will do a final walk through with the landlord on Monday and after that they will be officially out of the old place. The kookie neighbor tried to sue them, after they were already leaving, for creating a nuisance with "fugitive dust." He objected to the wind blowing sand from Mea Ola's Place to his property. hahaha They live in the desert where the wind blows a lot and very strongly. The climate is dry, the soil is sand, sand is light and easily blown by wind. Duh.

    Here are some pictures she posted this last week on March 2nd. I get very choked up seeing them since I have such great memories of how it looked when inhabited by those wonderful horses.

    Here's one showing the flatbed trailer loaded with windbreak panels and pipe corral sections, ready to take to the new location. It is parked along the Arena fence, which stays.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This next picture is the hardest for me to see because it's where Rowdy, Gasston, and Spider had their stalls for the last year. The structure on the left is the side and back of the red shed where tack was kept; it stays. You can see the outline of Spider's stall on the ground, beyond it, Gasston's stall, and farthest back, Rowdy's. His windbreak and cover are still there in this picture. It's the same shelter that Spider was in for his confinement to stall rest while his pelvis was healing last year. The ramshackle structure on the right is part of the turkey coop. It went to the new place. (Sadly it and the full coop had not been moved over before the female duck was abducted by a bobcat the previous night. They haven't yet put dog proof fencing along the front to keep the dogs out of the paved road in front, so the dogs are in during the night. The road gets a lot of fast moving traffic,) The white structure between the horse shelter and the turkey "saloon" is Chris's camping trailer. They use it nowadays to house guests, etc. Ann has one too. They have people come visit them from all over the country. The area behind the house including part of the patio and running to about where the tree is, was Rowdy's paddock and stall (under the patio roof) until his first birthday when they moved him out to the area mentioned above.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Pictures from Mea Ola's Place facebook page, 2 March 2016

    Here's that area from a different direction on Feb 14. Note Spider was still in his stall, behind the white fence in the background in front of the red shed, which was their tack storage place. Spider, Gasston, and Rowdy were moved later that day.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture by VA_in_CA at MOP's old location. 2/14/16

    The stalls were arranged in an L shape with a quarter rotation so that it looked
    kind of like this: |~~ . There were stalls on both sides of the vertical line with a "road" between them and then stalls along the far side of the horizontal line until past the red shed, and from there some were on the lower side of the horizontal line (the ones for Spider, etc). The "road" or driveway continued around the right turn to the horizontal and at the far end, on the upper side of the horizontal line, across the drive from Spider, Rowdy, et al, was the Arena. The last picture shows a whitish structure way in the back, near the turn to the right. It was the windbreak and shelter cover for Danny, Babs, and Tilly. There were 3 stalls on the right side of the vertical line, then the lean-to shaped structure (which stays), used to store feed. Two more stalls were beyond it. There were 6 stalls on the left side of the vertical, then the round pen. The structure with the flattish A-line roof is the red shed, staying. The structures on the far right are the windbreaks and covers for Rowdy and crew, not yet moved.

    I'll have a final comment about the move in a later post.
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    Found a video showing the scene seen above with horses and stalls present. Contrast those pictures in my previous post, along with this picture, to the videos. First the picture:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic Picture by VA_in_CA, 14 Feb16.

    Then check this video that was taken the past summer (2015), showing one of the Board Members, visiting from New York, feeding pickles to Vinny. (dill pickles). Here's the link:

    And here are two of the volunteers giving treats to Vinny, shortly after his arrival to see if it was true that he liked the odd treats that his former care takers reported he did. Same section of the stall area but more can be seen.

    And here's another showing the work being done as the removal winds down

    Quite amazing contrasts, I think.

    Several of us had quite a lengthy discussion about feeling sad about the dismantling of the "old" MOP vs those who were excited about the new place and not at all sad about the old. Interesting perspectives. I was mainly worried because the old place seemed more "out" in the country, with lots and lots of open space all around. The new place looked more crowded in person than it does in pictures and seems to be surrounded with houses and the busy road that goes past and is full of speeding cars and pickups. But I didn't get much chance to be at the new place and just let it "register." I did feel a little better seeing the house. It's quite nice inside. Very open and cheerful, too.'

    Then one of the volunteers said that the atmosphere came with everything else from the old place. Ann posted some comments on Thursday that really make me lose my worry. She said that the vet who came out to "vet" the new arrivals, in a follow up visit, "mentioned the happiness vibe she felt here when she was here the other day. It is the same vibe and feel that we had there [at the old location]. Everything that really matters came with us and no one can ever take our memories....those came here too."

    As soon as I can, I plan to go back up and hopefully, I can take that in and feel the same peace I sensed before when at MOP.
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