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  • Here's a short video for the dog lovers here. The stars are Bo (or Beau?) the black dog with blue eyes, Massey (Ann's daughter's dog that is visiting), Gunner, and Percy. I have to laugh at Gunner's method of "fetching" a tennis ball.
  • A few nights ago they had trespassers on the property. I'm a little unclear on all the details, but apparently there were 3 and earlier they had been on the property of another horse ranch about 1/2 mile down the road. I believe a young boy was arrested and the next day, Ann found a phony driver's license back in the back arena. Kind of spooky. They don't seem to have taken anything and didn't approach any animals. They were mostly around the barn and the mobile home between the donkeys and the double rows of horses. We are, of course, all hopeful that no one tries to harm the horses or donkeys. Fortunately it's all on security cameras. They are being extra watchful. They always lock the gates at night. The dogs didn't bark because the trespassers came in the back. Very unnerving. Hope they get the people soon.
  • Ann took another video "tour" of the ranch. You can see how Fila is looking. She's gotten pretty big. She's a smart little girl. And the Louisiana 4 have made great improvement and the two who had the sniffles are about over them. You can see that they are looking better.
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    The video did not work for me. I am sorry Ann is having night intruders. Sometimes if you post directly, it works. Did not realize how convoluted these rescue organizations can be.
  • Sorry the video didn't work. Is that true for everybody? I posted the URL, which is the way I post almost all videos. I'll try again.
  • Here was today's post which was a surprise to everyone because it hadn't been mentioned before with everything else that was going on.

    "We were asked by the LaVerne Historical Society to bring a pack mule and a donkey to the City of LaVerne's 4th of July parade. Here are Abby the mule and our very own Gasston just before the parade started this morning.
    I had to stay at the ranch and take care of everyone here today, and I can't wait to see pics and videos.
    Abby and Gasston...both LONG EARS, won the Equestrian Excellence Award today."
    LaVerne is a suburban town east of Los Angeles.

    More pictures. Gasston is looking sooo good. He has grown a little and Ann says he is big enough to ride. She plans to teach him to wear a saddle soon. Gasston has now been at MOP for 3 years. Abby, the mule, was purchased at the Lancaster Auction this spring.

    Abby and Leslie:

    Gasston and Chris:

    Pictures from MOP facebook page, 4 July 2017
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    VA_in_CA said:

    Sorry the video didn't work. Is that true for everybody? I posted the URL, which is the way I post almost all videos. I'll try again.

    The video worked fine for me, VA.
  • Good. Thanks for responding, jen_bloom.
  • Video worked fine for me also...
  • Me too. Great video, too.
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    I was able to open it on computer, but not my phone. Nice video.
  • Oh, good. Thanks all. I think MOP's mare-foal pairs from LA look better than the others I've seen. Hi Caliber has one pair, two private buyers have posted before pictures of their pairs, and S & S Finally Loved Horses has 3 pairs.
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    I see how tough it is to have grass pastures in CA. Dry and arid. A lot of extra work to deliver hay to those dry pens and corrals without pasture, and more expensive. They all look well cared for, and everybody seems very happy to greet Ann. B)
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    Va_in_Ca; you will probably responding late. Good note, you. You are devoted to your causes. MOP is a good one. K
  • Yes, they only have two turn-outs with grass in them. The grass is especially planted and has to be watered frequently. There really isn't enough grass for a horse to live on. It's more like a treat to enjoy going through the motions but not enough to upset Mea Ola's Insulin Resistance diet. She likes the grass because it is easier to get up and down than in the shifting sand of the corrals. Hay in CA is extremely expensive and we don't have round bales, only the heavy rectangle-shaped bales. Ann says most of the horses really prefer a special Bermuda grass hay, which is fortunately less expensive than Timothy or Orchard. Horses whose diet allows it, also like Alfalfa. They all eat hay year round and some eat soaked hay pellets and cubes because they have so few teeth. Merlin is 31, and Speedy is 36. They also all get some kinds of grain pellets and supplements, customized to each horse.
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    Rowdy and Gasston have been reunited after Gasston's turn at mentoring Fila and his recent trip to LaVerne, CA, where he got to march in a parade. He is such a good donkey. Rowdy has grown another 2 inches since Thanksgiving and is now 1/4 inch shy of 16 hands. He's now 37 and 1/2 months old. Here's a great video of Rowdy and Gasston in the front arena getting in some exercise. Such fun. Be sure to read Ann's post that goes with the video, and her answers to the questions in the comments after it.
  • Today was also the anniversary of Gasston's arrival at MOP 3 years ago, the first donkey there. Here's Ann's post with a short summary of that event.

    "Three years ago today, we brought home our very first donkey...Gasston!
    ( A BLM burro)

    "Lots of new people here, and I would encourage you to read some of the stories of the horses and donks here on our website. Gasston was actually a prescription from the vet that was treating our rescued rejected foal, Rowdy. Rowdy didn't have an equine companion, and even when Gasston first arrived, they could only spend the cool hours of the day together. You see, Rowdy was "hospitalized" in our living room! We did have this outside stall and a small turn out for him right outside the back door. (We didn't have a barn at our old location)

    "I had always wanted a donkey, but since we needed to keep room and funds for horses...I never went looking for one. None had ever crossed our path in need of rescue at that point either. And maybe like many of you, I didn't want to feed anything hay, except a horse! They were expensive enough. I was even chastised by a supporter who thought we should borrow a donkey instead of 'having another mouth to feed.'

    "However, this one donkey has changed the lives and minds of so many people since then. He has even changed MOP forever!

    "They said Gasston was special at the BLM...and they were spot on. Since Gasston, our donkey herd has grown and grown. We have become avid donkey lovers and supporters for good reason! We have placed many in forever homes and have several more homes waiting. If you love dogs and you love horses, you will fall head over heels for donkeys. They are like a cross of the two. They don't think like horses and I believe this is where people run into problems and where all of those 'stubborn' comments come from.

    "This fall, we will host another Asstravaganza and also Donkey 101 seminars, as well as packing demos. So stay tuned for those!

    "Today we will get Monster Rowdy and his donk, Gasston, on video. It's measuring time for Rowdy again. He's going through another growth spurt. I think he may be trying to make a record height for the tallest Morgan! [Video is posted above this post.]

    "Not every story is on our website, as I have many to still write, adoptions to update and several to add from this year. But you will find their [Rowdy's and Gasston's] stories here under 'Our Horses/Donkeys.'"

    Picture taken on 6July2014. Rowdy was 6 weeks old. Reposted on MOP facebook page, 6July2017.
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    Great to see Rowdy and Gasston reunited for some turn out playtime. Rowdy was sure full of himself, kicking up his heels and Gasston was kinda letting him get it out of his system. Love the throwback picture of both of them when Rowdy was only 6 weeks old.
  • Here's a post from 3 years ago, 7July2014. 24 hours after Rowdy and Gasston first met and where they had been stalled next to each other for cool hours while Rowdy could be out in his outside stall, Rowdy got to go in Gasston's part of the area and actually meet him. This is where Gasston earned his reputation for being a saint. :)
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    Update photos of Rose in her adoptive home where she is obviously getting lots of love.

    Pictures from MOP facebook page, 7July2017.
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    Update on Ruby, Marilyn, Bella and Dallas: Dallas is developing "goggles" around his eyes. He's a chestnut now, but will probably grey out, I guess. That will be fun to watch.
  • Update on Fila: She's growing fast. Just about 4 and a 1/2 to 5 months old. She's shed out her baby fur and is now a beautiful roan color. She looks really sweet.
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    Wonderful to see Rose getting so much love and affection with her new "forever family." Looks like a happy landing for this little old mare --- she looks great!
    The Louisiana Four are in good hands now and should respond to the TLC they'll get at MOP.
    Fila is really growing --- looks like she'll be a really pretty roan filly. Such a lucky girl, Gasston for her surrogate parent, sorta --- and Ann to love and nurture her --- Ann seems to already have a real affection for her.
  • Look how Mea Ola is enjoying all the attention and "pats" from the summer camp kids today. This is a great activity for her and also for the kids to help overcome any fears of those big horses. Some of these kids are pretty small. This is the first day of Camp #3.
  • Fila got to spend the night out in the big grass turnout with Gasston. She is such a pretty and smart girl. She was a little apprehensive--she's only about 5 months old--but I love how she is reassured by Gasston, and the people. She really likes Chris and thinks she should go with him. So cute.
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