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  • I think Ann is really enjoying Fila.

    Here is Fila out again today with Uncle Speedy.

    And here is Speedy demonstrating that he knows the duties of a surrogate mom: one must stand guard over a sleeping foal. So sweet. Speedy being such an old man (at 36) reminds me of Silas Marner with Eppie, his little foundling girl.
    Pictures from MOP facebook page, 20 Aug 2017.
  • Fila and Speedy having a "love in" this morning. Great post and video from Ann:

    "Happy Monday! What a great way to start the week!
    "Fila should be a reminder to all of us that no matter how bad things may appear in the event of tragedy that there is always hope. Like horses, our hearts are resilient too!
    "Little Fila woke up one morning and life was normal. Then, she and her mother were shipped to auction. They were fortunate to have been purchased by a rescue, but just hours later, after a trailer ride to an equine hospital, little Fila (3 months old at the time) lost her mother.
    "We were called to take Fila in and during her quarantine period, she made great friends with Gasston, our donkey who raised another lone foal, Rowdy. After quarantine, we decided to introduce her to Speedy, our 36 yr old rescue who was Mea Ola's filly's "nanny".
    "As you can see, Fila has found friendship, love and security once again.
    "Hope and resiliency.... something we all need and can be reminded of with Fila's story."
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    I absolutely love watching Fila grow, she's getting big and is certainly fiesty! Good old Speedy, at 36 years old seems to be able to keep up with her --- amazing.
    I got a pleasant surprise in my email the other day, a Thank You message from Ann for the donation I made to Mea Ola's Place. Good people and a honorable and worthy rescue operation.
    Thanks @VA_in_CA for your continued updates on Mea Ola's in this Forum, it is appreciated.
    P.S. Soul Crusher, the OTTB, is a real beauty and so fit! So glad his "soft landing" is with Ann/Mea Ola's. I wonder how his owner/trainer knew about them?
  • Good question, bleubetty. I'll ask Ann when I get a chance. It could be through Dr. Sam, the vet who saved Rowdy and cured Spider. He has one or two racehorses of his own and has recommended other horses to Mea Ola's Place. But that is only speculation. I'll ask.

    I was up there today and Ann was so busy she was practically running in the back door while running out the front. It was nonstop. Two of the board members were visiting from New York and the Bay Area of NorCal, so I mostly visited with them, both of whom I had met before and really like. I got to meet Crush in person. Very exciting. And pet Fila quite a lot. She is so soft and smooth-coated. Very sweet and curious little girl. So feminine, too. I'm going to post pictures soon, but I have to play around with them because the pictures are too large for the Forum and I have to reduce them.
  • Posted today by Ann. I just cannot get over how absolutely gorgeous Rowdy is. Here he is being rowdy. haha. Last time these three were in turnout on video, Gasston and Murphy were the stars; this time it's the horse who stars. Love it.
  • Mea Ola's Place had an open house yesterday and they had a pretty good turn out for such a very hot day. Several sponsors got to meet the animals they are sponsoring. The babies all did well with the occasion, some of them coming into contact with a crowd for the first time.

    The donkey babies had had a little experience earlier with a small group of kids during the last summer camp. So they behaved like old pros.

    This was Fila's first time meeting a crowd, and she did just great. Ann reports she was a complete ham.

    Most amazing were the Louisiana mares and foals. They didn't run or try to hide at all. Look how nicely they have filled out.

    Pictures from MOP facebook page, 27Aug2017.

    See p. 21 in this thread for early pictures of the LA four.
  • Ann got a funny question from a visitor today. Here's her summary.

    "... this comment about Rowdy from a visitor today kinda through [sic] me for a loop.

    "'What's wrong with that horse? Why doesn't he look real?'

    "Lol, I have always said his head looks like it was sculpted by the good Lord himself. And his messy mane and forelock are the icing on the cake! ❤️ =)

    "He must be a life-size Breyer Horse. :) "

    She included some headshots of Rowdy, taken today. Here are two of them.

    My absolutely favorite "statue" picture of Rowdy is this one taken in June of 2015, when he was not quite 13 months old. He really does NOT look real in this picture.

    Pictures from MOP facebook page, 6 September 2017 and 16 June 2015.
  • Very sweet! <3
  • Two women drove up to MOP all the way from San Diego (about 150 miles one way.). The one in the picture was a donkey sponsor, but the donkey was adopted, so she chose a horse named Katie to sponsor next. Here she is meeting Fila and scratching her neck. Love the way Fila says thank you at the end. Oh, Fila isn't that huge, the woman is only 5 feet tall.
  • Here are two of the MOP superstars in action. Rowdy and Gasston feeling frisky with the arrival of cool weather.
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    Fila Update: As you can see, she is still growing. Here she is with her "uncle" Speedy.
    From MOP facebook page, 28Sep17
  • Update on Ruby: She is the first of the Louisiana four to wear a halter. Ann hired a trainer to work with the four. I think Ruby is a pretty color. She is the mother of filly Marilyn. Soon the four will all be able to be groomed at last. Ann is also anxious to get the two mamas pregnancy checked.
    from MOP facebook page, 27Nov17
  • Just in case some of our forums members do not follow the "Mea Ola's Place" facebook page, I wanted to share this post with all of you.
    In the hope that Ann Kline reads this, I would also like to commend her on the honest and straightforward post on the Shedrow Confessions blog site. It was from the heart and perfectly illustrates her commitment to the core principles of rescue and the health and well being of neglected, abused and abandoned horses.

    Ann's post is a perfect example of transparency, accountability and integrity.

    Mea Ola's Place
    Like This Page · September 27 ·

    Adoption update: Murphy
    Did you know that donkeys will cause men that would otherwise NEVER take a selfie to do so? I love it! Murphy has managed to "wrap" his new family...big time!

    Someone asked about our numbers the other day. As the third quarter of the year is coming to a close, I'd like to throw out some stats:

    Since January 2017, we have had 4 horse adoptions (Lacey, Diamond, Stardust, and Rose).

    We have had 10 donkey adoptions (Billy, Sancho, Jassmine, Christopher and Daniel, Murphy, Wolfie and Flappy, Laverne and Shirley) Plus one, Zoe, in the works right now.

    We have 1 that is on a feed lease. That is basically like an adoption, but the horse stays here. (Dancer)

    We have had ZERO returns.

    We have had 1 euthanasia, Holly, who was over 30 years old and our vets believed she had a stroke.

    2017 Intakes that are still here: 14 (Abby, Crush, Ruth, Dancer, Freckles, Blue Belle, Buttercup, Fila, Cassini, Bella/Dallas, Ruby/Marilyn, Zoe)

    Total rescues residing at MOP: 44....the exact number allowed by our zoning. We are allowed 22 per 5 acres and we have 10 acres here.

    Because we are full, we have not taken in one horse or donkey since June. And just because we aren't taking any more in right now, does not mean we aren't helping to save horses/donks either. I am busy networking the MANY requests we get.

    Please consider becoming an adopter, a foster, a sponsor, or a volunteer. Message our page for details.
    Help us continue our work by donating a bale of hay every now and then too! Our feed store always accepts donations for MOP. Everything is discounted for us too! The Feed Barn 760-868-4840.
  • Ann recently hired a girl to work with the Louisiana mares and foals. This girl is learning from a master. Ann showed her how to do "targeting" (which I have seen her do with Tillie) and here the girl tries it out with Bella, the bay mare from LA. First here is Ann's post and then is the video.

    "Bella's first day of targeting!

    "I absolutely love targeting! We do this with all of the horses and donks that are fearful of being touched. I showed Kristie the other day, and she decided to try it today with Bella. (One of the LA four)

    "The reason why I am a fan of this is that I'd much rather have a fearful animal touch me and realize it's okay, than to force them to have me touch them first. It also makes getting a halter on much easier! We teach them to put their head through a rope and touch their target, then move to the halter.

    "I've even taught a feral horse to "lead" like this, with no halter or lead rope. They can learn lots of voice commands, like "back", "whoa" and "walk" too while you are doing this.
    After they master touching the fingers, I move to a ball on a stick, then ropes, then the halter. They LOVE this game! It takes away so much fear and builds not just trust, but real communication. The horses "come alive" when they realize they are doing what we want them to...and the best part is that they CHOOSE to do it...instead of being forced to do anything.

    "My motto has always been to create and keep willingness in a horse...targeting is a great way to start. It's a fun game you can even do with tame horses and donks, but it's the BEST ice breaker I have found with wild, feral, and unhandled horses and donkeys! It's good for rehabbing and rebuilding trust with abused animals too.

    "I think Kristina is now a believer...❤️
    Thank you for being open to trying new things Kristina!!!"

    Training unhandled horses done right.
  • New award and donation for MOP. Well-deserved.

  • Here's a moment of sanity in a world gone crazy with bad news. It's Rowdy, the gorgeous Morgan horse at MOP. He still doesn't like the smell of coffee. Too funny. =) =) =) <3
  • These 3 jennies were saved from Mike's Auction last night by Forgotten Horses Rescue. They are ear-marked (no pun) for MOP. Ann and Leslie are driving to the Auction house now to pick them up (around 10 AM, Sunday).
  • I'm so excited they're going to MOP and can't wait to follow their stories. Sweet jennies.
  • Here they are safe at MOP. They are all together in a smallish pen because they can reassure one another and they are also in quarantine. So these quarters are temporary. The jennies are unhandled, but look unafraid of people so they will be easy to tame and train.
  • They're beautiful and couldn't have landed in a better place.
  • And here's a video Leslie took of Dallas and Marilyn who are much more people friendly now. They will soon be weaned as both Ruby and Bella appear to be pregnant and most of the other LA mares rescued with their foals in late spring are testing positive for pregnancy, so they must have been turned out with a stud. Leslie has been out of contact for awhile as she recently had shoulder surgery, so Marilyn did very well to approach her so confidently in the beginning. She's the one with the wide blaze. They are probably 5 to 6 months old now.
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    Mea Ola's Place is having a shindig on Sunday. Actually an event. It looks like fun. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I won't be going.

    In the meantime, today they were quite concerned about Shalia, the beautiful black Arabian mare, as she colicked. They had the vet out for her twice to entubate her with water and oil. They got a reflux on the second visit and she showed improvement after that. They are giving her small feedings and lots of water now. Here's a video.
    I think it is sweet that Crush (the gorgeous chestnut OTTB in the next stall) has been so concerned about her.

    And finally, you can see the new dog in the video. He is a dog they just adopted to guard the chickens and turkeys because they have been suffering depredations from coyotes. The dog is named Amos Moses and he is 3/4 Anatolian Shepherd. Their former guard dog, Gunner, is now 14, and is too stiff to sleep outside on the porch anymore.
    Here is Amos:

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    I just visited the Facebook page for Mea Ola's Place and found this great news regarding "Fila the Foal" --- so I thought I would share the info with those of you who follow the Forum thread for this Worthy Rescue!

    Post from Ann:

    Mea Ola's Place
    October 29 at 7:38pm ·

    It's with great pride that I announce a potential adoption for Fila.
    Fila's sponsor and I talked last week and she really didn't think she would have the extra time to give Fila the attention she deserves. A couple of days later, she referred the perfect person, Julia.
    I had some things I wanted in a home for Fila. First, was someone who had experience with foals. Even though Fila is amazingly easy, she is still a baby and has a lot to learn. A bonus would have been someone that also could start her under saddle themselves when the time came.
    Next, I wanted her to have an older horse, like Speedy, to look after her!
    And of course a forever home was on the list.
    Julia met all of these conditions and more. (The bonus part too)! Another bonus was that Julia and her family have 60 acres where Fila can grow up and live in a mild climate, with literally hundreds of acres that surround that for being ponied and learning all sorts of new stuff!
    The details are being worked out this week and I will keep you all posted.

    Oh, and she also agreed to happily provide updates for all of us!

    It's always bittersweet. I cry when any of them leave. But, I literally couldn't have dreamed up a better home for Fila. Fingers and toes crossed!

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