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  • I put off reporting on Fila's adoption because I just couldn't come to terms with it. I sometimes felt that way when super sweet cats got adopted from my foster cat home when I was active in cat rescue Some of them are harder than others to part with even though you know they deserve their own home that they don't have to share with a bunch of other cats, and they don't have to share their person with so many. Still they leave an empty spot in your heart when they go to their new homes. So bluebetty beat me to it and posted the announcement of her adoption above.

    I have not been looking forward to this day, but it came regardless. I know it's good for Fila, but sad for me that she has left MOP. Wish I could have gotten up to see her more often. Sigh. Well here she is in turnout this morning at MOP with Uncle Speedy for her last run there.

    And here she is at her new home. Speedy, who LOVES to go for rides in the horse trailer, went along with Fila to keep her company in the trailer, and then stayed with her for a few hours as she got used to her new digs and companions. Chris's is the voice on the video.

    Fila's new "mommy" promises to keep us all updated. Still I am very sad. :'( <3 But it's good for Fila. :) <3
  • Mea Ola's Place is having an on-line auction, beginning today and ending Sunday. There are some nice things there, and it's just in time for Christmas shopping. Proceeds will go to the care of the horses and donkeys there. Check it out at
  • Mea Ola's Place has a new baby. Taja, one of the donkeys rescued by Forgotten Horses at an auction and taken in by MOP, had a little jack this evening at 6:43. They've got them up on live camera through Marestare. When Marestare finishes editing the video, they will post the birth video there. It's too dark to see much of him tonight, but I will post pictures that they take in the morning. They are giving Forgotten Horses naming rights, but since today is Chris's birthday, most of the MOP folks are hoping the name Christian will be his name. More on this story tomorrow.
  • I like how they had a mare stare cam on her. I was watching for a bit, but got caught up in customer service/troubleshooting a defective device and missed the foaling.
  • I did too. They'll be keeping the cam on him and his mama for "at least a week," per Ann. Marestare will be posting a video of the birth soon.

    Here are some pictures from this morning. His name is officially Christian. And he was born at 6:34 PM on 17Nov17, also Chris's Birthday. Such an unusual time of year for a baby. I love the dark circle in the middle of his face.

    Ah bliss. .........................................................................Pictures from MOP facebook page, 18Nov17.
  • Here's a video of Taja and Christian, just posted on Mea Ola's Place facebook page.
    Mama donkeys are very strict with their babies. Watch the way Taja smacks him with her hock. Cute. But she is oh so protective when Amos looks threatening. Not even 24 hours old and that little baby is full of personality. <3
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    The video of Taja's foaling is available now at Marestare. You can find the link posted at MOP's page.

    (Marestare does not allow posting of the actual Marestare link except by the owner of the mother equine. So you have to get the link from MOP.) Scroll down until you come to it and click on the link and you can see the event.
  • Here is a video of Christian's first day out in the exercise pen. Mama is busy protecting him from Karma, the dog. Too cute.
  • Fila Update: Here she is at her adoptive home. She's still growing and quite the independent girl. Bet she grows up to be an alpha mare and rule the roost there.
  • At long last, Spider has been gelded. It was done yesterday, and he is doing well today. So far, so good. Spud, one of the summer donkey foals, was also done, but it got dark before they could do Cassini. So he is scheduled for another day. Soon Spider will be able to run with other horses in a bigger turnout. I can't wait until he is able to meet Sassy.

    Alarmingly, they found mountain lion, aka puma, aka cougar, tracks on the ranch early this morning. This is worrisome with young Christian only about 3 weeks old. Most of the tracks look like the cougar was running and it jumped over a fence. Ann checked and no animals were injured or missing, including the fowl. Hopefully their new dog will not have to tangle with the cougar and will just keep chasing it off. The LA 4 are stalled in the back part of the ranch, but the foals are looking pretty big now so hopefully they won't tempt the cougar to attack them. A few months ago a 6-months foal was killed on a ranch a few miles away by a mt. lion, and it was in a paddock with its mother and several other adult horses. Unnerving. "Nature raw in tooth and claw."

    Here is Spider getting his exercise today:
  • Here is a great update on Fila from her adoptive "mom."

    "Fila now lives full time in the big pasture with Amber and Cash. The transition was super smooth and everyone gets along beautifully. Today was Fila's first trail ride out of the pasture. I brought a lead rope and she wore a halter but she stayed free the entire time. She learned to cross ruts and manage the trail by herself, with Amber's confidence helping her.

    "Fila actually chose to be the trail lead horse 99% of the ride. She is so brave and independent. Her ears forward the entire time, interested in seeing what was around the corner. First of many trail rides!"
    Picture and report posted yesterday on Mea Ola's Place facebook page, 10Dec2017
  • Beautiful comment posted by Ann Kline today. Interesting perspective on Christmas vis a vis animals:

    "Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve!
    Have you ever thought about the significance of the nativity scene?
    While Christ could have come as a full grown man, any way he wanted to...he came as a child. Then, he could have been born in a palace or anywhere else! Yet, he chose to come into this world surrounded by animals? Ever think about that?
    While I do believe that people are ultimately more important than animals, this in no way means that animals are somehow undeserving of our commitment, love and care. And it doesn't mean they aren't important.

    "Throughout the centuries animals have worked side by side with us...even unto death! They have fought battles and wars, they have helped to build homes and even nations!

    "They have been companions. For some today, they are their only source of companionship and family. For many seniors and even children, a pet may be their only source to give and receive love. For many singles, the voice of their pets are the only greetings they receive at the end of a hard day.

    "Give those dogs an extra "good boy" or "good girl". Give those kitties an extra minute of cuddle and purr time. Give those horses and donks an extra carrot and good scratch this holiday. Tell those goats, llamas, chickens, turkeys, hamsters, rats and bunnies a 'thanks for being my friend'. Oh and don't forget the sheep!

    "Love your family and friends like this could be your last holiday together. It's been 4 yrs now since the last holiday with my sister. She would have been 46 today! Her last birthday on earth I took her for a horseback ride because that's what she asked for. I'm so glad that I took the time on that busy Christmas Eve to do that with her!

    "I am full of love and peace this year and so blessed to be surrounded by family, friends, and ANIMALS again this Christmas!

    "I am so thankful to have been entrusted with the care of so many animals that call MOP home. Thank you to our board, our volunteers, caretakers, supporters, donors, sponsors and followers! May you all have a Christmas so full of love and happiness that your heart is overflowing like mine!!!

    "Wishing you all the merriest!

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    I just paid a visit to the Facebook page for Mea Ola's Place to catch up on all of Ann's updates. So many wonderful pics and videos of her rescued horses and donkeys! Her updates are about the current "residents", equine and otherwise. I so appreciate that she doesn't go "live" with just her face in the camera or her voice ranting obscenities --- it's a pleasant visit to a Facebook page of a truly worthy rescue!
    Ann's been busy nursing a couple of the donks back to good health. Cassini's castration resulted in him having an adverse reaction to the drug used to sedate him and his recovery has been time consuming for Ann --- she even slept outside with him one night on a cot! Little Christian and his mama Taja also "caught a bug" and are now feeling better --- Ann sure loves her donks!
    Spider has apparently settled down alot since he was gelded several weeks ago --- Ann plans to start him under saddle this winter. He'll always be special, he's Ann little (now very big) miracle.

    I hope this link works --- it should be pictures of all her adoptions for 2017:

    If the link doesn't work, just keep scrolling down until you find it!
  • Recently Spider (the Birdstone TB who had the broken pelvis and was healed at MOP) had his first turnout with another horse. It has been about 2 months since he was gelded, so he gets to be with other horses now. Notice the two times he rears and then jumps up off only his hind legs. Amazing, especially considering he had a broken pelvis for the first 2 years of his life.
  • Cloudy with Ann, MOP facebook page, 16Feb2018

    Mea Ola's Place has a donkey in the hospital tonight. It's Cloudy, a new one who came from Mike's Auction about a month ago. He's got fluid build up in his lungs. They are collecting donations to help with his bills there at PayPal email: Prayers also welcome. Here's a video of Cloudy:
    and another at the hospital:
  • Update on Cloudy: Here is the post on Cloudy that gives his diagnosis and info on the treatment plan. You can see the whole post if you are a facebook follower at

    Ann's Post:

    "Oh boy. We will be needing a miracle here to pay for the treatment he needs.
    Cloudy has pneumonia...we aren't sure if it's viral, bacterial, or if it could have been caused by lungworms that would have died off after his deworming upon leaving quarantine earlier this week. This came on in the last 48 hrs and progressed so quickly!

    "He needs some abrupt treatment to get this under control and we will take it one day at a time.

    "They were amazing at So Cal Equine Hospital tonight and I am very confident about the treatment plan. At the very least, they'd like to keep him for 3 days...see the estimate. Ouch!

    "We can only do what funds allow and we are in the red right now with just the $1500 deposit. A bit over $500 came in tonight and we are beyond thankful for that!

    "If you would like to help us save this sweet can donate directly to the hospital during their business hours by calling 951-737-1615. (They are a 24 hour Hospital but reception staff are only there from about 8am to 5 pm)
    You can donate directly via PayPal (please leave a note for Cloudy)

    "You can also use the donate button on our website...

    "He can pull through this, but absolutely needs at least the 72 hr "big guns" of treatment in the hospital and we need to raise at least $2500 more to make sure that's covered.

    "I will be sure and keep you all posted!
    I believe in miracles...will you be a part of one for Cloudy?

    "Thanks so very much!!

  • Wonderful transparency from Ann, as always.
    Get well soon Cloudy.
  • From Ann:

    As of 2pm Saturday we have raised $3198 for Cloudy's care!"

    Great news. Hope to hear equally good news about Cloudy's progress.
  • Latest update on Cloudy: Time was about 20 minutes ago when Ann posted this:

    "Great news...our Cloudy is improving!!
    I just talked to Dr B at So Cal Equine Hospital and treatments are working! Cloudy Bear's respiratory rate has been cut in half already. It was 60 yesterday afternoon and is now 30 breaths per minute. (Normal is around 15 or so) His attitude is great and he's getting spoiled by Dr. B! He says Cloudy is braying and calling to he can't help but give him some love when he does. (Remember that donkeys DO have a way with men, ya know, and Cloudy is as sweet as they come) Cloudy's appetite is great today too.

    "We still have a ways to go, but at this rate, he should be able to come home Monday if he stays this course!

    "We have raised just about enough to cover the three day estimate. I'm at a loss for words! I knew the vets and Cloudy could do this, I wasn't sure how in the world we could pay for it. You all showed up. You said "we are all in"! Most of the donations were small...but there have been so many and we always say they add up!

    "Thank you all so very much. Keep the prayers up and I will be sure to keep you all updated as the updates come in.
    Ann ❤️"
  • Cloudy continues to improve. Here's the latest update from Ann.

    "Cloudy update:
    So, I decided not to go visit today because he may be able to come home tomorrow! That doesn't mean he's all better, but Dr B said if he's still doing well tomorrow that he'd be comfortable with Cloudy continuing treatment here.
    "Cloudy managed to get his IV catheter out today...turkey! But, instead of putting another one in, they switched to oral meds. As long as he stays stable in the next 24 hrs...He'll be home tomorrow!❤️"
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    Ann won't be picking Cloudy up to bring him home until tomorrow, not because he isn't well enough--he's continuing to improve--but because it is snowing at MOP and the Pass could be closed and she could get stuck away from the ranch with a sick donkey in the trailer. Not good.
  • How refreshing to see a good rescue being transparent. Ann does a wonderful job with her live videos, and keeping the followers of MOP up to date on the animals there.
  • Yeah. Almost every weekend she films a tour of the ranch showing all the horses and donkeys, also the dogs and the resident raven and often the pigs and turkeys and chickens.
  • Cloudy is on his way back to MOP. Here is Ann at the Equine Clinic in Norco getting him to bring him home.
  • He's home and sooo happy to be there. See and hear it for yourself. hahaha
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