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    Update on Cloudy: from MOP's facebook page today per Ann:

    "Dr S was just here to recheck Cloudy. While he is MUCH better, she advised that we continue with treatment for another week. She will be back to take a listen again next week.
  • Is this a new way the Forum is displaying pictures, see above? You have to click on the little tag under the post to see the picture. Weird.
  • I hope so. The uploading on any given thread is an adventure only defined by how many downloads dumped by the usual suspects.
  • Here is a great video from 4 years ago, before I started posting about MOP. It is a funny one of Mea Ola herself, showing that she has a mind of her own, and a very smart one, too. She had just had a bath. hahahaha (Pictured at the old location of MOP.) Shared today on MOP's facebook page.
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    Adorable picture of Spud, the donkey baby who was born last summer, meeting Halia, the 7-week old calf rescued early last week, and Ruh Roh the raven coming in for a landing.
    From Mea Ola's Place facebook page 15 March 2018.
  • Here are two videos of Ruh Roh, the MOP raven. He is hilarious. What a clown. He was brought to MOP as a baby and now he is free and wild, but he has adopted Ann as his special buddy and hangs around her and the ranch most of the time. His antics are so funny. He's a very smart bird. Ann said that she had to keep her scissors in the feed truck glove box because every time she put them down he would steal them--and wouldn't always return them. Well, it was only a matter of time before he figured out how to open that box. hahaha. One of the truck windows won't close. What a pest.
    Here he is sunning himself last Monday after a rainy weekend.
    and here he is after stealing from the glove box

    Here are some pictures I took back in December, the last time I visited MOP.
    My friend Laura visiting with Christian while under the watchful eye of RuhRoh the raven, 9Dec2017.

    Notice the open beak as he zeroes in on the target to pinch.

    Photos by VA_in_CA taken at Mea Ola's Place, 9Dec2017
  • Spider Update: Following his gelding last fall, the big bad hormones have finally cleared his system. He has been stalled next to Luka, a BLM Mustang, and they are now friends. They've been out in the round pen together a few times, but today he got to go out in the big arena for the first time and for the first time really got to play with Luka. Spider is the Thoroughbred who was rescued in early November of 2014 at about 18 months. He had an unhealed fractured pelvis and was severely crippled, with his left hip 9 inches lower than his right hip. He sure doesn't show any lingering effects of that here. His trot is absolutely gorgeous. He comes from a long line of racehorses; his sire is Birdstone. For his full story, see

    Here are Spider and Luka today, out in the big arena. Check out Spider's gorgeous trot. Love the spring in his step. He is such a happy horse after such a restricted and painful foal-hood and yearling year.
  • Here's a good article from the Victorville, CA newspaper about MOP.
  • Ann is having to let Mea Ola go today. I’m so sad for her.
  • Ann is having to let Mea Ola go today. I’m so sad for her.

    Heartbreaking. Old mares are truly special creatures, and knowing that it's time to let one go is a hard, hard decision in life. I feel so much for Ann, especially with my own old girl, who may herself not be long for this world of ours.
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    I just saw Ann’s post. I feel very sorry that she has to make this decision. She has done Mea Ola well.
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    Thanks for posting, Louise and Hayflinger and paige. I got up very late and so hadn't read the MOP page yet. I knew this was coming, but was unsure of the exact date. So very, very sad. It's good to know that Dr. Sam will be the one to help Mea Ola cross the bridge. I feel so privileged to be acquainted with Mea Ola personally and will always remember the walk she and I took around the entire backside of the ranch from one patch of spring grass to another about 2 years ago. She is quite a personality and will be greatly missed by everyone who knows her.
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    Ohh! I'm very sorry to hear about Mea Ola's situation. She has truly been a matriarch of the equine band at the ranch. My heart goes out to Ann who took such good care of Mea Ola all these years and gave her a forever home of kindness, understanding and true respect. Mea Ola will be going to Horse Heaven In The Skies, but Mea Ola truly enjoyed "Horse Heaven here on Earth" with Ann and all those who loved and cared for her. :broken_heart:
  • Here's a tribute to Mea Ola, put together some time ago by EJ, one of the board members (who lives in Canada). All the pictures were taken at earlier locations.
  • It is the last true love we humans can offer. Ann has done all she could to keep Mea Ola as pain free as she could. I'm so glad she has the heart to make this hard decision based on the mares comforts and not on her own needs. She gave Mea Ola the biggest gift when she took her in and saved a 2nd life via her foal. Mea Ola has gave so much back to Ann and so many other in need equine. She is now ready to start a whole new adventure at rainbow bridge where pain and sickness don't ever exist, and the grass is green and abundant forever. I will pray for Ann to have the strength to cry and come to a closure in her own ways. Ann has many other equine who will give her comfort and love beyond measures and Mea Ola's earthly vessel will pass away but her spirit and soul will live on forever in the memories of the good times Mea Ola gave us all.

    I like how this rescue is run and can see the love for all the horses. VA_in_CA I am so glad for you to have met and loved on Mea Ola and I pray your heart will mend too as I feel any who had hands on experience with Mea Ola are also hurting inside.

    Rest well Mea Ola you ran a great race and you ran to the finish line for Equine Rescue. Take your rest now old girl and know you have won a Victory for MOP and every equine to yet come through the gates.
  • I've been following Mea Ola's Place and knew that Ann was dealing with this difficult decision, trying to emotionally prepare for it. So heartbreaking for Ann, Mea Ola was and will always remain the symbol of true rescue. Ann Kline and Mea Ola's Place is where rescue miracles happen, I have so much respect and admiration for all that they do ...........
  • Ann has been spending the day with Mea Ola. Here are two pictures she posted about 20 minutes ago. First shows Mea Ola immediately after her bath, which she got because she loves water and getting bathed. It wasn't because she needed to stay clean, which is good because she had a great roll afterwards and here also is her post-bath portrait.

    pictures from MOP's facebook page, 14Apr2018.

  • I'm very sorry for Ann, and for you, VA. It's hard to lose a good friend, and it's a wrenching decision to make, but also a very loving one.
  • Thank you all for the comments. Mea Ola has crossed the bridge. Very hard day. But her body just wore out and she is free of it now. I think she was only 19 or 20, but she had an awful life before Ann rescued her. Thankfully, she had a great 6 years after that. As PG said above, she had 6 years of Heaven on Earth.
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    She looked like she had one great last roll in the mud.
  • Following ---- my heart aches for Ann, it's just so hard to let go, even when you know it time .......
  • Yes, bleubetty, very hard. A lot of us went through a lot of Kleenex yesterday. Mama Mea went across the bridge surrounded by loving thoughts from all over the world. Not many people get that sort of send off. So special. And her DNA lives on in her beautiful daughter, Sassy,
  • Update on Fila: Remember this filly? She was rescued by HiCaliber at the Ontario auction location. She was about 2 months old and her mother was so badly foundered that she could barely walk. They took the two to a local vet and the mother was euthanized to end her suffering. Fila was taken to Mea Ola's Place where she spent her quarantine period with Gasston, Rowdy's donkey mentor. She turned out to be one of the smartest foals Ann had ever worked with and she was adopted to a good family. Today some pictures of her were posted on the MOP facebook page, taken by her adoptive family. She's growing up. I guess she's about 14 months now.

    Pictures posted on MOP's facebook page, 9June2018.
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    @Va_in_ca with her bud Rowdy.
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