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    I'm voting! :) Sometimes I have to go to "Stories" and click on Ann Kline's and then vote --- it seems to go thru then, if anyone is still having trouble getting their vote to count.
    Here's the link:
  • Thank you! I have been able to vote without problems but at first it was really difficult. Keep voting for Ann!!!
  • Yes, the link you posted, bleuberry, is the correct one. You can only vote after every 24 hours. There were some serious glitches where it was taking hours for votes to be registered, but they finally have it working quickly now. It's the organization that is running the contest that had the problems; it was nothing to do with MOP. Because of the problems, I have to wait now until 11:55 PM to vote every day. It creeps about a minute later each day, so soon I will be past midnight and then I can vote in the morning again. Pick a time that will be good for you each day and vote daily. This will go on until December. Here's the link again:

    Today one of the supporters posted some GREAT photos of Rowdy, my favorite horse there. He is so beautiful that if there were a Mr. American Horse beauty pageant, he would win hands down. Check out these head shots. Perfect Morgan head. The black and white horse is Ann's personal horse, Romeo, an American Saddlebred.

    and then there is this one, too. hahaha
    Photos by Cindy Clasen Howard from Mea Ola's facebook page:

    For comparison, here he is in his indoor stall a little over 4 years ago:
    Picture by VA_in_CA, 25August2014, at the original location of MOP in Phelan, CA, with Dr. Sam Wittlin, the vet who saved his life several times over.
  • Rowdy looks like he has Arab in him; looks like an Arab head. Morgan's must have alot of Arab forerunners.
  • Hi KMM, yes they do. The original Morgan, whom all good purebred Morgans look almost exactly like, was a cross between an Arab/TB cross mare and a TB stud who traced back to the Godolphin Arabian by only a few generations. Interestingly the stud belonged to a British officer who was here in the colonies during the American Revolution. But that pedigree is subject to debate, although it is what is reported by the latest research. The result was a colt named Figure, who is the foundation sire of all Morgans. He must have had extraordinary prepotency to pass on the same traits to all his offspring. Morgans were also used in the development of other American breeds, most notably the Quarter Horse, the American Saddlebred, the Tennessee Walking Horse, and a few less well-known breeds. For a good summary of the breed, check out

    In Rowdy's pedigree, his tail-male line goes straight back all the way to Justin Morgan--the official name given to Figure and which was actually the name of his most prominent owner. Both of Rowdy's parents were champion show horses and considered to be Foundation Morgans.

    Morgans are a long-lived breed and the original Justin Morgan, who was foaled in 1789, died in 1821 at only 32 because he was kicked by another horse and died of his injuries.

    The standard height for Morgans is listed in Wikipedia as being 14.1 to 15.2 with some individuals being more or less. Rowdy is 16.1 and Ann thinks he is still growing. We figure it was all that yogurt he got as a foal. hahaha

    Mea Ola's Place has another purebred Morgan who was rescued from a meat auction by a friend of Ann's after she recognized him at the auction. Merlin had been the dominant driving champion in many horse shows she had competed in. Merlin is now 27 and has Cushings Disease. He's very popular in children's camp sessions and is a great therapy horse. He's also playful and sometimes a little goofy. You can read about him here; Here's a picture of me giving him a kiss in 2016. (I can't kiss Rowdy because he likes to bite me.)
    Picture by VA_in_CA, 24 August 2016, at MOP.
    008.JPG 228.1K
  • I read the book, Justin Morgan Had a Horse when I was in grade school. B)
  • @KMM I loved Marguerite Henry (sorry if I misspelled) and that was one of my favorite books of hers. And the illustrations were so beautiful. I loved all of her books!! ❤️
  • I did too. The illustrations are great.
  • I loved the book, too, and think I still have it somewhere buried in a box of books I never unpacked. Sigh. I have another interest in Morgans since they had their origins in New England and especially in Vermont where Justin Morgan, the man, lived. We spent every summer there from the time I was 5. My parents retired there in 1976 and sadly we sold the house in 2002 after they had both died. It was an easy trip from there to visit the Morgan Horse Farm at Weybridge, VT, which eventually became connected to the U. of VT. I loved going there. Rowdy's dam has some of those horses in her pedigree.
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    Thanks for posting the link--I just voted for Ann. She's so deserving.
  • Just a friendly reminder:
    Please consider voting for Mea Ola's Place and Lalainia "Ann" Kline
  • Hey, y'all. They've fallen back to second, and are in danger of being third! I've been voting daily. Voting stays open until December 5, so we need to keep helping out!
  • We are voting daily! Thank you for posting a reminder!
  • Friendly reminder --- please VOTE for Mea Ola's Place and Ann Kline. Voting ends December 5th
    Here is the link:
  • MOP is solidly in second place. The first place group is a Rescue as well, but has many tens of thousands of followers. Here's more info on how the contest will go after voting closes.

    "DEC 5TH IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE! Big sigh of relief, we did it. You did it! We are overwhelmed by the show of support Ann and Mea Ola's Place has received. <3 No matter the outcome of this contest, we feel honored!
    Then it is out of our hands. We are number 2 overall right now. Devoted Barn is first and Meadow Haven is third. The top five nominees in six categories will be judged by representatives of Eagle Rare based on the following criteria: a) Relevance to the Promotion Theme (50%); b) Originality and Creativity (20%); c) Story Quality and Clarity (10%); and online voting by website visitors (20%). They receive $5000.
    A panel of judges will review the 10 finalists and rank them based on the following criteria: (a) Embodies brand (1-10) (b) Embodies characteristics (1-10), (c) How Rare/Extraordinary (1-10). The nominee with the highest points given by the panel of judges will be placed on the Eagle Rare “Lead a Rare Life” website as the grand prize winner of $50,000 for their charity. Winners will be announced on March 4, 2019.
    Please keep voting! We need every vote we can get! Keeping our fingers crossed." Written by Linda Skow who ran the contest section on MOP.

    The artwork and clever reminders on the MOP site were terrific. Linda as well as Lisa Greaves did most of it. The reminders were very clever. My number today was 120832, but they've gone beyond that by now.

    Thanks to all who participated from the Forum.

    I haven't been visiting the Forum much lately due to issues with depression and feelings of hopelessness. Sigh. Sorry. Am trying to drag myself out of it. It got kind of funny last week because the County Office on Aging has the funds to fix my roof, but can't because I am two years behind in my property taxes. The Tax folks won't take partial payments. It's all or nothing, so I'm out of luck. Then last week it rained and part of my dining room ceiling fell down. But at least now it's leaking into buckets so I can do something about it. Too funny. Can't be depressed with all the dripping into plastic containers. hahahaha
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