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    Verses a trillion?
    Not even a drop in the hat if it were FIFTY million.

    edit to add:
    Of course, I read somewhere that that was just to get the thing off the drawing board and didn't include even the deposit on the plywood order.
  • Leaders yes, know...
    Leaders yes, are following the big blue with the bell.
    Leaders yes, and both sides, are the reason we are where we are.
    Too bad...it is what it is...
    The tea party was a try to displace entrenched republicans that moved legislation along a liberal line of enlightenment that was washing out the foundation of liberty. They didn't know it then, they still don't get it.
    The caution the left has used, throughout the effort to turn our country, has been tossed as anyone can see.
    Can't cry for anyone who works for the enemy.
    Not for the mortgage, not for energy, not for groceries...not even for the children...possibly best they perish...
    We scratch every day for the early worm...best everyone does.
  • Gotta add
    Politics has always been the biggest game...bigger than football, bigger than baseball, bigger than any sport.
    People play politics like some play horses.
    The stonecrusher has adopted a new handle...growly bear...stonecrusher growly bear...he's a funny little dude.
    He'll never like trump and he'll likely like the cheesy chicks that'll hold his hand through education....unless I have anything to do with it...which might imprison him to a life of hostile masculinity...pointed out by, and convicted of...by the same harpies I tried to avoid.
  • It's funny how you think this time will be different and you'll have ANY say in the adult PS. If you're real REAL lucky he'll still be speaking to you when he's old enough to vote.
  • "How long?
    Not long."

    Martin Luther King Jr.
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    Instead of posting memes on Facebook how about we tell New York how we really feel. Complete boycott. No travel to New York, no watching any New York sports teams, No watching any TV shows or movies set in New York, and no buying any produce, or anything produced or manufactured there. Hit them where it hurts and see how fast they change their minds.
  • What's the problem with New York... and is that the city or the state?
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    Echo whoodler. What gives with NY?
  • Maybe the new abortion laws? Very raw, very disturbing...yet following a troubled path of permissible death.
    Take a close look at euthanasia in the Netherlands...troublesome
    Cuomo is a bad guy, a very bad guy.
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    New York signed a law permitting abortion up to the day of birth.
  • Abortion allowed up to 24 weeks (viability) or in the case of a non viable pregnancy or health of the mother then later at the discretion of the health provider. Allows non physicians to provide abortions (nurse practitioners, etc.)

    Here is the text of the bill.


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    24 weeks is 6 months pregnancy. I know and work with kids who were born at 24 weeks and are happy kids. Some may have challenges, but that doesn’t mean that their lives don’t matter. I believe that a life begins at conception. What denotes life? Medically speaking that is a heartbeat and higher brain function. We can’t kill someone who has a heartbeat and reacts to pain. An unborn baby has a heartbeat by 6 weeks and reacts to pain by 8 weeks. All abortion is, is a way to allow people to not take responsibility for their actions.
  • Beyond the argument of viability, the law allows broad determination with respect to the health of the mother. Some interpretations reveal an ability to terminate a life at the point of crowning, for something as ambiguous as family situation, mental health, or just a really hard time at Starbucks.
    People of all opinions on this issue should at least speak out.
  • tincup said:

    Beyond the argument of viability, the law allows broad determination with respect to the health of the mother. Some interpretations reveal an ability to terminate a life at the point of crowning, for something as ambiguous as family situation, mental health, or just a really hard time at Starbucks.
    People of all opinions on this issue should at least speak out.

    I've made no secret that I'm pro-life. This is scary to me. I've gotten used to the fact that there will most always be legal (read safe) abortion. Not happy about it, but accepting it, much like other political issues (for me -- I am anti-capital punishment, as I don't know how one can be pro-life in one way, but not another, but anyway....) The scope of this new law is just terrifying to me:

    "1. A health care practitioner licensed, certi-
    43 fied, or authorized under title eight of the education law, acting with-
    44 in his or her lawful scope of practice, may perform an abortion when,
    45 according to the practitioner's reasonable and good faith professional
    46 judgment based on the facts of the patient's case: the patient is within
    47 twenty-four weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an
    48 absence of fetal viability, or the abortion is necessary to protect the
    49 patient's life or health."

    So tincup is right.......I could be 38 weeks pregnant, have a meltdown because I get a bad barista, and demand an abortion. I know that sounds ridiculous, but that is essentially what they've made legal. "To protect the patient's (life or) health." Please define "health"!!!
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    Not to mention the fact that the removed the punishments for killing a fetus in utero, during crimes. This also removes self abortion as being illegal. I find it so wrong that legally it is a crime to try and kill myself, but my unborn baby is fair game.
  • Good point, @EriNC -- beyond the abortion argument, there's been many nationally publicized cases (was it Laci Petersen?) who's husband was convicted of killing as well as their unborn child. My jaw just drops to think that if I were to be murdered pregnant in NY, the murderer would not be prosecuted for the death of the fetus.
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    Where I live there was a girl who had grown up in the community her husband killed her and her kids, she was pregnant at the time and living in Colorado. Colorado charged him for her death and the children’s death, but not the unborn child’s death.
  • @EriNC they charged for both mom and baby when the pregnant woman in Longmont that was murdered a year or so ago
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    They charged for unlawful termination not murder though
  • EriNC said:

    They charged for unlawful termination not murder though

    Ugh, seems so intrinsically wrong. I don't know how someone, pro choice even, would support removing the murder of pregnant woman, baby viable or not, as a homicide of two people!
  • Pussyhats have pushed the idea that pro lifers have made laws pushing for prosecution of killers killing baby mommies. The idea is a reversal of law protecting any unborn air breathing human.
    See?...and think, there is some truth to the idea. That's how I've tried to attack the questions.
    Make the court decide humanity....force them...then we'll have demarcated lines of attack.
  • Nothing...no surprise
    Everyone else is engaged, but not these. Most likely they come here to disengage from this kinda crap. Yep, to find a place to go and hide....this is a good place for that.
    Read any thread. You'll likely find the ingredients of cowardice you could find in any centuries old writings.
    Same...but not these eyes,not these peoples of short memory or sight...its now...it's desperate...
    Look into the sad eyes of a pound pup, promoted by the second biggest killers in our country...and ask yourself important questions.
    Read all...see all
    Death is on the march...
  • The one and only fact of life is death. Fear not. Everybody gets one.
  • Yes,everyone gets one.
    Some peddle in providing.
    Some even advertise the sale, price, free delivery.
    We now get to see Dr Death of Virginia in his wonderful costume...blackface and klan robes...wonderful outfit and appropriate for his kinda thinking.
    After all....its no secret who all the dead babies are. People that deny must be asked to account for the numbers.
    So....we have a racist, elitist, educated, eugenics freak pushing murder of poor uneducated minorities.
    There....I said it.
  • This blah-blah "freak" is notable for one reason only...
    he's not lying about his opinions like most politicians.
    And I don't think the Left has quite gotten the 1st Amendment voided yet.
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