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  • You are right, there should be a lot of thinking about safe substitution whoodler, and maybe there are ways that we can make biodegradable substitute s for plastics?
  • KMM said:

    I know is that scientific evidence is there, and I trust the scientists.No politics, no religion in my views....just where the evidence is leading us. Shouldn't we err, if you think it is a brouhaha, on more scientific integrity instead of dismissing it all? I don't think there is a big window here tincup. Do you at least thinking about giving technology a chance, instead of backpedalling all of the innovation incentives that have been in place over the past several years? Plastic bag recycling isn't working. How about no more plastic?

    Nobody is dismissing, not anyone.
    We all understand the consequences of people being people, the shit, the bloody towels, the trash. We've been able to follow the founding of civilization through the sorting of trash, bloody towels and shit.
    A plastic straw hasn't led to understanding.
    Plastic may be a problem, or not, nobody knows. Plastic has changed the world for the better.
    If its known that plastic cannot be undone, just work to keep using it.
    keep using it, over and over
    But remember
    Plastic has had the greatest effect on the least of our world peoples.
    For the better.
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    It isn't about that tincup, it's the industrial revolution. Oddly, some of the best early stories about coal mining in England come from D.H. Lawrence and The Rainbow.
  • ....she saw in the rainbow the earths new architecture, the old brittle corruption of houses and factory swept away....
    the world built up in a fabric of truth ( plus capital T) Truth
    fitting to the over arching heaven.

    The entire story is rendered crap by the the above bullshit.
  • Exactly what about Earth's history makes anyone think it is permanent?
  • Aaahh.. .what exactly
    Up the 395 is an ancient bristle cone forest. There are trees two thousand years old
    Two thousand.
    Wow, two thousand...beast
    I have a regular run up that high and gone area.
    Two thousand.
    I'd walk a bit and remember my friend.
    My friend that walked while this tree was first born.
    I had a hard time with that math.
    Imagine my problems with monkeys and billions.
  • Thank goodness there wasn't a web site I could go off on in the early 90s. I wrote two books about what's coming, neither was very nice, both saw today. I just thought it'd have come sooner.
    So here we are. Now what?
    Almost thirty years later, now what?
    It's on....what are you going to do?
    I've thought the usual, yet I left the big fight buried in a place far away.. . it'll take some effort to get there again...and still I've a picture that keeps coming into my brain
    The stonecrusher keeps moving
    He has felt the power of self determination
    The princess went Diana a long time ago
    The prince went Charles.
    So those old books about civil war sit quiet, hidden from eyes, hidden from the government that would hang my friends.
    Soon I'll have to make a choice.
    Anger rises, chokes my throat
    Makes my meals less, my beer less...
    Somewhere buried is the architecture...
    I know where it is
    I just can't seem to move ...

  • I love you Cass Elliot
  • Tincup, take stonecrusher to see Zellda. Leave these machinations to the stars.
  • Trump's Smothering Scrambled Eggs With Mayonnaise May Be Grounds For Impeachment: Dem Congressional Aide/Law Student
    Huft Post Mon, Sep 30 3:05 PM EST

    The practice was condemned by many Democratic politicians as well as Republican Rep. Evan Samuls (PA) who said it was “beyond repugnant.”

    So far, no congressional lawmakers have commented publicly over whether this legal opinion is a path worth pursuing.
  • If you've a piece of bread, a hot scrambled egg sandwich with mayo is outstanding. Truly a pleasure, a blessing, a treasure.
    Give me scrambled and mayo anytime, just make sure there's a loaf of favorite bread nearby.
  • KMMKMM Member
    French bread and iced real French butter curlicues, unsalted. No politics here, just bread and butter!
  • Speaking of impeachment...there was a story of a woman biting a camels balls..that seems outrageous to me...I was crossing Utah and rode into Scipio for a swallow of coffee and a tank full of fuel ...that flying J has a camal... I giggled a bunch, more than my share as I was almost to ghost, but thought it was hilarious...not the same as hysterical... though I've heard there is some connection to women.
  • KMM said:

    French bread and iced real French butter curlicues, unsalted. No politics here, just bread and butter!

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    Wacko story tincup! Where do you find these? Silly stuff, wife has more than Camel's balls...more balls than husband, B)
  • ,,,,,, it's not dark yet....but it's getting there
  • And the lightning strikes are beautiful!
  • Medicare for all means Medicare for all... all, like everyone, regardless of current holdings, current health care package.
    All into a single bucket
    From the many buckets of participation
    Some empty
    Many so-so
    Some full
    I've watched with delight the wholesome embrace of the more leftist of the Democrats by the most moderate of the Democrats... delight that I might actually see the ruins of that march to left that I've always thought was destined to that ruin.
    I've watched the elections of this night and am not surprised by the results and have felt a peel back of Republican support.
    Peel back in small numbers, but its having an effect, turning blue and following... What?...
    ....these are strong Union bastions... unions that have fought forever for the union people.. for wage and healthcare...for a better life...
    To give it away
    Dems have been taking every dollar from Unions forever.
    The Union has been giving it to them.
    And Medicare for all will take everything they've ever won.
  • One world has to begin somewhere....
  • Does anyone think Elizabeth Warren wore a feathered head band to her Thanksgiving dinner?
    Gobble gobble
    Did she think attacking the number one life saving flotation device of leftist politicians was going to lead to popular support?
    Dropping like a rock.
    Sad, and yet...a very good sign to me.
    People are not stupid, something I've known a long time.
    Buttdart is surging ahead just because he can speak sensibly.
    Yes, I thought that was funny.
    Mayor Pete...if only he was just a liar, if only an opportunist, if only a small town failing mayor.....
    Gobble gobble
    His lies are the greatest kind
    His grab at the apple the most insidious
    His failures, the most purposeful
    Gobble gobble
  • Give me a break. He's not the man for the job. But so far no-one else is either. No matter how much the Dems want to cry and moan, Trump is still better than anything they or their lifelong professional civil "servants" have to offer.

    The history of the political party system in the US is convoluted to say the least. Big has become little, hard, soft, liquid has passed through solid to gas and back. Neither current party is anything close to what it started out as.

  • I like Mayor Pete.

    Is he the perfect candidate? No, but then no one is. But I’ve liked what I’ve heard from Mayor Pete on issues and I recently read an article that sealed the deal.

    A writer had recently attacked something Mayor Pete said in 2011, as well as calling him some vulgar names. A couple weeks later the same writer wrote another piece that still addressed issues but also described a phone call he’d received from Mayor Pete.

    I’m not going into detail you can find the articles easily enough. In a nutshell, this writer went from a position of angry frustration, to motivated hopefulness.

    After 4 years of Trump’s toxic behavior, a President with the ability to see opportunity in criticism would be a relief. One that isn’t also pushing “Medicare for all” and other extreme leftist nonsense? YES PLEASE
  • I take it you finally made it home, T.
  • A paragraph from an article today on the Supreme Court

    In this case, both conservative and liberal senators filed amicus briefs urging the court not to let politics dictate their decision—meaning, of course, that whichever way the court rules, the other side will say it is playing politics.

    The Daily Beast
  • whoodler said:

    I take it you finally made it home, T.

    Yes, I made it home. I gave the stonecrusher one of those deep bear-like hugs...he gave me one right back, growl and crush.
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