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  • Yeah, exciting that Los Al race. Four horses, 2 Bafferts. CA needs more tracks and G1 races.
  • whoodler said:

    Yeah, exciting that Los Al race. Four horses, 2 Bafferts. CA needs more tracks and G1 races.

    Ahhh.... just the sweet breeze I needed.
    How exciting is it, that in a four horse field, that baffert owns, you could make so much money.
    Of course, horseracing could be about something other then money...???...
  • and then there are mountain lions.
    The stonecrusher likes to hike into the mountains, or maybe he just follows dad. Any hiking into our local mountains includes an understanding of lions, or better... MUST understand our lions. Years past and the older kids had a good dog to accompany any hike into the hills..
    Oscar was a beast, named for the fighter de la hoya, he was just smaller then the most dangerous, but fought bigger then his weight.
    He would stay close and tight.
    Murphy was a dog of a different color. He didn't herd or stay close, he would look far away for danger. He was an uncanny monster.
    I've a scar, deep, in a leg from his action, an action that was aimed at a human, was justified, but I couldn't let happen. That's a great story.
    So. .. the mountain lions are out.... I've wondered about a dog, but I don't believe in little boys and dogs.
    Very dangerous.... so I think
  • Go to other forums for this, which I really like. Kind of non sequitur here.
  • KMM said:

    Go to other forums for this, which I really like. Kind of non sequitur here.

    Completely relative.
    Trump caused me to miss a good bet.
    Trump caused me to miss time with my son.
    Trump has caused a break in the loop of a boy and his dog.
    It's all Trump's fault.
  • KMM said:

    Go to other forums for this, which I really like. Kind of non sequitur here.

    Do you wanna know why Murphy went after a human, and why I carry that deep scar?
  • This is very relative to politics
    Murphy was a ranger.
    At home? He was on it.
    I built a patio focusing on neighborhood participation... welcoming... open door.
    We welcomed a new neighbor, s man that spent a hundred thousand dollars more for his home then we had
    I poured cement for him, we laid floor
    We trimed trees, we barbecued.
    ...but always troubled
    He came into my space, a space I'd made with love and with the idea of people just like him.
    Into the blue lagoon.
    He sat next to the fire.
    Murphy went to my legs. He doesn't do that. Murphy straight to my legs.
    It got to him.
    He asked about the dog
    He made it a thing. He swung a foot
    I've a scar .
  • Is Murphy a conservative?
  • Being the extreme liberal that I am,
    I've always allowed a dog... any dog... one bite.
    And I have learned it is the independents that take advantage of the situation.
  • Hmmmm
    You are easy on my mind
    Glen Campbell. Gental on my mind
    I think of you often , you are are the best of us.
  • You walk by
    And I fall to pieces
  • You think you know me well
    But you don't know me
  • Ray Charles
    I've never seen the ocean residing, ebbing, only coming...a relentless onslaught
    Ships come and go.
  • Somewhere beyond the sea
  • whoodler said:

    Somewhere beyond the sea

    You monster
    Santa Catalina is waiting for me
  • Dayo, dayo
    Daylight come and me wan' go home
    Day, me say day, me say day, me say day
    Me say day, me say dayo
    Daylight come and me wan' go home...

    to bed.
  • Trump does it again. I don't know where the bottom of this well is, but so far there is plenty.
    The pigeons are okay. Baby has taken wing and is learning, looks just like Daddy. Gotta say I was some worried, as it isn't easy on creatures that have learned to trust humans, trusting those hasn't always led to justice. I took care of Mommy and Daddy, and was quite taken to the baby. The stonecrusher too was always concerned with the animals just inside and outside his mental reach.
    Trump gets all the credit.
    The little family has become three from two and Daddy is making a ruckus, full throat.
    Trump wins again.
    You might ask why Trump should get this credit, and I might add you should do some study or work as to why a single male pigeon should become pigeons for life and should become a singular burden of mine that I should think each day that they have enough food, enough water, enough safety.
    Mommy and Daddy lost the first baby to a cat.
    I cleaned up all the evidence in hopes I wouldn't lose my little friends.
    They made another try.
    I did a little more work to make sure the area was safe, more food.... and a dog.
    Mommy and Daddy are now, Mommy and Daddy and baby....
    Trump saves the world.
    Daddy is again making all those throaty noises and mommy is stuffing her nest
    Baby keeps learning.
    I haven't seen any Russians.
    No Ukrainians
    Just enough for my stonecrushers little friends.
    He likes them, they like him.
  • IG report
    Trump keeps winning
    Barr is mean face
    Durham is mean face
    Nancy? Botox
    Shiff, shift, shit? Botox
    Nadler ? Sculpture of certain kind..... Botox
    Johnny's got lover
    Her name is jane
    Johnny asked for kisses
    Janey said no

  • I am sure if Trump knew of you Tincup, you'd be his best friend for a day. B)
  • Unless things change in the next couple days, a government shutdown is starting the 21st.

    Anyone aware of that?
  • Bill seems ready to be passed by both houses and signed by the president.
  • Yeah, since last month.
    But impeachment nonsense was more... time... and funding... consuming.

    Some agencies are already in sequester mode.

    And not a word on any national news programs. Not. One. Word.
  • Everybody wants points on both sides right now; budget should get passed and signed by president before holidays. 2020 is another thing.
  • We haven't had a real... as in year long, all encompassing... budget in many MANY years Why would anyone think it's different this time? Every year, sometimes several times during a year, parts of the budget are approved while the others... the hundreds of thousands, sometimes a million or more, federal employees... are left dangling like so many fish on a line. The country is operating in a disabled manner... like a car with a broken axle... and there are no mechanics available. It's not one department or one branch. It is systemic. And business as usual is going to stay business as usual. There is no reason to even fantasize that meaningful change is happening with the next election or ever. We have met the enemy and they is us... again. And again. And again.
  • We've had continuing resolutions for more than 20 years. That has been the norm.
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