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    Thanks. I know nothing about the trucking industry.
    Gunther got his CDL and bought a specially made trailer so he could transport Dickie (our giraffe) from town to town. That's about it.
    Except that man could do pretty much anything.
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    Shytes and giggles....
    This was just one headline I read about the killing of a sand pirate in Baghdad.
    Sean Connery with those blew eyes.
    Leftists the world over are holding their crotchless middles holding back the pee stain.
    KA POW....
    Trump is some kinda SOB.
  • just saw a commercial from some Sunday morning political show featuring a guest (who I don't know) telling a commentator/host who I never heard of
    "I don't seen any difference between the Obama and Trump administrations."

    And earlier today, there was a video on Yahoo news with the headline
    "Democrats Admit To Planning Trump's Impeachment Before He Was Elected."

    A new kind of shock and awe.
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    Not new.
    Been the bundle bought from the first time Trump's name ran across these pages.
    Reality Star for President.
    All yellow pages and reputations later.
    Feels good to know fools for fools.
    Like knowing a good horse.
    On sight
    And being told by a little shit.
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    Everything that matters to American
    ....and a hehehe
    You've always been too clever for me.
    Thirty two horses on a red hill...
    ... can't even play that without getting fact checkers to jam up the play.
    Fact news?
    What have I got in my pockets?

  • US: one drone attack, a General and who knows how many peons dead/injured
    Iran: over 20 missiles fired into Iraq, 0 deaths, maybe some minor injuries.
    Winner of round one: Iran
    and Trump
  • This surprised me:
    Iran acknowledges accidentally downing Ukrainian jetliner
  • I don't know man. Some real heavy shit is going down.
    To watch these raging maniacs work so hard to take down Trump has been a troubling idea inside my head. To watch as they strive to bully every safe port has been troubling.
    To watch the madness of the kavenaugh attacks were the revealer. Truly, the lowest I'd thought I'd see.
    But no. This sickness is deeper then even the ruin of so many persons in the way.
    Salamander was a legit target that didn't/doesn't need validation. He was a legit target. Done deal
    Everyone knows that. Everyone.
    Everything after is bs or succor.
    Everything after is bullshit.
    Everything after is succor.
    What does that mean?
    It means these people are working so hard to turn the tide, that people dying means nothing.
    They'd destroy the man, they'd destroy the family, they'd destroy the people.
    Sometimes people gotta die.
    Our elected people are now embracing terrorism. Making heros of terrorists.
    Okay, the gloves came off for me at the kavenaugh hearings.
    It's no surprise that Iran is about to capitulate.
    But man, it's tough.
    I really don't get the anger.
    I guess elites just don't like the idea of being dismissed.
    I liken the idea of this, to the many people that have passed through this thread. Lots of passion, lots of opinion, lots of hurt feelings.
    Personal? Like, why? You wanna go all destruction? Cool, but why?
    For the same reason the burn it all crowd has always gone masked and rogue.

  • BTW
    The butt dart has been exposed as a fake.
    This... this little juicy juice came to California.
    California knows a fake.
  • I really don't get the anger.
    I guess elites just don't like the idea of being dismissed.

    Then you DO get the anger.
  • Can things get any stranger?
    Watching the demonstrations in Iran and thinking about Hong Kong, Taipei, and all the Trump superhero comparisons.
    World people, not governments, people are chasing an idea of Trump freeing the world.
    Weird shit going down.
  • Andrew Feldman, a Democratic strategist in Washington, agreed that Iran in recent days, just like impeachment in recent weeks, is “still not the main focus of voters.”

    “They may have an opinion on it, they may know about it, but it doesn’t one-up the challenges they’re having with health care, the challenges they’re having with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt,” Feldman said of voters. “The issues that we think are important here in the Beltway don’t actually make it to the kitchen table as issues that voters are talking about.”

    Good to know at least one Democrat understands real America.

    Impeachment? Iran? Early state voters more swayed by basics
  • Anyone...?

    Convention of States?
  • Was that a joke ? I thought it was a good ribbing. A joke ya know.
    Teeth and nails
    Teeth and nails.
    Convention of States will not get to the real issue.
    Only violence can turn this tide.
    That comes as an arrow straight through my heart.
    Abuse seems the the main menu, everyone orders the best dish, and displays outrage with warm fuzzy feelings. Like a good soup, set inside cold and exhaustion, of body and mind, of a smooth voice to the escape... like drugs, like a promise.
    A convention of States will not help.
    Violence will.
    Nancy is so dirty, she can't be saved.
    I haven't any answer, it seems the time has come.
    I always thought I'd be on the other side.
    Convention of States?
    Not anymore.
    The fight is at my front door.
    I watch the stonecrusher....he is filled with wonder and the hand of understanding, yet filled with the idea of fear.
    ...yet, why?
    .. and yet why
    Seems obvious.
    I think the only answer is violence.
  • The more human we get, the more animal we are.
  • There's more
    Mostly it's best to hide inside your home.
    People wanna go rock?
    Be stealth
    Don't end up like @Zenyen .
  • I need a nap.
    Gonna sleep for a couple of hours.. meet me later
    Don't bring lies.
  • Watching Deep Impact (the movie, not the horse.)
    Then 7 Worlds 1 Planet: Australia until 10:30.
    Free after that.

    Y'all come.
  • whoodler said:

    Watching Deep Impact (the movie, not the horse.)
    Then 7 Worlds 1 Planet: Australia until 10:30.
    Free after that.

    Y'all come.

    Watching...............something on Netflix, just woke up from a nap. I'll be back to lurk on you two. Stealthy enough? :wink:
  • Don't be shy. It's an inclusive world, remember?
  • :lol: I had to look up the definition of "inclusive" to remember if I was thinking of the right word...... :tongue:
  • Yeah... as in across the board and taking into account.
  • The moon came up smiling.
    That's a good thing.
    Lonely though, moon played through trees and high crimes, now sits alone in a sky clear, the storms of snow having gathered gear and moved to the east.
    It was a fun storm.
    My sails were set to the outer extreme, I ran into many difficulties, but was always outside the anger.
    Seen many that challenged that anger left cold and broken, yet lots of hot coffee and sandwiches and men were close enough to afford the effort.
    Enough coffee
    Enough food
    Enough men
    Last week I was wandering the Eastern Sierra's after a beautiful snow fall, and was wishing for a ski kit, the sun was shining on the fresh snow
    A week later, a giant dump of new powder
    If it were you, what concern would you have hitting the fresh snow?
    Think layers.

  • I'm an idealist. Champagne powder.
  • Think avalanche
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