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  • @tincup and @KMM, I just found out @sarinne died this morning and I don’t know if the news has gotten here yet and wanted to let y’all know. Such a shocking loss of one of the sweetest souls. I’m so sorry. Miss you guys.
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    No, no, no! What do you know? She was so, so young!
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    Her real presence was as Amy and she bred, raised, and showed Irish setters to championship levels, and was located in Colorado. She needs her own thread and storyline.
  • Hey @KMM. I know she was Amy Noyes on Facebook. I’m friends with her on Facebook and her brother posted about her death. I know she had been in the hospital with bad pancreatitis and she had some sort of heart issue develop, but it sounded like she was in rehab and getting better. It must have been sudden. That’s all I know right now. It’s just so sad.
  • I am so sorry to hear of @sarinne passing --- such sad news. To those who knew her personally, I send my condolences. I only knew her as a forum member but so appreciated her participation on this site. I will miss her comments and opinions.
  • Uff, so many have passed on this forum, as @bleubetty wrote I too only knew her through the forum but very much enjoyed our forum chats. To those who have more personal contacts please pass on my condolences to her family.
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    Not another one.... RIP @sarinne. :heartbreak: :bawling: gone far too soon. She wasn't even 50 by the looks of her Facebook page. It's unbelievable. :anguished:
  • @KMM What happened to @bigherbie?
  • KMMKMM Member
    I don’t recall but someone will, I hope. I last heard from her in 2019. I tried to find something on the site but I couldn’t.
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    Gosh, didn't even know this thread was going here.
    Fu.k and dang....
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    KMM said:

    Tincup, is your rant against the Pope about the limiting of the Latin mass, which is my take?

    It's not entirely about his Latin stance it's about his whole agenda.
    He knows things. He knows we know he knows things.
    Catholic scholars know more about what was and is then anybody on Earth.
    He knows.
    He is suspiciously ignorant.
  • Where have all the flowers gone
    Long time passing
    Where have all the flowers gone... long time ago
    Where have all the flowers gone
    .... I saw a multitude of color...was struck by the light in my eye...
    .. shuck, shack... color...
    How is it people are...
    Educated, learned, filled with energy and can do it.... fizzle in a closed bathroom...oh darn, oh gosh, oh G.dame ...
    Nancy was ridiculed for the idea of just say no.
    Pretty powerful to just say no
    Say no
    Where have all the flowers gone
    To graveyards every one
    When we ever learn.

    I love you Amy
  • Where have the flowers gone...
    Long time passing
    Where have all the flowers gone
    Long time ago
    Where have all the flowers gone...to the gravesites every one
    When will we ever learn

    Not likely soon. We may have to carry an extreme burden.
    There is a feeling that violence is wanted and peoples of a certain ilk are not willing to go there.... but the push is on...
    That's it. ..13 percent... and the noise is becoming a nuisance.
    So.... with pichforks or shit talking
    Lets get it on.
  • No bites...
    Of course not.
    Real people have a stake in this
    They pretend, pretending...we pretend, pretending, become the pretender
    Jackson Brown said this a long time ago.
    Are you there
    Have you a heart for the pretender

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    “Where have all the flowers gone? …” …climate change!! B)
  • @KMM What happened to @bigherbie?

    I never saw this, nor the sad answer by @KMM as it never occurred to me that she didn't know.
    I hope someone answered your question in private, but I'll answer in public.
    Whoodler sent me a note January 2020 that Linda had passed. She'd been fighting for life for long time. Whoodler and her were good buddies behind the scenes and Sherry was devastated.
    Linda as bigherbie was always a delicious contradiction, as she was small and quite conservative in base life style choice, but huge in words and deeds for the other side.

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    Thank you for that tincup. <3
  • On these pages I called Joe Biden an idiot. I was wrong.
    Joe Biden has spent his life in service to the American people.
    He is spending the last years, year, month, day, in service to the American people.
    Joe Biden may be the stupidest person to reach critical peter principal as anyone could want to study and now is unable to even understand daily function.
    All the same people.
    We will witness the beheadings, we will feel the shame, we ask each other questions...and Joe will ask if his ass was wiped.
    This man is a walking Disney ride.
    Beg for oil... beg for natural gas...beg for forgiveness... beg for a diaper
    Good G.D ....there is empty head behind him... angry b.tch behind her... someone dumber then Joe behind her....
    What a total mess.
  • I wonder
    Could you make the movie, on the waterfront, today? I wonder.
  • Could you find an actor of that class to play the impassioned lead... fighting the corruption of social equity, contract to picking winners on idea and not merit...to sending home without food based on belief, not on skill... to be given the hand of a god, delivered by force and pain... and murder when necessary... because the safety of the few that give you potatoes must be protected... until someone says
  • And how deeply pathic has it gotten?
    You've a United States Congress person sleeping on the steps of a building declaring her violation of law and contract, three times an eviction.... three times evicted...why in the heck is this ugly person in Congress.
    Ugly? You bet....in person and soul, through and through.
    What a mess.
  • Kabul was always going to fall.
    The people hurt and killed, always in the paper report.
    Predictable and probable... making it by math even more disturbing...
    Why? Is this end game enough? History suggests it is, even though the effort becomes the same, just more dead people. People,social media types don't really consider.
    Funny thing.... social media today isn't any different then the town square a hundred years ago. Same speeches, same sentiment, same shaming or confirmation.... same mistakes.
    The fall of Kabul is very much the fall of Saigon.
    Just another example of our inability to voice concerns of human tragedy, that humans are senseless, nasty people, bent on eating everything in sight.
    There is a hammer of Justice, there is a bell of freedom.... and there are songs of love between our brothers and sisters all over the land.
    Tonight there are peoples being brutally handled by criminal refuse, by human filth, by a force not recognized by the historical March of faith, that should be considered forfeit of life and liberty...
    Where are the gosh darn bombs.
    Smoke every single one of them
  • unbelievable that the American people voted this dithering fool into office.
    What an utter disgrace.
  • No, no, no...
    The stupid American people do not get anymore passes. These are dangerously stupid people.
    It was pretty funny when they elected a wrestler governor of Minnesota, pretty funny when an actor who couldn't speak English won in California... all hilarious...coumo? Gosh darn, what a frickin nightmare.
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    Pretty funny when they elected a lacivious, lying, fraudulent, delusional, narcissistic, idiotic, molester of women, unpatriotic, cheater on taxes, ingrate and the list goes on, and for president??!! No telling about people’s’ tastes. I think that was your man…

    “The American People” are who in your eyes tincup?

    Petty diverse groups, and I think it would be hard to make sweeping observations and generalizations, at least for me, about a collective American public.

    And please, just use your creative brain that you have displayed in spades, and if you want to, maybe think of the world beyond ideologies, that have hindered and blocked the best choices forward.

    We aren’t the future anymore—I think you are my generation—boomers in the vernacular. The best that I think that I can try to do is be practical in terms of making present choices , now, the best for future outcomes of our next generation families. It is so important but I don’t know if this is forefront in the minds of leaders and planners, at all levels.
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