Is it me?

Hello, everyone!
While I was looking at these last photos of Z, a feeling came over me that she seemed lonely.
Is it me?


  • If she is, she won't be lonely for long.

    I notice they never told us her paddock mates' names this year. I guess they learned that's not a good idea; we seem to become possessive of her paddock mates, too. I don't think she got back in with Life is Sweet. Maybe she isn't best buddies with this particular set of paddock mates.
  • I think the soft lighting and her heavy with foal state may be a combination that makes her look a bit more pensive than usual but I wouldn't call it lonely.

    Like @VA_IN_CA said they've made it clear they're not going to tell us about her paddock mates (which I personally I agree with tbh) so Alys may have scooted out to take these pictures before Zenyatta's buddies were turned out. In order to be certain that she didn't accidentally catch them in the shot.

    Since we know Big Mama Z is an Alpha personality, she may just have been looking/waiting for them to come join her. Also one or two may have already 'gone' before her in terms of foaling, so they'd have been separated for now. Zenyatta may be looking for them but as already stated, she won't have to wait very long to join them again!
  • KMMKMM Member
    I found being around mares that were close to foaling, that they seemed so vulnerable to me, that there maybe some of that wanting to protect them, that is aroused in mares in a wild herd. Not that I can quite put my finger on it, but she Z does look like that...vulnerable to me.
  • C'mon Z. Why the long face?
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