• Thank you, @sarinne. <3
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    I don't remember who made post here about radom bad things happening for no reason, but I so agree. I think we live in a world where natural events occur with no underlying fate or reason. I believe that we live here in the natural world with limited liberty in our choices, and disease, accidents, and come what may are not part of any divine plan. My take on the universe. We can only come to some kind of grace in acceptance of what is thrown at us in our limited choices. Reality just happens with nature and whatever else kicks in that we cannot control. I hope that I don't sound too bleak.
  • My Heart goes out to Ann and Jerry - - I still am in shock and I wish them an d Zen peace - I trust they will do the right thing for Zenyatta
  • Probably would have had a Mother's Day Blog today, if little 16Z had lived.
  • A beautiful and haunting thought.
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    Just took a moment to remember this little one, who was with us all too brief a period, and made a donation in his memory to my favorite animal charities.

    He would have celebrated his birthday yesterday, technically.
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    What a sad experience last year was. Here we are 4 years out since Zeny had a foal that survived beyond six months.
  • I'm glad we're remembering this little one. That's a great idea @Zenyen to make a donation in his name. :'(
  • He was so beautiful
  • Zenny and War Front were such a success together. Its a shame neither foal survived :'(
  • This is indeed a sad remembrance. He was a beautiful little foal, too. If 17Z won't arrive until mid-May the next one would be a summer foal. I hope they go ahead with that one anyway and don't give her a year off, or it will cut down even more on her progeny, especially if 17Z is a colt. If they let her have a foal next summer then they could give her a half-year off the following year while skipping a 2019 foal. Bad luck, drat.
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    z has had enough bad luck.
  • I still can't believe both of RA's offspring are now retired
  • Where did you see that they are retired? I don't think so.
  • Ooops. I read Rachel's post too fast and didn't see the RA. Thought she was referring to Zenyatta's foals. This is a thread for one of her foals, so it was a natural mistake, I guess. I find it hard to believe that a mare of 13, whose foals would be highly prized, has only 2. Hope she has more who make it to adulthood and hopefully success on the track. So sad, darn it.
  • Happy birthday little boy.

    Your connections sweep you under the rug but you are missed.
  • Yes, I agree. I shared my birthday with him and so looked forward to his growing up. He was so beautiful. Soooo sad. He would be a 2-year old now. If only....
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    He was a beautiful boy, such a heartbreaking time.
  • Not forgotten here, I'm quite sure. :heartbreak:
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    When a friend of mine had a young foal pass away from a stall accident in the foaling stall the owner had a beautiful saying that she used often to accept the loss. it went something like this:

    God places many foals on the earth and only a very few are born perfect , too perfect to stay here with us and all our imperfections. These perfect foals are quickly called back to the Lord to be a part of his Perfect herd of beautiful Horses. The others with their slight imperfections are left to enjoy all our love and help in facing those slight imperfections.

    That said the Warfront and Zenny foals were simply too perfect to stay here on earth but both have a fine and important job to do for the Heavenly horse herd.

    Happy Birthday beautiful Z Prince may we some day be able to view your beauty that was just too perfect to remain on this imperfect world.
  • My personal frustration about Z16 is that with Z Princess the year after her tragic accident, they did this big Z Princess memorial on her birthday. It's a beautiful slideshow that shared new pictures of her and is really touching.

    Now granted she was with us for 6 months and I understand that there probably aren't a lot of pictures of Z16 since he was so fragile.

    But there has never been so much as a peep about him since the announcement of his passing. We don't even know if he had socks. It is literally like he was swept under the carpet to be completely forgotten. Most people, outside those of us who follow Zenyatta closely, don't even know or remember he existed.
  • I hear you, Zenyen. I've wondered before about the markings on his legs, things like that. Makes it much more sad.
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