Exaggerator (Curlin x Dawn Raid, by Vindication)

Alright, he's already got a lot of fans on here and now he's won the Preakness. He deserves his own discussion.



  • If Nyquist's fever doesn't mellow out, such a rematch may be put on hold.
  • Yeah I saw that =/ It would be a real bummer for sure, but they'll meet again unless Nyquist is retired early for some reason. Maybe the Travers if the Belmont doesn't work out?
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    Possibly. A fever of 102 is rather high, though. Don't want to seem the bringer of doom here, but Seattle Slew's bout of near-fatal colitis began with a fever of 102.

    That said: needn't jump to any hasty conclusions of a life threatening illness, lest someone actually state that Nyquist is rapidly deteriorating. He's had a long and rigorous campaign, after the chilly slop at Pimlico yesterday; he's likely caught a mild cold.

    But this topic is about Exaggerator! I knew he wouldn't let me down. I saw Nyquist in the paddock, and he looked weary.... I saw Exaggerator, and he looked like he was sitting on the race of his career. Reminded me of what someone once said of Secretariat walking in the paddock, before the Belmont: "He looked like the execution man going to the gallows, he's about to dispatch somebody!"
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    R_R, you are talking "trash talk" as good old Ali did, as well as other sports figures...haha
  • Exaggerator really did look absolutely spectacular the whole week leading up to the Preakness. He had dappled out beautifully and was very calm while still looking like a powder keg. He just has class to his core.
  • Glad you added the pedigree. I have had Vindication on my radar as a broodmare sire for several years now.

    BTW, everyone chattered about first crop sire Uncle Mo getting a classic winner in his first crop. Well Curlin did as well, with Palace Malice. I thought it was a big deal then and still do and now he has a second Classic winner (at the shortest Classic distance) and on the verge of perhaps his second Belmont winner. Right on Curlin!
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    Came here just to see if you had this article.
    Good ole Steve. A true treasure.
  • Steve Haskin is by far my favorite horse racing writer. He has such a way with words and we tend to like a lot of the same trainers and horses.
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    Loved the article. So nice to hear something about The Big E's personality and tricks! Sounds like a fun loving horse. Steve always brings heart to all of his writings. You can tell he loves the horses.
  • Here is a nice article about plans to stand Exaggerator at Winstar Farms. The owner wanted to make sure that they were lacing the horse where he wil get the best care. Kudos to them.


    Also, per Bloodhorse, he has arrived at Belmont and has galloped around the track on a rainy day, shich should have made him feel right at home.
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    Somehow I received a video from NYRA of Exaggerator when he arrived at Belmont. He was full of it. Kicking, bucking and trying to roll. A handful for his groom. Don't think he likes the click of the cameras. Tried to find it again and cannot. Still have no idea how it popped up in my email! Happy but puzzled.
  • Love Exaggerator for the Belmont. But, Mike and Suddenbreakingnews could be a threat.
  • I love Exaggerator for the Belmont, too. But I also loved the stretch run of Cherry Wine in the Preakness. When he made his run for the wire, he was impressive and gaining with each stride. He got past Nyquist for third and was still going strong. If he has another good race day he should be right in there at the wire. WooHoo! Can't wait.
  • I think Cherry Wine deeply benefited from the sloppy racetrack. He seems to love the mud but doesn't do as well on a fast surface.

    I think Suddenbreakingnews will be Exaggerator's biggest threat in the Belmont.
  • Just saw on Bloodhorse.com that Kent has gone into alcohol treatment until June 9! So sorry to hear this as he seemed to be doing well in fighting his demons. Wonder what this means for Exaggerator?
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    Hall of Fame jockey and three-time Kentucky Derby winner Kent Desormeaux issued a brief statement late Saturday morning through his agent J.R. Pegram stating that Desormeaux will return to riding in New York on Thursday, June 9, following a brief stay in an alcohol rehabilitation program at Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah.
    “It was time to take a sober look at my life and take this step,” said Desormeaux, who is set to ride Santa Anita Derby and Preakness Stakes winner Exaggerator in next Saturday’s Belmont Stakes. According to Pegram, Desormeaux, who last rode at Santa Anita a week ago, May 28, is scheduled to ride this Thursday at Belmont as he’ll pilot Shrinking Violet in the $150,000 Intercontinental Stakes for trainer Wesley Ward.
    Desormeaux, 46, notched his second career win in the Santa Anita Derby with Exaggerator on April 9 and rode him to a second place finish in the Kentucky Derby May 7, prior to winning the Preakness on May 21.
  • http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/212253/exaggerator-floats-turn-in-belmont-breeze

    Exaggerator had a great breeze today and galloped out extremely well. He did float wide on the turn because he swapped leads early, but neither Kent nor Keith thinks it's an issue.
  • E was probably lost in thinking about the magical cure.
  • He just likes to "exaggerate" his turns ;)
  • : )
  • He drew post #11.
  • Yeah, it sounds like Keith isn't thrilled with the draw (he wanted a more inside post for this race), while Kent is happy with it because there aren't any horses that will cross over in front of him. I feel like I'd have to go with the jockey's intuition on this one though.
  • I'm certainly no expert but would think with the 1-1/2 mile distance the outside would be better than the inside?? Who wants 12 horses all trying to get to the rail if you are in #1? Because of his Derby race and his dam sire, Afleet Alex, along with Mike in the irons, I still think Suddenbreakingnews could be a threat to the Big E.
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