Anyone here going to the Derby?

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Just wondering if anyone here, will be at the Derby this year. I will be there again, with my sister and brother-in-law, and would love to meet up with you. It is the first time I have been on a Board, with like-minded horse lovers, and I will be there all day. I spend most of it, roaming around, taking pictures, and absorbing all that is going on, in between races, so it would be easy to catch up with each other. Unfortunately,I never was able to travel to see Zenyatta run, and meet with other fans, so this would be the next best thing. If any of you are interested,leave a contact message in my inbox. It would be fun to be able to put faces with names.


  • Yup! I went to Kentucky last year for Breeders Cup. Going again for the Derby this May. Really looking forward to it. We've got general admission tickets, and will probably stay down by the walking ring.
  • I'm going to Keeneland this Wednesday and Thursday, but not the Derby. Anybody going to Keeneland?
  • I'm going to try to go to Keeneland Friday. If I can't go then, then I won't be going at all this spring. :-( I'll be busy with as a Rolex volunteer the entire last week of April.

    Can't afford the Derby, but I am still thinking about going to the Oaks. Someday!
  • Will be there but on the backside.
  • Will be there but on the backside.
    Coo1! What is it that you do, and for whom?
  • Owners. Should be running on the undercard that day.
  • Have a delightful day!!!!
  • Owners. Should be running on the undercard that day.
    Best of luck! Let us know who your horse is and what race.
  • Laura I'll be in Lexington the weekend before the Derby. Gotta get some Derby Pie!
  • Laura I'll be in Lexington the weekend before the Derby. Gotta get some Derby Pie!
  • As you Derby vets know, don't drink the mint julips! Taste terrible. All the locals know not to touch them. Sunshine, heat and Julips equal sick sick sick!
  • Darn, thats the number one drink of the kentucky derby :/
  • Ok that sounds nasty. but it looks different, i seen someone drinking one in a clear glass the liquid wasnt brown it was clear. had ice in it with a black straw and a mint sprig
  • Juleps are yummy, I think. But not when it's mega hot and humid, and you're being jostled by 100K people.
  • I dont think alcohol is ever fun in the heat with alot of people :/
  • I'll go if I can find me a rich and wealthy man that will take me there and let me stay in the best suite up there and give me $100,000.00 to bet with and pay for me to watch the derby from the best grandstand box up there , then fly me out to meet the winner's connections, then have a limosine take me to Lanes End to see all the horses there including zenny and baby z, then on down the road to see all the other famous horses, and party with winners of the derby, Heck yeah, I'll go if I can get all this?
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    Seems farfetched, but ya never know where life takes ya. i too would like to go to the derby and see the museum while im there
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