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  • The little lady knows what she wants. Really sounds like she has a ute personality.
  • Here is a Hurricane Mathew kitten all dressed up in her new tube sock sweater. She found her forevver home and her best puppy sleeping partner. Aww!

  • My goodness she is cute! We have a Sandy kitten at home, was a feral found orphaned right before the awful snow storm.
  • Glad you picked up the Sandy kitten. My heart goes out to all animals caught in catastrophic weather. They must be so frightened!
  • For those of us who obedience or field train our dogs, check out this cat who holds the Guiness record for the most tricks in a minute, many of which are behaviors we hope our dogs do as well.

  • Holly is still here and she refuses to pay rent. What a mooch.
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    Doesn't she provide purr therapy and hot water bottle duty?

    PS i posted a video of another little mooch. Really cute.
  • I really enjoyed that. I was able to train Spooky Joe (now deceased) to Sit , Up, Down. People at work were amazed, but like voiced in the video, it is a lot of work and sometimes the cat just isn't interested.

    For those of us who obedience or field train our dogs, check out this cat who holds the Guiness record for the most tricks in a minute, many of which are behaviors we hope our dogs do as well.

  • Soooo I now own this cat, it has been all but 100% confirmed that her owner passed away. She's getting chipped and spayed Tuesday, I was very concerned for a little while that she was pregnant.

    The little brat is probably going to fly home with me for the holidays through mid/late-January. Does anyone have any experience flying with a pet in the cabin? We'll be flying either Delta or United. I have a Sherpa carrier and Holly is a wonderful traveler in the car. She is fully vaccinated and super healthy. I will not sedate her for travel, and there will be at least one layover, hopefully it will be Denver but may be Salt Lake or Minneapolis. I'm usually traveling 8-12 hours.
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    You might want to go with sedation. They have ones out there that are mild and very safe, and you might to do this,especially given the length of your trip. My kitty traveled from LA to DC in 1980s, and I was grateful for calming drug, given all the noise and hustle bustle at airports. I would also look into earplugs, calming herbs added to meals prior to travel, holistic calming smells to add to crate. There are also treats, I think, with calming influences, that you can get from your vet. Check and see if stay over airport has pet facilities where maybe your kitty can use kitty litter box.
  • Ear plugs might be a bad idea given air pressure changes. Kitty is best off under your middle seat, not aisle, not window, where it will be most protected from aisle foot traffic, and noise from window seats. Under your seat, you can reach in and scratch the kit. You may also want to ask for water in cup for your kit to drink. Flights tend to make us all dehydrated. Also, maybe figure out a way to have small kitty litter box for layover. You will need kitty harness, I think, to go through loading on plane. Some thoughts. K
  • An update on my own felines....

    Cookie got his first solo at-home stay this last weekend (three days and two nights) and was way too overjoyed when we returned. Kelly, the "feral" cat, enjoyed her first indoor meal in several days this afternoon. The two still don't get along, but both are very territorial so that's why.

    The little 4mo tom has led us to think that if Mount Everest was around he'd climb to the top of it to nap--because he has been sleeping on the highest places he can reach here. Of course, he is a Texas cat so he might just decide it's too cold and climb back down to us if he had the chance to go up Everest. Lol!

  • I hope that you are fixing your tom kitten, when the time is right, but it is soon. Fun kitty. Like the lit up eyes by camera. K
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    My personal picture of sisters Terrible and ZooZoo. <3
    Twins.jpg 139.7K
  • What a great photo. Thank you for sharing!
  • Fun!
  • Police: Black cat crosses suspect's path, rats him out

    The Ephrata Police Department posted on its Facebook page that officers were searching for Jonathan Michael Steffy last month over an outstanding bench warrant.

    They found the 23-year-old in a backyard but he fled. As they searched the area, one officer noticed a black cat in a nearby yard staring intently at a shed. The officer again saw the cat, and it became apparent it was staring at a shed behind the officer.

    The officer opened that shed and found Steffy.

    Police say their thankful for any crime-fighting help, "whether human or feline!"
  • Haha! Cats are really smart! I have had several in my lifetime. Now have 4 from ages 6 to 13. Very smart, very communicative. :)
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    Mr. Herbie Dumpster - I know he is resting in peace.
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    I hope he is OK! :)
    Good belly!
  • My condolences. I know how hard it is to lose a companion. I'm sorry for your loss.
  • I guess my take on photo was wrong. So sorry bigherbie; they are a part of our families. My heart goes out to you. Hope he lived a long life. Hugs to you. Best. K
  • One of these days I will smarten up and stop buying plants for the screened porch! ;)
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  • So cute. I still get surprised at some of the places I find my kitties sleeping.
  • Forgot we have this thread. I'll post a fairly recent picture of one of my 5 cats. This one is a Siamese mix (mutt) with blue eyes and dilute tortie points. Her name is Chavalee. It's a Thai girl's name, pronounced Sha VAH lee, that means "bright." She's quite the horse racing fan. She also loves to watch the horses on MareStare. My picture, taken 15 January 2017.
    006.JPG 1.6M
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