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  • Wow, didn't know cats could have, or need, that surgery. Most cats go hypothyroid, not hyper. Hope all goes well. How old is your cat? I had that surgery myself in 1973. My mother had it in 1940. It was a bigger deal in her day.
  • @bigherbie, best of luck to your little one =(

    Bear is doing better, and is back home with us. Here he is being spoon fed some Gerber Turkey & Gravy this afternoon. I'm thinking we'll keep him on wet food for three days: using Gerber only for today, because it is easier on his tummy for just coming back from the vet. He smells funny, (in fact, I think his scent confuses Joey, as she hisses at him when he approaches) and has a little acid reflux; his coat is also little course and dull, but that's to be expected. He's also a little thinner than he was before he came to the vet, but again, expected.
    Overall, he's currently a happy, relaxed kitty with a healthy appetite. It's a relief. I'm still going to monitor him, but I think he'll be okay.

  • video wouldn't load and I have facebook access. But glad to hear he is better and home now.
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    My 15 year old kitty, himilayan, Jack Cheese, has a recurring eye problem, which has come back after 7 years. It looks like one of those angry eyeballs with spooky colored veins kids can get out of gumball machines. It hurt him for me to clean the eye. He is hiding out, which is not like him, my usually talking kitty. I was able to get appointment
    with his animal eye doctor for Monday, without going through the vet. I hope this is treatable again; he is outliving his breed. He is my old guy, and was a kitten with my last old guy, who lived until 17, and travelled with me from LA to MD in a UHaul trailer. Say some you guys for Jack Cheese. Not ready to give him up yet.
    It is a herpes related condition, and last time he went through a years worth of 2-3 eyedrops medications, 3 x a day. I will opt for surgery this time, if he is a good candidate.
  • I had a herpes eye infection myself. One of the worst experiences of my then young life. Bleah. Hope your kitty can be helped. He should have a few good years left in him.
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    He has already had it once. Very aggravated in Himilayans. He is having a lot of eye discharge, and is really unreceptive to me cleaning around the eye. It must hurt so much, because I have facial scratches, from an amazingly copacetic kitty, who has never scratched me that I remembered. Animals , especially horses, are stoic to pain. I think some kitties are too. I am a bit scared. I hope that he is eating and not just hiding out. I can't monitor, because all 4 kitties have 24 access to food and water.
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    I got Jack Cheese out of hiding and to eat and drink for tonight. I know his eye hurts. K
  • KMM said:

    I got Jack Cheese out of hiding and to eat and drink for tonight. I know his eye hurts. K

    Hope your kitty appointment relieves JC's eye problem quickly. Thinking of you ...

    I woke-up to grit in the bed, thinking, what could that be. What else but kitty litter on the bottom sheet. Of course, the sheets were laundered yesterday but back in the washer today. I gave them my "bad kitty" face but one came over and licked my hand. What are you going to do? ;)
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    Jack Cheese will undergo eye surgery on Wednesday morning to remove right eye. He is blind in it now, but all prospects are good for surgery. The vet had to do bloodwork first. I have some giddy pain relievers I can give him via easy oral syringe for tomorrow. Still have to adminster antibiotics via eye drops in eye, and a moisturizer the same way. He has always been a good patient. Whole thing is not inexpensive, but whatever. You do what you have to do for your"kids".
  • They videoed an eye-removal surgery on a horse at HiCaliber. It was really interesting from a veterinary point of view. The mare had been blind in that eye for a long time, so it didn't affect her vision; she was used to it. Unlike with Patch, the Kentucky Derby horse, her eye socket was not left as an open hole, but had the eyelids sewed shut to keep stuff out of it. I forgot the name of the horse, but she made a good recovery. You probably know that horses have the largest eyes of all land mammals. Cat's eyes are a lot smaller, for sure.

    Hope your kitty has an easy time of it and the infection is finally cleared up.
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    Kind of a cold response, Va_in_Ca...
    Seems kind of unlike you.
    It really is not an infection; it is an eye condition as a result of herpes virus.
    Have any of your numerous kitties ever undergone a similar complication? Cats, dogs, and horses tend to be stoic about pain. It does not eliminate the fact that all go through it. Jack Cheese has been hiding. That is what our pets do when in pain; isolate themselves. It can be a harbinger of an animal getting ready to die, so spare me any references to videos of some horse undergoing surgery. Does not hit the mark for my ideas of sympathy or empathy. Best. K
  • Sorry, didn't mean to be cold. Thought it was encouraging that she did well afterward.

    I've had cats with eye infections that had to be treated with antibiotic ointments, so they must have been bacterial because the eyes improved. But none of them had the same complication as Jack Cheese.

    In the Save A Pet foster homes we had a bunch of eye infections that we called "The Left Eye Disease," because coincidentally it seemed to always be the left eye. I did have a double litter of kittens I fostered who all had eye infections before their eyes were even open. I say a double litter, because two sisters gave birth on the same day and they nursed all the kittens together indiscriminately--they shared them all so it was hard to tell which kitten actually belonged to which mama. There were a total of 10 kittens and it was tricky medicating them all, especially when they were really tiny at first. One of them ended up blind in one eye and it looked like a fake eye because the pupil was permanently open and reflected light oddly. His name was Ninja.

    If you're interested, I'll tell you an interesting observation I made. The two mothers, sisters according to their relinquishing owner, were quite different in appearance and in other ways. One was a liver brown and white short hair with Oriental body type and head. She was pretty smart and I named her Nova. The other was a long-haired fluffy of a gorgeous chocolate brown. Very unique. She was not overly bright. I named her Nessa which is Scandinavian for "friendly brownie." When the kittens were between 3 and 4 weeks old, as I treated each one, I put them on a 1-foot high carpeted cat condo so they could learn to climb down. They all soon learned to enjoy this except for Norman, who never got a chance to get down on his own because the second I put him there, Nessa would pick him off the condo with her mouth and put him on the floor. She totally spoiled him. What's even funnier is that he looked exactly like Nova, being brown and white and Oriental-looking so I don't think he was even hers. But he sure was her favorite.

    I have had a lot of pleasure from cats, and also some sad heartbreaks. You never forget the ones that pass away and I remember some very fondly who went to adoptive homes. I consoled myself in the adoption cases that they deserved to have their own person that they wouldn't have to share with a dozen or so other cats.

    Hope Jack Cheese does well on Wednesday. Unfortunately Herpes is a virus, so antibiotics don't help.
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    My senior kitty, who had IV fluids low drip last night, had his eye surgery. According to the wonderful eye animal doctor, he is talking and perky. He is my talkative kitty who has been silent and hiding for over a week. So Yeah!. Found out he does have anemia and kidney dysfunction, which can both been treated with change of diet and meds. Thanks for listening. I was scared last night and this morning.
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    Glad to hear the surgery went well. Good luck with the kidney diet. Some cats I had, and one of my mom's as well, refused to eat it. We finally had to go back to regular canned food, but chose the ones with the lowest protein content. We also achieved some success with adding a little water or broth to the dry food. Can't free feed this 24-7 however, because it spoils pretty quickly, especially when room temperature is warm. I like the talky cats, except right now I have one who caterwauls in the middle of the night. Very loud. haha

    Hope you enjoy lots more time with your boy. I wonder if he would wear a little eye patch so he would look like a pirate. Jack Sparrow instead of Jack Cheese?
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    Thanks for your thoughts Va_in_Ca. I have free ranging kitties, so this is going to be a challenge to manage.
  • Good news! Tomorrow our "Terrible" has her partial thyroidectomy. What a week for kitties ....
  • Hope all goes well bigherbie. That is such an unusual one in my experience with hundreds of cats.

    KMM, I hope Jack Cheese is smaller and thinner than your other kitties, or alternatively bigger and fatter than all the rest. That way you can make an enclosure with a controlled opening or entry, even such a simple one as a partially closed door that only he can fit through, or alternatively that the others can fit through, but he is blocked. That way he could be kept out of their food, or they could be kept out of his. It's going to be difficult. Or maybe all the others can jump up to a high location he is too heavy or old to reach? They really need to consider the other residents in a household when making prescription diets necessary. I have two cats who need the Purina One formula for Sensitive Stomachs. Fortunately the cost is the same as the other varieties, so I just feed it to all of them. Good luck. I'm curious to hear what you come up with and how it works out.

    If it came down to a choice between keeping the special needs cat in a room by itself in order to keep its diet controlled and the other cats from eating the expensive special diet and to keep it from eating their food, I usually opted to let the cat be with the others and eat regular food and just live a happier if slightly shorter life. I have two cats with probable kidney problems now. I can't afford to even take them to a vet, so I just make sure they have plenty of fresh water available at all times and resign myself to changing the litter more often because they sure pee a lot. But that's what they need to do.
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    Heal quick, Jack Cheese and Terrible! :heart:
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    Thanks Sarinne! And good luck with Terrible bigherbie!
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    Jack is doing great, compared to yesterday! Yeah! Have to monitor food intact with little meals! Yeah!
  • Is he home? Does he have to have pain meds? I bet he looks cute bandaged up. Do they have Elizabethan collars for cats? I think I remember they do.
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    No collar now. He is leaving stitched eye alone. Seems pain has subsided. No bandages. I guess no eye on right now. He is perky and glad to be home. I had to remove bandage from paw for IV fluids administered overnight. K
  • That's good. Power up, Jack Cheese.
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    The sweetest thing is that after he had a good appetite with a teaspoon of wet food and drank water, and I put him back in his crate, his housemates are around the crate lying down. <3
  • Awwww. People could take a lesson from that. They probably are not fussing at him to drink plenty of fluids, and to eat better, and to give up smoking, and to get more exercise, and do to everything that the doctor orders, and to not pay any attention to what those doctors tell him 'cause they're all quacks anyway. Just their supporting presence. Love it.
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