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    VA_in_CA said:

    Awwww. People could take a lesson from that. They probably are not fussing at him to drink plenty of fluids, and to eat better, and to give up smoking, and to get more exercise, and do to everything that the doctor orders, and to not pay any attention to what those doctors tell him 'cause they're all quacks anyway. Just their supporting presence. Love it.

    Great sentiment, VA, I like that. :) KMM I'm so happy to hear Jack Cheese is home and doing well :heart:
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    Hungry dude this morning! Hate giving pills to kitties, but he is better than most. B) <3
  • Terrible is home, a little groggy, but surgery went well. Vet removed the left lobe of her thyroid, which contained a "grape" sized mass (sent it to the lab) - something that felt pea-sized from external palpation but was growing inward. Hopefully this will remedy her out of control hyperthyroidism (fingers crossed). Your good wishes helped get me through today - thank you! :3
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    So glad to hear Terrible is back home with you, bigherbie. You've been in my thoughts. I hope the path report comes back as something benign. Hugs! :heart:
  • Glad to hear all went well. Hope the "mass" is benign and that the surgery got it all out, just to be on the safe side.
  • Did you tell us how old Terrible is? What a terrible name! I have one whose nickname is The Evil Diva, but it's only a nickname. lol
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    Good luck with Terrible. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
  • VA_in_CA said:

    Did you tell us how old Terrible is? What a terrible name! I have one whose nickname is The Evil Diva, but it's only a nickname. lol

    Terrible is 14. We adopted her and her sister when they were 9-month-old feral cats. She was actually terrible for 2 years, she had the "don't touch me" syndrome, as did her sister (we named her ZooZoo because she was a wild animal). We didn't even see them for the first week after we brought them home - food eaten, litter box used, they were phantom kitties that lurked in the dark. Patience from all concerned finally turned the corner - wonderful cats. :)
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    Jack Cheese woke up this morning with loud meows (he is my talkative kitty). Then he sat on the windowsill in the sun. He had a healthy appetite, and is vibrant. He is 14 1/2. <3 to my good bud! Thanks for all of your thoughts. K
  • My favorite cat never made it past 9... disappeared one day. But she was an outdoor cat who lived a rough life and delivered us a ton of kittens (we never spayed her because kittens have a poor life expectancy and we needed to keep the cat numbers up to help keep the mouse numbers down). She was going deaf at the end of her life, and had a bad limp from getting dropped by what we assume was an owl or hawk one day, displacing and probably breaking one, if not both, shoulders at the age of two. Anyway, when we found her she had badly infected scrapes on both shoulders as if from a large bird's talons and had the breath knocked out of her. We were so glad that we found her when we did, because if we hadn't she probably would have died. She was a fighter, that one. Today we have several of her descendants roaming the place.

    I love the names Terrible and Jack Cheese, actually! Lol... we have a Cookie and a Midget.
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    I have a Jameson, champion retired show kitty (big sweet bear of a kitty), Ariel (my sweet little girl who winks back at you when you do it slowly at her, a sign of cat affection), and Fuego (fire in Spanish, my get in trouble kitty), who is a flame point Persian.
  • Isn't a point Persian actually a Himalayan? We had one who was a seal point. (We adopted him fully grown from a cat rescue, which I later joined and fostered for.) We named him Sumi, both because he looked like a Sumo wrestler, and for his very dark points--sumi is India Ink in Japanese. As you all probably know the points are temperature-related. The kittens in Siamese and Himalayan cats are born white and darken as they get older and then the points darken over the parts of the cat that are coolest--lower limbs, ears, face, tail, and back. Sumi was very dark at our house because the heating vents were up near the ceiling and cats live down near the floor where it was cold in our house. When my son moved out, he took Sumi with him. Then a few years later he moved to a different apartment that had heated things under the floor, so the floor was very, very warm. My son kept the temp at about 80 or more, all winter and in the summer it was hotter. When I saw Sumi about a year later, he had changed color completely. His vet even thought he was a different cat. He was then pale cream in color with light brown points. Very pretty, but strange to see.
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    Nope. Himis are derived from Siamese and Persians. That is why you get the seal point colors. On the other hand, there is close inbreeding by Himis and Persians; my Himalayans have a lot of Persian in them mostly, but the roots are with Siamese. These show kitties are pretty much invented breeds in the past century. Like other breeds bred for beauty and type, there are always some shortcomings, like breathing with a shortened nose, so it is breed standard for some afficiondos. Think about breathing problems in pugs and bulldogs. Same shortcomings. K
    Persians are a separate breed.
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    Good boy Jack Cheese woke up this am very vocal, like his old self. Great appetite, and jumped up windowsill to sun himself this morning. Very vibrant with strong will to get on. <3
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    Thanks all for listening with my worries, trials, and tribulations with Cheese!
  • I'm glad to see the reports that Jack Cheese and Terrible are doing well through their vet ordeals.
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    "Oh, boy, Mom bought us some wheat grass. Hurry up and eat so we can run into her bedroom and vomit on the carpet."

    P.S. Terrible is doing great!

  • Ah. Cute picture. Our Himalayan and the flame point foster cat Himalayan both had non-Persian heads and faces. They also had non-Persian hair so it was easier to comb them. I guess we were lucky.
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    Jack Cheese from blood tests indicates kidney failure. He is an old guy. How do I feed him separely with food he probably won'_t like, when he has been free grazing his whole 14 + year life?
  • KMM, we have had 2 kitties with kidney failure. Bought that wet & dry food from the vet each time, and no go each time. The kitties started losing weight, so went back to what they liked, they thrived, and we loved them all the more because the struggle/anxiety stopped, and they were back to being basically content. If JC likes the kidney diet, great, if not, don't change anything, just let him eat his regular food free grazing .... <3
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    Thanks bigherbie, going through big anxiety over that. Want the Cheese to be happy. Can't crate him at this stage in his life.
  • Remember, when switching to a new food, start slowly with 1/4 new food mixed with 3/4 old, and gradually increase to half and half, and so on. Good luck. I had a cat once who needed a special diet, I think it was the cardio diet and all the other cats wanted it, too. So you never know. There are also different brands of special veterinary diets. I found the Science Diet, or Hills, to be the least palatable to the cats. I had better luck with Waltham's I think it was. I think that is a British Co. Not sure, but it apparently tasted better. I'm interested to hear how Cheese boy does with his.
  • Fearless was diagnosed with renal failure also, KMM and we tried the Royal Canin Renal diet foods, both dry and canned. He didn't like the canned food at all and the other cats barely ate it, too so that was a waste of money, time and effort. He will eat the dry food once in a while, but we have given up the struggle as well and let him eat what he likes. Wishing all kitties the best. Fearless' last vet check indicated he has progressed to heart disease so we are just trying to keep him happy as we can.
  • When Terrible was diagnosed with diabetes she had to be placed on a special diet. Vet suggested Royal Canin diabetic (which he sells). I bought a bag that day ($25 for a 4.4 lb. bag). I said some novenas on the way home - please have the little girl like this food. She loved it, unfortunately, so did her sister, so both have it exclusively (those 4.4 lb. bags don't last very long)...... :)
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    The vet is talking about low protein Royal Canin for kidney disease. Right now my guys get Royal Canin Special 33, which is easily digested. I mix it with IAMS hairball, since these guys are all definitely furballs.
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