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    And my darling feline eats anything! Even have to watch or he gets the little dogs food. Probably why he vomits daily!
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    Multiply that by 4. B)
  • Wezzie said:

    And my darling feline eats anything! Even have to watch or he gets the little dogs food. Probably why he vomits daily!

    We have a dog that eats the cats' food and then barfs, but he is usually gracious enough to do it outside. Cats will eat the dog food if they think they are starving - lol!
  • Dog food doesn't have enough protein in it for cats. It's probably like junk food for cats. hahaha The flavor must be appealing, I guess.
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    Good trooper Jack Cheese. Got stitches removed Monday, but there was some discharge from eye that was removed. He did not have a Elizabethan collar for the days after surgery, but he irritated the eye area by trying to clean it. He now has one, but tested him, and he can eat and drink with collar. OK; regular vet visit today. Poor guy again was pricked and probed, for urine and blood samples for follow up for blood work from eye blood sample scores. Both vets are great. Love the regular vet, too. She was conservative in urine and blood panels. Gentle with Jack and my budget at this time. I got lucky. The vet gave two cases of low protein wet food for the kidney problem for free, donated by a woman whose cat had the same problems, but was put down. JC is hungry, wanting affection, eating and drinking. I guess my other 3 are going on a lower protein, higher fat dry food. I can't lock Cheese in the bathroom to not be around the other kits, to isolate his eating. I can control wet food delivery. Invite good thoughts and prayers for my Cheese kitty.
  • Unless you have very young cats, the lower protein diet won't hurt the others. May hold off kidney problems for them. Glad Mr. Cheese likes his food.
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    Thanks Va_in_Ca. Keep him in your thoughts. He has lost about a 1 pound and 1/2 in past few weeks, and he is a small kitty. Now at 4.6 pounds. Just wants to be scratched on chin. Not a lap cat.
  • Oh, my goodness. That is very small. But you say his appetite is back, so that sounds encouraging. Does he enjoy sitting next to you? I've had some non-lap cats who didn't like to sit on a hot lap, but would lie right next to me. Hang in there JC.
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    He sleeps next to me in a tent under the bedspread. He wants to be close all the time, next to me, just not a lap cat. We all seek our affections in different ways I guess, and it is up to the other party, to recognize what is offered, and bring understanding to the table. Yes va_in_ca; I am going from an understanding to individual pet's and animal's needs, and generalizing to our close ones at large. We need to get and recognize the close ones in our lives. I don'_t know if I have enough energy to do that for outer circles of my contacts, much less the world.
  • One of my cats is very independent and can't stand being picked up and won't sit on my lap. Instead she stands on the computer table, blocking the monitor, and then after I pet her enough, she steps up on the monitor shelf and then over onto the printer and lies there. She's so cute. I think I may have posted this picture of her before, but here she is watching a horse race, which she loves to do. A few years ago, she used to love watching MareStare.
    Picture of Chavalee by VA_in_CA. [Sha VOL ee; means Bright in Thai]
    006.JPG 1.6M
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    Jack Cheese is a blue point Himilayan.She looks like a Himi, too. <3

  • Huh, I wonder what that's for?
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    Where did this come from?
  • Petsmart's 40% off coupon, haha ;)
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    I need one; 4 kitties, a dog; and two horses, although Petsmart does not do horses anymore. State line Tack went away at my local Petsmart a few years ago. :'(
  • Meet the newest member of the clan, Earhart! I adopted her on 7/13. She is around 14 weeks old, and is, of course, another black cat :) She is a long, tall girl, with too much tail to handle! It is longer than her body.

    Here is Hart with Holly the Flying Cat, the one that made herself at home in October. Holly is awfully tolerant of the monster - she doesn't generally let ANYONE mess around with her cat tree. They share a food bowl and everything . . . Even though Hart is supposed to be eating her special kitten food.

  • Cats! Brought Terrible a new carrier for her frequent MD visits (the other one was too heavy for me). Opened it, put it down in the living room so she would become familiar with it. Well, her sister, ZooZoo, decided it was wonderful and took it over. So, to remedy that situation, we brought another carrier, now each has their own. ;)
  • Earhart is a beauty. I just love "tuxedo" kitties. Good video!
  • bigherbie said:

    Earhart is a beauty. I just love "tuxedo" kitties. Good video!

    Thanks! Your girls are adorable :D Are those the Sherpa carriers? I love mine, and so does Holly. It has gone on several cross country trips.
    To put it in perspective, Holly is the kind of cat that has no qualms about shredding you if you displease her. Her vet and I both of quite a few scars from her. But she's sooo good with the baby! They follow each other all day long. My roommate's old man cat is quite put out.
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    Pretty girl. I lost my senior kitty, Jack Cheese. He went quietly. He stopped eating and drinking a few days ago, except what I persuaded him to eat and drink. He went through removal of eye in March over chronic eye condition. Recovered OK, but lost a lot of body weight for small kitty already. He was diagnosed with kidney disease, and seem to take to special kidney food initially, but not for the long run. I decided not to go for extraneous circumstances with him in terms of treatment; he has outlived his breed by a couple of years. I am so sad though; he is my transition kitty, and knew before and after kitties in my household. Woke me up in the morning with no claws tap on face before alarm clock went off and sometimes nutty meowing​ in the middle of the night. A heart and treasure. Will really miss this kit. A window kitty, in the sun. He was there yesterday. Love you, Jack Cheese. K
  • Oh no! RIP Jack Cheese :(
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    I am crying as we all do when we lose are family members, including 4 legged ones. <3
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    Thanks Eli. My heart is broken tonight. I had him for over 13 years. Best k.
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    I did not mean to be a downer to new stories of adoptions. Sorry. A bit overcome tonight. K
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    KMM, I know that it is so easy to love them and so heartbreaking when they go. I'm so sorry.
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