American Cleopatra (Full Sister to American Pharoah)



  • Well, she appeared to be more restrained than her workmate for the entire thing, and finished on about even terms, though she never did pull past. Either she knows the routine and didn't pull by because of her rider, or she's not tapped into her competitiveness totally yet. She did pull alongside though on the turn, and just stayed there.
  • If you look at her rider: her rider has a white-knuckle grip on Cleo's reins. I think they're noticing she's a little overzealous and are trying to teach her to relax :) Personal, unprofessional opinion of course.
  • Haha... That is true! Though if she really, really wanted to, she could've gone by her workmate, no matter how hard her rider pulled! She probably got the hint though, considering her ears were cocked back just slightly, like she was listening.
  • She's a very impressive little lady, that's for sure! I have high hopes for her future, so far she looks absolutely stellar, and is giving all the right signals.
  • Unfortunately, she doesn't move like Pharoah (that lovely glide), but it looks to me like she's still very much learning. Can't wait to see her progress!
  • Nope! She has blazing fast little legs!
  • I seem to be one of the few people who actually hates the Pharoah's way of going. Hahaha... I actually hated him after his Derby win and the day before the Belmont was on a (very long...) call with my then-boyfriend (now husband) and told him how I didn't like American Pharoah and it would be ironic (and hilarious) if he ended up winning the Triple Crown, after all the horses I loved (Street Sense, Big Brown, I'll Have Another) and liked (Smarty Jones--my Dad's favorite--and California Chrome) didn't manage to win. And yet I watched the race live and roared with joy when he romped down the lane to win. Now, I love him (it took his Belmont win to win me over), and I love this filly! Do you know why I hated American Pharoah? He beat Dortmund, my Derby pick!
    (BTW I'm also not a big Nyquist fan, but I like Exaggerator, and my husband and another friend picked Gun Runner--because of his name--to win the Derby. Gun Runner was my second choice.)
  • Being a full sister to American Pharaoh, means that American Cleopatra's value as a broodmare is astronomical. Any business-minded breeder would secret her away to his broodmare vault and lock her up, away from the public. However, the Zayats are willing to race her--despite her breeding value-- and let her prove herself on the track. By contrast you have her younger half-sister, Chasing Yesterday, staying well clear of the track and being kept as strictly a broodmare.... She will never race.
    So every time I see Cleo I get giddy and excited! Because I feel lucky we'll ever get to see her race at all.
  • Can you tell me where you heard that Chasing Yesterday will never race?
    And yes, we are lucky to see Cleo even be on the track, working!! Which, of course, I would totally have done what the Zayats are doing with her. She's a racehorse, she doesn't know what she's worth. Let her do what she was born to do, and odds are she'll still get to be a broodmare, unless something REALLY bad happens and she never gets that far.
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    Don't jinx her! LOL. And I saw in an article about Chasing Yesterday that Summer Wind Farms is keeping her strictly as a broodmare. They don't race: they breed and sell. Irish Pharaoh, however, was privately sold to as of yet unknown connections. No news on him. So Cleo is the only one we know of, that is currently preparing to race.
  • I just found an article saying "he is expected to emerge as a racehorse next year."
  • Lioness said:

    Unfortunately, she doesn't move like Pharoah (that lovely glide), but it looks to me like she's still very much learning. Can't wait to see her progress!

    She doesn't have the same glide, but she certainly has a similar way of going. Same high leg action, she does "attack" the ground more. Would love to see her on the green stuff.
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    She is still growing too. But she looks to have guts.
  • Here are some photos from a gallop she took yesterday. She's starting to look more muscular!

    Photos from the Clockers' Corner/Zoe Metz
  • Ears up and the whole expression seems to be saying let's go already!
  • Looks like she loves her job!
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    Well...i think we got another thing going here with family ears. We shall call them Pioneer Ears lol. I have noticed that his offspring have his lovely Arabian-like ears. Very forward alert look to them
  • I noticed the ears too. Very lovely.
  • That's what was familiar about them. They do look Arabian.
  • She's very refined and lovely. I wish her well on the track.
  • I love that little squiggly marking on her right foot =)
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    Squee! Little Cleo is progressing! She broke from the gate today! 5f in 1.01.60, couldn't have broke more flawlessly from the gate: went out so straight and fast that her workmate had to play catch-up!
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    She did break well! But, is it just me or does it look like her workmate is working considerably less than Cleo for the pace they're running? Maybe it's just that her workmate appears more relaxed...
  • I actually thought the opposite: It seemed to me like her workmate was struggling to keep up with Cleo. But at the same time, Cleo's exercise rider was trying their damndest to get her to relax.
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