Name The Butt!



  • ZenyenZenyen Member
  • Zenyen said:


    Yes! This butt belongs to the great Cigar!

    That means the winner for this round is @Paniolo_Gal, with 6 points! Pan, please send me your next list of horses =)
  • Zenyen, You need to play! You're good.
  • I'm ready for some more butts. Please. Haha!
  • Paniolo_GalPaniolo_Gal Member
    edited June 2016
    Sorry All...I'm in the mist of my tenant move-out preview and was away from my computer. I'll try to send the 5 choices to RR12. btw...question to RR12, once the owner of the butt has been identified, that means the butt can no longer be shown correct?
    Please advise before I submit my 5 butts...thanks!

    Update: Another question...I notice we are all using home grown horses or horse famous here (USA/Canada)...if the horse is born/raced/famous from another country like Europe or Japan, will you be notifying the participants of this at the time of initial posting or will you let them keep guessing?
  • Okay...I couldn't wait for RR12's response as I have to head out right now for Father's Day dinner. I just sent RR12 the 5 new butts.

    Have a Great Father's Day to All!

  • Alright everyone! Our first butt has been made:

    Now, whose butt is this?
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    American Pharoah
  • Yup, that's my guess too. You beat me to it. :)
  • Zenyen said:

    American Pharoah

    Ding! Yes, this is the butt of newly minted Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh!

    3 points to @Zenyen!
  • Alright, now onto our next butt!

    Who's butt would look like this? :)
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
  • Giacomo?
  • Nope!
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    The irony of my making this guess ...

    Unbridled Song?
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    Okay, one more grey attempt

    Alphabet Soup?
  • Or Tapit, maybe? Which brings us to our first hint. ;)
  • Alright! Your first riddle:

    "My color is my claim to fame, a ghostly image on the screen. No matter where I was, when I was about: you would know who I was, for I am easily picked out."
  • WezzieWezzie Member
  • Your clue makes me want to guess Native Dancer, but this is too recent-looking a picture for that to be him. So don't even count this as a guess. I'm just pondering.
  • Wezzie said:


    Ding! Yes, this is the snow white butt of Hansen!

    2 points to @Wezzie!
  • Alright! Next butt:

    Now, whose butt is this everyone? :)
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