Name The Butt!



  • War Front?
  • Nope! Alright everyone, here is your first riddle:

    "Royalty is my blood, symbolic is my name. I am a shadow of my fore bearer, but have yet to win today."
  • I'm trying Ziconic again.
  • jen_bloomjen_bloom Member
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    I was just thinking that myself, LC.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Think you may have it L_C.
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    I'm trying Ziconic again.

    Ding! Yes, this "Bend Or" spotted butt belongs to the talented, beautiful Ziconic!

    That means our winner for this round is.... @louisecastello with 5 points! Louise, please privately message me with your list of chosen butts =)
  • Just send you names of horses I want you to use? And how many? Thanks
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    Yes :) Send me the names of your 5 chosen horses please.
  • Alright everyone! Louise's choices are in! Now, I present you with your first butt:

  • Cozmic One?
  • Seattle Slew?
  • jen_bloom said:

    Seattle Slew?

    Yes! This is the pointy behind of Triple Crown Winner Seattle Slew in his portly old age :)

    3 points to @jen_bloom!
  • Alright everyone! Your next butt:

    Now, whose butt is this?
  • I should give someone else a chance, but I need to know if this is Sunday Silence.
  • jen_bloom said:

    I should give someone else a chance, but I need to know if this is Sunday Silence.

    You are correct! This is the butt of the nearly jet black Sunday Silence!

    3 points to @jen_bloom!
  • Yay @jen_bloom! He's my special favorite of all time.
  • Alright! Next butt:

    Now, whose butt is this?
  • Yay @jen_bloom! He's my special favorite of all time.

    One of the most beautiful horses, and one of my favorites, too.

    Is the grey Tapit?
  • Nope!
  • I thought it looked a little too lean for Tapit. :) Anyway, I'm turning in for the night, so I'll rejoin the game in the morning.
  • Alright everyone! Guessing is closed until tomorrow morning =) Goodnight to all! Hope to see you tomorrow!
  • Paniolo_GalPaniolo_Gal Member
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    I may not be around to wait for the opening bell for the Butt Challenge today, so I hope you don't mind if I weigh in a bit early...sorry

    A male with a sprinkling of pepper dust (flea bitten) on his white coat...This guy must be a mature one to have lost his stormy grey coat of his younger days...It is now a snowy white with freckles. This sprinkled white coat looks so much like what Silver Charm sported when I saw him at Old Friends. Could that butt belong to Silver Charm?

    image Photo taken in 5/2015 at Old Friends Farm
  • KMMKMM Member
    Holy Bull?
  • KMMKMM Member
    Are there rules? Does the horse have to be alive still?
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