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    It involves picking the winners of three BC races--Sprint, Turf, and Classic. Poor handicapper that I am, I probably won't win.

    Each share is worth $500 and gets one vote--they advertise themselves as a democracy. Group III only has 30 partners at this time, and they hope to buy a 2-year-old at Keeneland's November sale. So I guess they won't have as much to spend as they'd like. On the other hand, with the Conquest dispersal there are a lot of nicely bred horses available that might be good values.
  • I looked at site. easy to use and interesting...
    Good luck with the contest.
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    Sounds like Little Red Feather is actually doing a somewhat similar contest for the Breeders' Cup! You could win an "economic interest" in their horse, Scarlett Jo Hansen. This "economic interest" is equal to 1% of 100% of the net purses received by the Scarlett Jo Hansen LLC for one year beginning on January 1, 2017 and ending December 31, 2017.

    To win, you have to hit the "LRF Pick 4" which consists of the Juvenile Fillies Turf, Distaff, Mile (Turf), and the Classic. The contest closes at 9:00PM Pacific Time on November 4th.

    As far as I can tell, it doesn't look like there are any quarterly costs involved in this if you win, but I would check with LRF to make sure before submitting an entry. Good luck if you decide to enter!

    Link to contest:
  • I saw this and figured that for those who are interested it might be worth getting the one sheet. Paid Ad Leads&utm_content=generalbroadtb&utm_medium=paidsocial&utm_source=facebook

    Can't hurt to ask, right? And we all know the name Westpoint!
  • Westpoint is good people.
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    Friend of mine hasn't had the best of luck with Westpoint. Though with the west coast horses getting transferred to Hollendorfer, that might change.
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    Hayflinger! Long time no see!

    West Point is unfortunately way out of my price range--kind of an "if I ever with the lottery" dream. I do enjoy getting their newsletters, though. I'm also on mailing lists for Royal Colors racing and Dare to Dream stables.
  • Whoops! I made a mistake on the closing date on the LRF Breeders' Cup Contest. It actually ends TONIGHT at 9:00PM Pacific Time. Get your picks in soon if you're going for it.
  • Thanks for the heads-up. I STILL don't know who my pick in the Distaff is. I would love a triple dead heat among Songbird, Beholder, and Stellar Wind.
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    The LRF crowdfunding effort is nearing its end. We've only got about 8 days left to raise money and we're on the verge of tipping over $200k raised. Currently we're sitting at $198,500 raised from 133 investors. I'm really just super excited for LRF to start buying us some horses!

    EDIT: We just hit $203,000 with 135 investors! Also LRF just purchased a minority interest in the filly Lightstream for an undisclosed sum. Not sure if that's for this crowdfunding effort yet (probably not, considering how expensive I'm guessing she was, but it is a minority interest...) or if that's for their traditional ownership experience. I expect I'll get an email from LRF if they don't plan on syndicating her through the crowdfunding effort. If I don't get an email, there's a decent chance she was bought for this =D
  • We've made unbelievable gains in the last few days. The LRF crowdfunding effort is already at $228,000. That has me seriously wondering about whether Billy and Gary are telling people that they bought a minority interest in Lightstream for this. I can't think of many other reasons why we'd be getting this much money now after a very slow month.
  • Last day for crowdfunding! We're up to $262,000 raised now =D And still no email from LRF about how to purchase shares in Lightstream, so keep your fingers crossed! I'll post another update once I get word from LRF about which horses they're buying.
  • I'm still on the fence - very poor experience with TBSX so wary but intrigued. It's now or never! I believe it's going to be now but, but, but ... :3
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    Do it! LRF really does have a tremendous reputation. I've talked to several people who have taken part in racing syndicates and they all say that LRF is the best. I also saw an article recently where Gary Fenton was talking about how they envision this crowdfunding effort going, and he said that they might approach some of the owners of horses on the Derby trail in 2017 to see if they'd sell a minority interest in their horse to LRF for this. Obviously it's not a guarantee, but the thought is exciting regardless!

    EDIT: Bumped up to $273,000 now!
  • Glad to hear that the kitty is growing. Part of a Derby horse--that would be so cool. I haven't decided whether or not to get into something. I could do Racing Factions, and Pocket Aces is offering 1/8 shares on two of its horses, which might put the quarterly payments in reach. On the other hand, I've got so much to do with my house right now, that I ought not to spend money on non-necessities. Pout.
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    I'm out - I was willing to put $500 on a credit card, but not willing to give our checking acct transfer # or saving acct # to a total stranger (or even a relative) so I let it go. Maybe something else will materialize in the future. :'(
  • Paypal?
  • bigherbie said:

    I'm out - I was willing to put $500 on a credit card, but not willing to give our checking acct transfer # or saving acct # to a total stranger (or even a relative) so I let it go. Maybe something else will materialize in the future. :'(

    Yeah, nope.
  • That's a bummer =( I'll keep you guys updated on what happens with it at least. I think we ended up just short of $300k at $292,500 from a total of 182 investors. Hopefully I get an email from LRF about it today!
  • Jeafeathered, I wish you enormous success with your horses! I'll be following right along... :3
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    So we, the investors of the crowdfunding effort, haven't gotten a tailored email yet discussing the details of the fund from LRF. We did get a mention in the LRF December 2016 Newsletter, which included the following:

    "The horse racing industry's first crowdfunding partnership is officially closed with a huge $292,500 raise from 182 new Little Red Feather partners.

    'This project exceeded all expectations,' said LRF Founder and Managing Partner Billy Koch. 'Special thanks to StartEngine and Santa Anita Park and the whole team for helping us put this together. Now it's time to go to work and find some nice horses for our partners.'

    Unlike traditional LRF partnerships where LRF purchases the equine athletes first, the crowdfunding partnership will seek smaller percentages of race-ready horses in the hopes of giving our partners instant ownership in top thoroughbreds."

    I'm totally fine with LRF not owning the crowdfunded horses outright, because it means that we get better racehorses as a result. I'm just excited to see who they pick!
  • I was pleasantly surprised when Gary called me this afternoon to say he was sorry we couldn't finalize my participation in the crowd-funding but, if I wanted him to stay in touch via e-mails, there will be other opportunities in the future for me. I wholeheartedly said YES please keep me in the loop!
  • It's a real bummer you couldn't get in on it, @bigherbie, but it's great that Gary called you personally.

    I'm really hoping they can do one of these crowdfunding efforts every year. I spoke with Billy Koch a few months ago about it and he said that they're definitely hoping to do this again in the future if this one is successful.

    I love getting their emails though, even if I don't own a stake in most of their horses. I just love seeing how they're doing in general. Maybe someday I'll work my way up to a owning more than 1% of a horse =D
  • Knowing what it's like to own a top show dog, I can't even imagine owning a top TB!!! Congrats @jaefeathered!!! Please continue to keep us in the loop! :)
  • I just got another email from LRF last night through the update functionality on StartEngine, which explains why we haven't had a tailored email yet:

    "We are officially closed! Thanks so much for your patience. When we get the partner list from StartEngine we will send out an official welcome email to everyone. And as soon as we receive funds from the escrow company (we're told within 10 business days) we will get going! Very excited to get started. We're already on the look out for our first horse.

    Gary Fenton"

    I was starting to wonder, but it makes a lot of sense that they're waiting on everything to go through StartEngine. Hopefully they get the list of investors and money soon!
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