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  • my course I was speaking of the number one entry, but mixed my connections. And yes he lost second by a head to what will hopefully be the fav in this next.
  • Definitely keep us in the loop on him! That's pretty cheap for a share like that too. Do you know how much the monthly/quarterly costs would be?

    $1100 per quarter for a full share starting in April, so $138 (rounding up) per 1/8 share, plus whatever other extras there were.

    I have not 100% decided to pull the trigger. I'm still also interested in Racing Factions' group III purchase ($500 one-time cost--they sell 100 shares max per horse). But they have not purchased the group III horse yet, so it's more of a crapshoot.
  • Have you looked into the reputations and racing statistics for Racing Factions and Pocket Aces? I didn't know which horses LRF was going to buy into either, but I trusted their reputation and they've done very well with their other horses recently.
  • I want to scream....argh...
    Played cistron on top pretty hard...but only with the one...
    Shoot...and only remembered the three after the start....darn
    That was a nice win for jaes horse...
    Whoop whoop
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    I'm so happy!!! Talk about a heart pounding finish, but he managed to hang on for the win. I'm so proud of him!

    EDIT: Here's a link to the race if you missed it:
  • Congratulations! Great race - Cistron has spunk... =)
  • Huge congratulations, Jae! :)
  • Thanks! I'm just really proud of him for fighting back so hard. He's such a cool horse. =)
  • Yeah jaefeathered!
  • Congrats Jae. Wish I hadn't "wasted" my money with the other consortium. It made me too nervous to pull the trigger with LRF. Maybe next time.
  • Well the good news is that it sounds like LRF really wants to do more crowdfunding projects in the future, so I'll be sure to let you guys know if there are any new ones on the horizon. I'm definitely planning on investing with them again next time.
  • God, seeing it in writing is making me tear up all over again. I'm just so glad that Kosta Hronis was generous enough to let us buy into Cistron.
  • Very nice win for Cistron. He wasn't going to let that other horse pass him, was he?
  • So right now it looks like the most likely spot for Cistron's next race is the Pasadena Stakes at Santa Anita on March 19, which is a mile on the turf for 3yos. I'm just hoping he continues to progress and do well.
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    Cistron went back to work this morning =) John's been doing a great job of staying ahead of the storms. I heard they're supposed to get around four EDIT: four and a HALF inches of rain tomorrow.

    Date: 2/16/2017
    Track: Santa Anita
    Distance: 4 Furlongs
    Time: 48.60
    Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Notes: Handily
    Rank: 9/21
  • Laurel Park is hosting a Fantasy Owners' Day on March 18 to introduce everyday racing fans to the ownership experience.

    "Not only will participants be able to participate in a Q&A session with the region's top racing partnerships, racing officials and horsemen, but they will be randomly paired to a horse entered that afternoon and enjoy all the same amenities afforded to the connections of that horse - including access to the paddock and winner's circle."
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    Laurel is your basic track. It has gone under renovations following the broadening of the legalization of gambling, where purses and tracks had some percentage of revenues.
  • Cistron had another workout today =)

    Not sure if Luis Contreras was on him one last time today or not, but I'll find out later today. He's moving to Oaklawn Park after this Saturday's races so we'll unfortunately have to find Cistron a new jockey. I'm very sad to see him go because I thought he had done a great job riding for us.

    Date: 2/24/2017
    Track: Santa Anita
    Distance: 5 Furlongs
    Time: 1:00.20
    Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Notes: Handily
    Rank: 1/38
  • Quite good!
  • Sure is! I think the Pasadena is going to come up really tough though. I'm 95% sure that Conquest Farenheit will be entered, and I think Zakaroff (the winner of the El Camino Real) is also pointing towards it. I wouldn't be surprised to see Vending Machine in there either, who beat Cistron in the Eddie Logan.
  • Excellent work!

    Just found out that Prairie Meadows is starting up their own racing club. Not sure if any of you guys live in that area, but it sounds like a fun opportunity! I'm still waiting for Laurel Park to get a racing club haha.
  • Are you near Laurel, jae?
  • Relatively, yeah. I'm within driving distance of Laurel, Pimlico, and Charles Town, but Laurel Park is the closest.

    Just found out that Prairie Meadows is starting up their own racing club. Not sure if any of you guys live in that area, but it sounds like a fun opportunity! I'm still waiting for Laurel Park to get a racing club haha.

    That looks like fun. I'm nowhere near Iowa, though. More tracks should do this.
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