Faversham (Lucky Pulpit x Love the Chase) Full Brother to California Chrome



  • After California Chrome’s retirement, Art Sherman still at work: http://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/After-California-Chrome-s-retirement-Art-10996530.php
  • I have to say I love any article featuring Art Sherman. He was definitely the highlight of the whole California Chrome saga for me other than Chrome himself. And I really like Alan Sherman also.
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    I hope that Sherman does well with his Baffert horses. I guess foot-plagued Dortmund goes back to the dirt. Good luck Art in your 80s; no time to retire as long as you can do what you love!
  • From Martin Racing:
    - Faversham is at Art's racing barn. He started training the second week in March
    - Faversham will wear the light gold and light blue silks of Martin Racing
    - Faversham is all business and smart!

    Photo: Lisa Torres

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    Horse Workout Notification 
    April 1, 2017

    Faversham (2-Year-Old Colt)

    Date: April 1, 2017
    Distance: One Furlong
    Time: 12:40 Handily
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 1/4
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    Not too bad for a baby!
  • Ok
    Time to roll
  • Said to have practiced at the staring gate on April 5.

    Photos by Martin Racing

    Better conformation photo (ears and legs not cut off in photo)
    Photo by Lisa Torres Antonsen

    FS1.JPG 110.6K
    FS2.JPG 132.1K
    FS3.JPG 78.9K
    FS4.JPG 110K
    FS6.JPG 92.6K
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    Good looking boy!
  • Looks so much like his brother.
  • He has a lovely head and neck
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    I agree Rachel; he has the nice bearing of a dressage horse on the bit.

  • Faversham (2-Year-Old Colt)

    Date: April 9, 2017
    Distance: Two Furlongs
    Time: 25:00 Handily
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 2/3

  • Ok...the dude can run...no mistake
    Strap in
    Two more, then once with conviction
    I'm all in, let's have fun
  • Waiting for the 4F workout. I think that will really tell a lot. I remember the fast times Hope's Love posted in her workouts. She came so close to winning her first race. Such a shame she didn't get that win for her resume. After she fractured her shoulder, she never returned to form, and she is retired now. Ironically she wasn't considered the better of Chrome's two full sisters, that nod went to R Sunday Surprise. Yet RSS has never posted times as fast as Hope's Love. Hope's Love posted a 24:80, 2 furlong workout in April of her 2 year old year (2015). And remember her 47:00 for 4 Furlongs in May that same year? RSS's best 4 Furlongs to date is 49:00. I believe it was marepower who stated that Hope's Love just may surprise and be the better filly, and she said that before RSS was in training. I think marepower was right.

    Now hoping that Faversham steps up to the plate.
  • Faversham celebrated his two year-old birthday on April 12.

  • I feel like he grew up so fast
  • He has tightened up and muscled up nicely from his pre training 'soft' self.
  • I mean from first images of him as a foal and now of him training on the track. He has quite a bit more growing to do ;) But he is looking great so far!
  • He does look good. Might be time to start going to early breakfast at los al again.
    Lizzie and Art need some time together.
  • Anxious to see what Love The Chase's Tapit colt will bring to the table as well.
  • Thanks for that. How fun, I am so excited for faver fav..
    Next Saturday should be pretty slow and a good time for Lizzie and I too get to the track.
    Thanks again
  • Faversham (2-Year-Old Colt)

    Date: April 15, 2017
    Distance: Two Furlongs
    Time: 25:60 Handily
    Track Condition: Fast
    Surface: Dirt
    Rank: 1/4
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