2017 Pegasus World Cup

I know this is a bit early but I figured i would make this discussion now.


  • I don't love NBC's horse racing coverage, but I really appreciate that they're airing so many different races now.
  • I don't love NBC's horse racing coverage, but I really appreciate that they're airing so many different races now.

    I feel the same @jaefeathered
  • More info on what NBC is doing
    NBC Sports Group To Televise $12 Million Pegasus World Cup
    by Press Release | 09.26.2016 |
    NBC Sports Group has reached an agreement with The Stronach Group for exclusive United States media rights to the inaugural running of the $12 Million USD Pegasus World Cup Invitational. The world's richest thoroughbred race will be contested on January 28, 2017 at The Stronach Group's premier destination, Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

    NBC will air a live 90-minute telecast from Gulfstream Park on Saturday, January 28, 2017. All coverage will be streamed live on NBCSports.com and the NBC Sports app – NBC Sports Group's live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs. Powered by Playmaker Media, the NBC Sports app is available on Apple iOS, Android and select Samsung devices, as well as on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Win10, and Xbox.
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    An icon takes flight. #PegasusWorldCup pic.twitter.com/kEiyLIC0Ra

    — Pegasus World Cup (@pegasusworldcup)
    The Pegasus World Cup has its own Twitter account now.
  • I rather have NBC than TVG...even though half of it will probably be all about "Fashion"...WHY!? What is up with that?! I want to know about the horses, their trainers, the grooms/hot walkers, and the owners! I don't care what so so is wearing! >.<

    TVG's biggest sin is not knowing when to SHUT UP! I don't want to hear you talk all the way up to the point that the gates fly open! I hate the desk personalities; they never get anything right. And then they are always..."I knew he/she was going to win!" yeah...that's why you didn't bet on them.

    I wish the team that does the Dubai world cup was broadcasting/streaming. I watched the stream instead of the broadcast (although I didn't record it on the DVR through TVG).
  • It used to be thst a big race broadcast was filled with clips of each horse, a discussion with the owner/trainer/jockey. Maybe even the groom. Usally, these were completed prior to raceday, other than maybe for a late entrant. Then there would be a quick word with them on raceday. Also, they used to have people knowledgable about horseracing handling the broadcast. Now they use people from another sport completely, who have not been educated about racing. So, you get the fashion show, possibly a useless comparison to their sport, and commentary about the cocktail du jour. I keep expecting to hear "oh, look, they're all lined up in the starting thingy". Annoyig and insulting to horseracing.
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    I don't mind NBC's coverage. The celebrities from other sports are usually reserved mainly for the Derby. And Derby fashion viewed as a historical aspect, so I can see why they emphasize the fashion on Derby day. It's the most watched horse racing event of the year, and the only one the public widely views, so of course it will be pandered to wider, diverse audience with different interests. I don't have an issue with it, and there are usually good featurettes on some of the horses/trainers on Derby day and a lot of them on the other race days. As I don't bet, I don't enjoy TVG's coverage at all. They're all about the betting, which is great since the bettors keep the sport going and they need a channel like that, but I like to refer to the horses by more than just numbers and like single coverage from one track (meaning if I'm here to watch the Pegasus Cup, I would much rather watch race analysis and featurettes on the horses/trainers/etc. than a claiming race at another track). That's why I typically enjoy the mainstream coverage more.
  • I so agree with jnwisconsin --- years ago the coverage was more about the horses and the connections. I just don't enjoy some of the nonsense today --- derby fashion and hats are one thing --- Johnny Weir being outrageous is another. I guess we can look forward to his "Pegasus" fashion statement during NBC's coverage. Can he make himself look like a unicorn --- probably!

    Below are some links to articles that relate to the Pegasus World Cup --- a couple are about gate owners who don't have a horse yet --- sure to be alot of speculation about who they will team up with to fill the slot or will they sell their gates??



  • Yeah, we discussed Lipinski and Weir on his year's Derby thread. I am not wild about the skaters commentating on horseracng. Racng has it's celebrities. Or we have Olympic equestrian personalities. At least they know horses.

    The gate before the horse people are interesting. As good a place to spend money as any, I guess. And I suppose they want to be a part of the inaugural race.
  • Looking for moving targets, and thinking we`ll see more as the Breeders cup approaches. High times these as it gets closer to making decisions.
    We Know every owner of a spot gets two horses, and some will scramble for connections.
    Nyquist training to the BBC is Reddman getting his horse ready for race A or B, and I think most would agree he`d be a force in the undercard. Do they have another, will they find another?
    Who is Sol Kumin? Who owns Exaggerator? Why is he at Winstar and is he getting rest to work into the Peg.
    he is after all a Curlin and may long have been Sol`s ace for race...

    Funny thought
    With Martin and Taylor having two gates to fill, who will race in the b race. Who will step up to team with Chrome and Martin for the Peg?

    Really looking forward to the Breeders this year as I think there will be fun times behind the scenes. Keep all eyes open and report any interesting info.
  • It sounds like Coolmore is considering entering Highland Reel in the Pegasus World Cup: http://www.paulickreport.com/news/breeders-cup/obrien-refuses-rule-highland-reel-pegasus-world-cup/
  • There were a few people wearing "fashionable attire" with very high spikey heels and "fascinator" hats, but in CA, most of us just wore pants and t-shirts. We're pretty informal out here.
  • Didn't know where to put this video. If anyone can think of a better place, feel free to move it there.

    This is a jockey cam view of the Melbourne Cup that was run on Nov 1. Michael Walker took the video while riding Almoonqith, who finished 6th. https://www.facebook.com/7horseracing/videos/1886811654885211/
  • For most of my race viewing for this past weekend, I had the television on for the size of the screen, but I watched mainly on my computer at XBtv - it is also a wagering site I think, but since I'm in TX we do not have internet betting, but that suits me fine. Many of the commentators from HRTV have transitioned to XBtv so I feel comfort in their presence. The horses are not just numbers. And please spare me the skaters - they add nothing to the telecasts, but if that is what it takes to get the races on mainstream stations, I guess we have to be tolerant - lol!
  • The skaters weren't on calracing or NBCsports. Betting info was.
  • If they enter Arrogate, it will be great fun!
  • I was so happy they ditched the skaters in favor of knowledgeable horse people. It made for a much better broadcast, in my opinion. OTOH, I wouldn't want horse people officiating Grand Prix of skating, either. That would be just as weird.

    I could just hear it: And he's off. Look at him fly into the first turn. Oh, no! He's fallen. Wait! What do you mean he can get up and continue? He should be disqualified. This just makes no sense at all. And the aidience is just a disgrace. None of the women are wearing pretty hats!
  • Being a Chromie, I am hoping Arrogate does NOT go in the Pegasus! I want so badly for Chrome to end his career with a big "W" and I think Arrogate is a faster horse, just like Shared Belief was a faster horse. Then again, I was hoping that Nebraska would win the Big 10 West, instead of Wisconsin, too, just in case Michigan beats OSU and goes to the Conference Championship game, due to the fact I think Wisconsin is better than Nebraska... (bad, bad me...) :/
  • I think the skaters sort of confine themselves to fashion and uninformed picks without pretending the know anything about horses or racing. They hardly officiate.
  • Exactly. So why even have them there?
  • I think it is called entertainment.
  • Really? I only get bored and mute the TV when they make silly conversation.
  • At this point, with big purse, I think principals of Arrogate will go for the Pegasus.
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    Gulfstream Park Barn Under Quarantine After Equine Herpesvirus Fatality
    by Ray Paulick | 11.09.2016 | 3:36pm


    Next testing is November 22.

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