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  • zfanzfan CaliforniaMember
    This is a long dry spell......please please give us an update! Just a teeny one with one photo would be good...
  • Yes, please!
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    Me too! She must be getting big and soon in the next month or so to weaning.
  • She's only 2 months old. Not ready for weaning for another 3 or 4 months. Hope everything is going well.
  • I was just having this discussion with my sister. Her OTTB gelding is very mouthy and often nips her gently while she's grooming him. She thinks it's because he was a May baby and was weaned too young. I hadn't ever thought of it, but she's guessing that the big farms probably wean all the foals at pretty much the same time whether they were January or May babies, so the May babies miss out. I don't know if that would be the cause of his "love nips" but I do wonder about the weaning process on big farms, given that there might be a five month spread in birthdays.
  • KMMKMM Member
    It doesn't matter. Train the horse not to do it.
  • I'm sure she's working on it. But I asked the question because I was curious, so I don't like to be told my question doesn't matter.
  • KMMKMM Member
    I don't think that there is an answer. Not disparaging your question.
  • Maybe I didn't ask the question clearly enough. I often hear about the weaning process involving separating all the foals and mares at the same time and moving the weanlings to their own pasture. Does weaning on the larger farms tend to be done all at once, or is it spread out so that all of the foals are weaned around the same age, in which case the process would be a rolling one occurring between July and September? That would seem pretty labor intensive. Some foals might be weaned individually for health reasons (either mare or foal) and I'm sure smaller farms wean foals on a more individual basis, too. But leaving aside health issues, how do the larger farms handle weaning when there is such a range of ages? Surely there is an answer to this question, even if the answer is "every farm does it differently."
  • @jen_bloom - I think this blog post from Stonestreet might help answer your question.


    Key sentence to help answer: "At Stonestreet, two to four foals are weaned at a time so that there will not be a single foal or mare alone in the weaning experience."
  • Now, that's what I was looking for! Thanks, @jaefeathered .
  • Looks like we aren't getting a Friday update.
  • On the weaning issue, I remember that the foals at Lane's End are turned out in very small groups close in age. Mares are paired with other mares who are due about the same time and then their foals grow up together. That's why Tasty Temptation was separated from Zenyatta because TT's foal was so much later. They need to be close in age size-wise, and probably for the time of weaning as well. They certainly would not wean a 2 or 3-month old foal just to have all foals on the same schedule. They are pastured in small groups, so it wouldn't be necessary at all. And you wouldn't want 7-month foals playing with 4-month foals. They play rough and need to be close in size.
  • Yes they play rough and frolic around like there is no tomorrow! They also unknowingly start being competitive and accidents happen like with our beautiful princess Z! Still sad about that
  • IME, big farms all wean in a very spread out manner, like Stonestreet describes. Take out a few mares at a time, usually the nastiest girls in the herd leave first ;) Generally if there are buddies between the mares, you try and keep those pairs together. The more matronly mares often "adopt" new weanlings, too, so you'll see some mares being nursed on by multiple foals. As VA mentioned, the foals are also all grouped by age - you wouldn't have a February foal in with a May foal.

    It is the smaller farms without a lot of space that sometimes pull all of the mares at once, at least from what I've seen.
  • Thanks for the information. I knew they grouped them by age, but I didn't know about this process for weaning. It's good to know. I'll tell my sister to stop feeling sorry for her big rascal. ;)

    Now I'm feeling sorry for anyone who sees all the new posts on this thread and gets excited. Really, folks, it's time for an update!
  • @jen_bloom --- I'm that person seeing all the posts and got excited! Just got home from working a Sam Hunt concert, saw all these posts and jumped to the blog side --- nope, nothing new there. On the up side, the discussion about the weaning process was very informative!
  • KMMKMM Member
    The weaning discussion was good. And I goofed on Z17's age. I thought that she was a bit older. She is still a baby, and of course it will be awhile.
  • zfanzfan CaliforniaMember
    At the risk of sounding like a whiner....so many of us care so much about Zenyatta and her kids, the Mosses, Term Z. After so many years we have become accustomed to being updated fairly often from the team. I hope it's not asking too much to just send a quick update? Please Team Z
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    Maybe they are ticked off at us and are now unwilling to share "everything" with us. Who knows - there have been unkind comments on this thread.
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    Can't think of a single unkind comment about Z17. Most everybody has been overjoyed with her.

    If you look back, information has been cutting back for almost a year now. First we lost all notification about the colts and then gradually information has slowed about Zenyatta. It corresponds more with the timeline to the rumors of a split between Ann and Jerry Moss.
  • There has not been an unkind comment regarding Z17 - we all have welcomed her. I was thinking about comments made about the "boys" and Z Princess' accident/death. Could be the "split", I don't know. The only thing I know is that I have read some questionable comments on threads. Do they get passed on or not - I don't know.
  • ZenyenZenyen Member
    Ah. You said "this thread" which was what was confusing.

    IMHO Jerry Moss doesn't give a rat's butt what people say on the internet. He didn't thrive in his chosen career by being thin skinned. Same with Ann.
  • Yes, I did say "this thread", moment of insanity/not paying attention! Sorry....
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    I think you are right Zenyen. When Ann visits her girls again, I think that they we may get another update. We also may get one if Alys goes out and takes pics.
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