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  • Lasix ban on a temporary hold for Santa Anita and Golden Gate. I'm not surprised, the big money trainers have been all but silent on the issue. Sounds like they are going to a "Grandfather Rule" to implement the banning of Lasix.
    Drugs and medications may be a contributing factor to some breakdowns --- a few --- but the track drainage is at the root of the problem. you can't keep sealing it and expect that track to ever really dry out, plus they don't ever close that place up long enough to actually aerate/turn the surface over to allow the subsurface to dry out. Hopefully, this temporary shutdown and the work done will be a fix for the rest of the season.
    Use of the crop --- no updates on that issue, I guess. Seems like most jockeys consider it a useful tool and/or aid and perhaps it is to a certain extent. But excessive use as was the case with AP and Chrome, well, that's when the jock should get a hefty fine or suspended for a day, three days. That kind of excess is just not warranted in any race.
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    The real issue has nothing to do with the drainage. The real issue is the usage, especially when the track is wet. When they opened it back up for training they had somewhere around 800 horses working in one day. Sounds to me like they need to keep the main track closed to workouts, and actually use the training track. No injuries or fatalities on the training track
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    Right! I had a brain fart with my earlier post... Forgot about Europe's drug laws. Lol. The whip stuff I don't agree with at all. There is a balance and trying to virtually outlaw it will cause real problems.

    But the drug stuff should probably be phased out instead of stopped cold turkey for the people's sake, if not some of the horses. The people here are drug addicts it seems and it drives me crazy. I want horses who are sound inside and out, and I don't mind some meds during training (although not during actual workouts, just maintenance exercise lighter than that), because there will be mild issues that pop up that can be trained through. Workouts and racing should be done medication free. And Lasix can be performance boosting. Orb, the 2013 Kentucky Derby winner, didn't do a thing at 2 without lasix, but it was added for his 3yo debut and he improved drastically. Drastically enough to eventually make it to and win the Derby.

    To me that says he was having subclinical bleeding ie he was bleeding, but not to the point where there was visible evidence
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  • Association Of Racetrack Veterinarians: Curtailing Lasix Won’t Reduce Injury Rates
    The California Horse Racing Board has responded in an appropriate evidence based methodical fashion. Unfortunately, the ultimate response to these events was based on emotions and not on any scientific methodology.

    The result is that it has been decided that appeasement of specific sectors of our society as well as a minority of stakeholders in our industry is more important than prevention of Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage in our horses. The message is that a tradition of the old world horse racing industry is more important than the health of the horse.

    As set forth by Dr. Arthur of the CHRB and Dr. Allred of Los Alamitos, there is no coherent experimental or other evidence that the controlled administration of furosemide (“Lasix” or “Salix”) is in any way linked to breakdowns. Furthermore, there is no convincing evidence that the controlled administration of furosemide has any performance effects in any way other than by preventing EIPH. Many studies have been undertaken to address the effect of furosemide on performance. None of them have been successful. Also, studies have been conducted to disprove the benefits of furosemide for EIPH and they have actually reinforced the beneficial effects.

    There is no evidence that reduction and ultimate elimination of furosemide administration will have any value whatsoever in the reduction of injury rates in racehorses.

    However there is abundant evidence that reduction and elimination of furosemide administration will lead to increasing levels of EIPH and subsequent pulmonary disease in our horses.

    On the other hand, there is evidence suggesting that the condition of the racetrack was a critical factor in the recent injuries. California has experienced an unusually wet and severe winter. San Francisco has received just as much rainfall as Los Angeles, and yet Golden Gate Fields Racetrack, while racing on the same dates, with larger average field size, did not experience a similar upturn in catastrophic injuries.

  • A great deal of focus has been on Santa Anita (for good reason) but I thought folks might be interested in following the fate of the Preakness Stakes.

    There was an article on March 2nd that laid out the possible reality that 2019 would be the last Preakness Stakes to be held at Pimlico.

    Now the City of Baltimore is moving to sue Stronarch and seize Pimlico in order to keep the Preakness at Pimlico.
  • The track in Baltimore lost all hope to be saved by the relationships of political figures in that city.
    Baltimore no longer deserves anything that could be considered refined beyond the garbage that lives, sleeps, works, walks the dirty streets.
    Baltimore should be erased from all maps.
    The disservice and shame that Maryland has brought to our country is endless.
    The Preakness has a history of moving about , and shows no particular special feature...
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    You spew so much hate.
  • KMM said:

    You spew so much hate.

    Hate is pretty strong, mostly I was just making noise, yet I do have a biased opinion of Stronarch.
    We have seen politicians all over the country play kidnapper to pro sport teams and their venues. Los Angeles has a long, bad history.
    Oakland, San Fransisco, Seattle ...bunches of bad actors that cry and stomp the fall when the teams go somewhere else.
    Everyone knows the score with Baltimore, the Preakness can only be saved by moving.
  • Except at the moment the Preakness belongs to the state, not Stronarch. So either the lawyers have to find an argument to get the law changed or Stronarch has to ass kiss the state.

    In the meantime if the city wins its suit to have Pimlico “condemned” so the city can take it over, Stronarch will lose the land value.

    It’s a curious Gordian knot and I can’t honestly say what kind of result I want to see. I hate the loss of our historic tracks, but there is no denying that Pimlico is badly run down and would take a bank breaking investment to make it a viable racetrack.

    Laurel and Bowie are already the track of choice for horsemen in the area.

    Reason says go to Laurel, sentiment would love to see Pimlico restored.
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    In theory, I'd like to see Pimlico restored to its former glory, but we're already going to lose everything historical about Pimlico no matter what. Either it is "restored" (aka everything is bulldozed and completely rebuilt, including the layout and position of the track) or we lose it anyway. The only thing that will stay the same if it's restored is the name itself and the location of the track.
  • As someone who is curious and who genuinely does not know- have there been any new racecourses built in recent years in the US ?
  • I believe the most recent track built from scratch, not an upgrade of an existing track, was Colonial Downs back in the 1990s.
  • The one in Dallas is from 97-98, something like that. Not sure if it was a remodel or new from the git-go.
  • Thanks Zenyen, interesting to compare with the UK where there have been two brand new racecourses built in the last decade which brings the UK total to 60.
  • Here is an interesting clip from the Blood Horse article about the lawsuit against the Stronach's.

    State law allows the transfer of the Preakness to another in-state track "only as a result of a disaster or emergency."

    The lawsuit suggests that, through that disinvestment, the Stronach Group "could indeed manufacture an 'emergency or disaster' to justify transfer of the Preakness to Laurel, as undermaintained infrastructure begins to fail and crowds attending Pimlico races and the horses racing there are endangered."

    It's a fairly breathtaking accusation—that the Stronach Group is purposely endangering patrons, horsemen, and its own employees to "manufacture" a crisis. And the suit goes from there to request that the court take three main actions:

    • Condemn Pimlico and enable the city "to acquire the Fee Simple interest in and to the property." In other words, the city requests that the court allow it to take control of the Pimlico property by eminent domain.
    • Condemn the Preakness Stakes and allow the city to acquire "full ownership" of it. That would entail the court's allowing the city to use eminent domain to acquire personal property—such as the Woodlawn Vase—as well as intellectual and other property, like copyrights, service marks, etc.
    • Prohibit the state-chartered Maryland Economic Development Corporation (MEDCO) from issuing bonds that would be used to back the Laurel "super track" and Bowie facility as "contrary to MEDCO's legislative purpose."

    Were the court to grant all three, it would first of all put the city of Baltimore in the horse racing business.

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    Just rename Laurel "Pimlico" when Pimlico sadly goes and there you go, the Preakness stays at Pimlico ;)
  • Lioness said:

    Just rename Laurel "Pimlico" when Pimlico sadly goes and there you go, the Preakness stays at Pimlico ;)

    It doesn’t work like that.
  • Zenyen said:

    Lioness said:

    Just rename Laurel "Pimlico" when Pimlico sadly goes and there you go, the Preakness stays at Pimlico ;)

    It doesn’t work like that.
    I was joking...
  • Don’t see the humor.
  • Sorry, next time I will refrain from making a post in jest.
  • Both of these articles are worth reading. I hate it when historic places fall into the wrong hands, any hope of Pimlico being restored was lost when the Stronach Group acquired it. Their intent was to make Laurel a supertrack and that is probably what will ultimately happen. I hope someone funds a Pimlico Museum that celebrates the history of "The Great Race Place".
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