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  • You can absolutely do horizontal wagers @sarinne! I have a lot of fun doing those too.

    And that sounds good @KenHamilton1955 =)
  • KMMKMM Member
    Finally, me too. I know I've been an absentee for a while. :'(
  • So are we doing Saturday - Monday, $1000, Saratoga and Del Mar?
  • Yeah, if that's alright with you @KenHamilton1955.
  • Okay, so I know this is a really dumb novice question, but if you want to do a horizontal wager, how to do you know what races are eligible at the track that day, and in what sequence? Like, if you are doing a Pick Three........how do you know what three races are part of the Pick Three that day? I'm sure it says on drf, etc, but I'm not sure where to look. Thanks for putting up with my silly questions. :)
  • @jaefeathered, works for me. :)
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    Can we make our picks 1 day at a time, especially since Saratoga is so iffy about turf races?
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    @sarinne, if you go to the Equibase website and go to entries you can see what betting options are available for each race.
  • Thank you, Ken. Hopefully I can figure it out. :)
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    Absolutely @KenHamilton1955! As long as I get your picks prior to post time (or in the case of multi-race/horizontal wagers, before the post time of the first race in the sequence), you can post your picks whenever.
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    Great jae!
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    Handicapping Contest for September 1st-3rd, 2018: Saratoga

    Saratoga Equibase Entries:
    Del Mar Equibase Entries:
    If you have any requests for specific race PPs, just let me know and I'll try to scrounge some up for you.

    Theme: Your Choice! You must use a budget of $1,000 using a minimum of three races across the three day weekend at either Del Mar or Saratoga. You may write reasons for just one of the races, but people might ask questions about other races after the fact.

  • Let’s rumble, folks! B)
  • sarinnesarinne Member
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    Saturday -- Saratoga.

    Spinaway -- $400 bet
    Catherinethegreat $50 W/P/S
    Catherinethegreat/Chasing Yesterday $50 exacta box
    Chasing Yesterday $50 W/P/S

    $5 Pick Three, races 10-12 -- $360 bet
    Race 10: Catherinethegreat, Chasing Yesterday, Restless Rider
    Race 11: Tapwrit, Seeking The Soul, Gunnevera
    Race 12: ALL

    Total Saratoga Saturday bet: $760

    Saturday -- Del Mar.

    Del Mar Debutante -- $200 bet

    Brill/Mother Mother $50 exacta box
    Brill $50 W
    Mother Mother $50 W

    What's to say about Brill and Mother Mother that hasn't already been said? Both brilliant so far in their careers and workouts, and it looks like a two horse race with this very short field.

    Total Del Mar bet: $200

    Monday -- Saratoga.

    $20 Nitrous W/P

    Total Saratoga Monday bet: $40

    Total bet for all tracks this weekend: $1000

    Yep I played it very very safe, and wanted to get my picks posted as I'm just making it by on cold meds......hate those late summer colds. I'm aware I'm opening myself up to missing scratches, but wanted to play while I could. Excited anyway, and hope you all join in. :)

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend :)

    Edited to fix my math and leaving a horse out.......hope it's right now! haha
  • I'm actually battling a cold too, funnily enough @sarinne :) I hope we both feel better soon haha.
  • Hope you are better soon too @jaefeathered! My throat hurts so bad I just took some liquid Dayquil. I'm wondering how the heck they expect you to keep that nasty stuff down? Anyway, hope my post makes some sense......I think the math may be right! :lol:
  • Hope you both get feeling better soon, @sarinne and @jaefeathered. I'll get my Saturday picks in early tomorrow morning. Gotta go sell tickets at the first home high school football game in a just a little bit.
  • Thank you, @KenHamilton1955. Fall is coming........time for high school football, my favorite. :love: Have fun tonight!
  • Thanks, @sarinne. The temperature is still way too hot. It’s gotta be rough on the players with pads on.
  • Thanks, @sarinne. The temperature is still way too hot. It’s gotta be rough on the players with pads on.

    I hear you on that.........still hot in on the Western Slope of CO too. Miss seasonable weather on the Front Range.
  • We still have lingering hot muggy, humid weather here in MD. During the first few day of this week we had heat index numbers ranging from 100 to 105. Yuck!
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    Saratoga - September 1

    Race 3 - #4 Business Cycle - $30 WP - TOTAL BET = $60
    Business Cycle
    has run two good races, finishing 2nd both times. Has a consistent second best Equibase speed figure average, early, middle, and late. His main competition appears to be the #3 Illudere who ran a great Equibase speed figure last time out in finishing second, but it was so much higher than his first two races that I expect him to bounce today.

    Race 12 - Glens Falls Stakes(GII) - #3 Onthemoonagain - $30 WP - TOTAL BET = $60
    is a new Chad Brown trainee, having come from France and run only one race so far in North America. Has shown good ability in France and should run much better second time out under Chad.
  • Del Mar - September 1

    Race 4 - Del Mar Debutante Stakes(GI) - #5 Bellafina - $30 WP - TOTAL BET = $60
    broke her maiden in her second race and improved her Equibase speed figure over her debut race. Should be a nice tussle between her and Mother Mother.

    Race 7 -#9 Candyman Garret - $30 WP - TOTAL BET = $60
    Candyman Garret
    has finished in the money in all four career races. I expect his main competition to come from the #6 Raindance Rules.

    Race 8 - #10 Raven Creek - $30 WP - TOTAL BET = $60
    Raven Creek
    has the highest Equibase speed figure in this field and also the highest speed figure at all three measurement points - early, middle, late.

    Race 11 - #10 Magical Gray - $60 W - TOTAL BET = $60
    Magical Gray
    has the highest Equibase speed figure at all three measurement points and unless one of the fillies on debut ends up being great first time out, then I think she will win this race with ease.
  • Emerging from my coma to take meds, check scratches and try to watch. One at Saratoga in the 12th. Makes my Pick Three bet $315. With that surplus $45, I will play $20 on Restless Rider to show in the Spinaway. $4 trifecta box between Brill/Mother Mother/Bellafina for $24 in the Debutante. $1 tip to @jaefeathered -- hope you are feeling better!
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    Saratoga - September 3

    Race 3 - #1 Southern Phantom - $50 WP - TOTAL BET = $100
    Southern Phantom
    has the highest Equibase speed figure in this inexperienced maiden field so unless one of the first time starters shows out, I think he breaks his maiden today after decent efforts in his first two races.

    Race 9 - Bernard Baruch Handicap(GII) - #1 Voodoo Song - $100 W - TOTAL BET = $100
    Voodoo Song
    has won 3 out of 5 races this year, is 5 for 5 on the turf at Saratoga, and looks to be the best closer by far in this race.
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