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    Sorry. but I come from a very competive family, and the rules don't seem clear always. Best. K
    PS. I think starting out, you guys have to be more forgiving. IMO. K
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    If someone posts a scratch, we believe it.
  • Well, I bet Belle Hill, read she was scratched, checked on Equibase and DRF, she was still listed, so decided to stay with her (only a third but ...). Wasn't the old time saying, "learn from your mistakes." :3
  • @KMM I am sorry I led you to believe Belle Hill had scratched. That was my mistake in not reading the scratch email more thoroughly. I suffered as well. But it's Jae's game and I understand abiding by her rules.
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    Okey. Whatever you guys decide. I am copacetic. K
  • I really do understand what you're saying @KMM, but I also have to draw the line somewhere. If Belle Hill had finished off the board and your new pick had won, I'm not sure we'd be having this conversation because it would have been beneficial.

    It's just one weekend though and we'll have plenty more in the future. It's everyone's responsibility to check for pre-race scratches. People make mistakes sometimes.
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    Jae, it is all good. Just my argumentive self. K
  • Congrats to the winners. :)
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    Good job winners! Thanks to the hosts for running things.
  • Congrats, everyone! Thank you, Jae, for devising a new and different learning experience -- I am enjoying this as I do the other game! :) Much for me to learn!
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    Congrats ladies and Thank you @jaefeathered for something new and fun!
  • Congratulations carol, sarinne, lizzie!!
  • I'm glad you guys are enjoying it so far!

    Anything else you guys would like to discuss regarding handicapping or particular betting strategies? I'm happy to help you all understand the PPs as well. Once you understand what you're looking at, there is a ton of valuable information in them.
  • I'm always open to anything anyone wants to share! I appreciate the great learning opportunity. Who wants to stay stuck in the same place, week after week? I'll be the first to say, unashamedly, that i have a lot to learn! :) TIA!
  • For those who wager - what is your standard bet? Mine is to do a win-place bet in case the horse I pick gets nipped at the wire.
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    I don't know enough about betting to answer your question. How do people bet on multiple races, like Exactas?
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    I like to play exactas, quinellas when available, trifectas(small..always single a horse in one place) and once in a while we'll have fun with a pick 4 if we know we can single a horse in at least one race. Always small bets, just for fun mostly to test my handicapping skills.
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    Could you explain some of these bets, Lizzie? Have no experience with them. How would we set them up here? I am a neophyte, and think Sarinne is too, but she scores on her pedigree research. B)
  • @KMM - Exactas are bets on a single race, not multiple races. With an exacta bet, you choose the 1st and 2nd place finishers in order. Maybe you're thinking of a Daily Double, where you have to pick the winners of two successive races on a card?
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    Sorry @kmm. I posted that and never came back last night. I'll explain when i get home from work tonight. Thanks @jaefeathered
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    KMM I don't use exotic bets very much, and when I do I usually use the recommendations of folks who handicap professionally. So far, I find it challenging enough to try to pick a winner in each individual race. :)
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    Me too, Ken.
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    I tthink I am to pick a theme and a race...
    I would like to try Exacta....and my race would be the Delaware H
    ...seems like this one should be a good one to learn on
    is this ok?
  • Not a problem! That should work out just fine.
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    I agree.
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