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Well, here is a simple discussion which is all the reasons why we are here right now... our love for Zenyatta. Let's discuss what it really is that makes us love the big mare :)

For me it's the inspiration she gives me. I can look at each of her races like a life story, coming from behind, unexpected and then in the final strides BOOM, there she is! I like comparing that to my life, no matter how far behind you are, you can catch up and be the best. I have a love for her owners and how great they were to her fans. I love how Zenyatta is a people horse and just loved her fans too.
Also, my only moment I really had with Z, is at the Classic where I stood in the paddock waiting for the Queen for 3 hours missing (I think was the turf, mile and juvenile? I think, not sure) anyway, I stood in that same spot, got in a fight with a cop for standing in front of me and it was all worth it though because as soon as she came out of the tunnel (where I was standing) she turned, and danced RIGHT towards me! I was 3 feet away from the queen! I pretty much passed out.

Of course there is so much more too, but there aren't enough words that can describe all of it!


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    I love this topic!
    For me, Zenyatta looks into your soul, and touches you with her magic. She makes you WANT to succeed, WANT to strive and WANT to be kind. She epitomizes everything that is great. She seems to pay attention to everyone she comes in contact with, she knows she is special, but she's not "stuck-up". She inspires. Her owners are the most generous of owners, sharing her with her fans, taking only the BEST care of her, and their other horses. They care so much about every aspect. They give the horse what it needs, without worrying about how long it takes. They entrusted Zennie to John, a patient, kind man, who allowed her to grow into herself and become probably the greatest racehorse I'll have the pleasure to have met. They entrusted her rides to Mike Smith, who still talks about her and how special she is.

    On a personal level, Zennie gave me two gifts- her 19th win on my birthday, and she gave me a message if you will, from my beloved"soul horse"(who left me in 2008); she gave me a "head hug" on a day I needed it. He was the only horse who would ever do that, until I met Zennie. I carry that in my heart.
  • I respect that she was allowed to be herself. She does not fit any molds. This is not a once-in-a-lifetime horse, this is a once-in-several-million-lifetimes horse. She has a unique personality, a sense of humor, she loves to dance, and whatever she does, she gives it her all. I've had a lot of horses and a couple of very special, once-in-a-lifetime horses but Zenyatta is . . . she's almost like a new species. There's a wisdom to her, like she's the result of 1000 reincarnations of increasingly better horses, and she carries all the knowledge of all her prior lives with her. Like she already knows the answers. I hope someday to be able to just gaze into her eyes.
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    Zenyatta brings out the best in ME. I love the way she has galvanized so many people with her love. Just look what she has created here!!!
    Even with the Daily Diary she helped so many of us out with our daily lives.
    If any of you peaked into my home, you would see many photos of Zenyatta on many different occassion. Then my barn is plastered with her posters and more photos.
    Zenyatta just makes me feel good no matter what is taking place in my life.
    Like no other horse I've ever seen or know, HER soul has touched MY soul and you can't beat that.

    Here's another reason to love Zenyatta

    My philosophy is that any time spent looking
    at photos or videos of Zenyatta, is time well spent.

    Just learned something...we can post videos on this FORUM too.
    Oh, the places we'll go!
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    How could you not fall in love with a horse who is so beautiful, magnificent, loving, kind, intelligent, courageous, a great entertainer (I love the Z dance) and almost perfect (OK maybe not “10” but 9.999999). I have been her fan since the beginning of her racing career. I saw 15 of her races in person and watched the other 5 on TV. I was lucky to witness history in the making in person when she won the Ladies Classic in 2008 and the Breeder’s Cup Classic in 2009. I will never forget when the crowd erupted like thunder when she crossed the finish line and won the Classic. Zenyatta, you ‘re a once-in-a-lifetime horse and I love you.
  • She is a pure symbol of girl power! She represents those people who think they have no potential but then they end up as something great. And the fact that she is plain adorable sums it all up.
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    I love Zenyatta because she is a powerful female. A no nonsense girl if you will. It's so funny because until I saw Zenyatta for the first time on the reruns of the show Jockeys I didn't even like horseracing and was even afraid of horses. Then I see this big beautiful horse on my t.v and I am awestruck by her and I am hooked. Somehow she just draws you in and I just fell in love with her and I couldn't help myself. After that I went to the track to see her every chance I got. Which was quite easy as I live in L.A. I love you Zenny!!!
  • To me, it's almost like she is part human....the way she struts, her ears perked...never misses a sound or motion...powerful, graceful she is an inspiration....ya gotta love a female who can beat all the boys in a big race!!! :-)
  • Zenyatta is a gift - a beautiful, gorgeous, special, once-in-a-lifetime gift. She has always been an inspiration. Her courage and determination to win, her absolute joy of running, her feisty dancing, and her wonderful sweet personality have established her as one of the greats. She is something else. She is an angel. Like others have said, she brings out the best in me. I have a Zenyatta shrine in my room, and her picture is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. She never fails to put a smile on my face. I have wanted to be a jockey for years, and horses like her and Barbaro have encouraged me and inspired me to pursue my dreams in this great sport. She has increased my passion for racing.
    I had the extreme pleasure and honour of seeing her race live in the 2010 Lady's Secret Stakes. My mom and I made the trip out from Vancouver, BC to California for the day, to see one of the greats run in person. We were right on the rail by the finish, and when she emerged from the tunnel it was almost surreal. Her presence, her beauty, her grace were unbelievable. When she roared down the stretch to win yet again, with her ears pricked as she captured her 19th victory, the grandstand shook with the screams of the crowd. When she crossed the line I burst into tears of joy - only Zenyatta can do that. When Mike Smith paraded her in front of the crowd, the cheers that went up were incredible. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. That's just what Zenny does - she brings so much joy and excitement and happiness. When she walked back to the barn with Mario, she passed about a meter in front of me - I almost passed out being so close to the Queen!
    She is more than just a horse. She is magic. She is good for the soul. Her connections are absolutely amazing people who have always done the very best for her. I love her so much, and I feel so blessed and fortunate to have lived in her time, to have seen her race live, and to be one of the people under her spell. Zenyatta will always be the Queen!
    Thank you Zenyatta, for just being you. I love you.
  • I find it hard to find the right words to describe why I love Zenny. What in the world is not to love. She is as close to perfection as I've ever seen. I am so happy that a horse such as her ended up with people who truly put her first above anything. Zenny deserved the best and she got it and still does. I just love to listen to Ann speak about her. If I didn't know better I would have thought she was talking about her child. Well actually everyone who is involved in this horses life when speaking of her just oozes of love. It just spills out and you can physically feel it. I will love Zenyatta forever because she loved me first. What a horse with a heart the size of the universe. I don't know about you but I'm a very lucky girl to have witnessed such magic.
  • I love Zenyatta because she helped me prove to myself that being female isn't a handicap. That you can tower over the others no matter your gender. More importantly she taught me that success isn't determined by your gender, it's determined by your drive to do what you do best.
  • This is something I posted on a blog/website that I set up quite some time ago:

    I have learned a lot of important life lessons from horse racing. The first, and biggest, one is: life is not fair. The horse who wins the Derby and Preakness does not always win the Belmont and the Triple Crown. Your favorite horse does not always win the race. Good lessons to learn when you are in junior high.
    From Free House, I learned that you have to enjoy the good times when they come and accept the bad times as the price to pay for the joy of the good times.
    So, what have I learned from Zenyatta? One of the most important lessons anyone can learn: that life is to be lived and loved. Enjoy yourself and do your best; the rest will follow.
    2009 was a good year for me, culminating in the chance of a lifetime: VIP tickets to the Breeders' Cup at Santa Anita. The cherry on top of the proverbial sundae was Zenyatta's amazing win in the Breeders' Cup Classic.
    2010 began well enough: Zenyatta was NOT going to be retired after all! But then, the bad news began to come. We were informed at work that the district was considering eliminating the Teacher Librarian positions completely. They had already cut one Library Technician position at each school; now they wanted to take away our certificated staff member! It was a traumatic time for everyone but as we worked out strategies to express our displeasure with this turn of events, I kept Zenyatta's example in my mind. Some days, I felt horribly depressed at work, as bad news continued to arrive, but I would think of Zenny and my heart would lift.
    I am not a terribly outgoing person and would never have contemplated speaking in front of the school board and audience, but when the opportunity arose to protest the proposed layoffs, I took courage from Zenyatta's example and prepared a speech, which I delivered to the board. It was thought best that the Librarians themselves not speak out, and I was the only Technician who was willing to stand up. I truly believe that if not for Zenyatta, I would not have had the courage and will to do this.
    In the end, the Librarian positions were not completely eliminated, but cut in half. I don't know what part my speech played in this decision (if any) but knowing that I had done all I could made me feel better. Even though it meant that my dear friend and colleague lost her Librarian position because of seniority issues, we do still have a certificated Librarian on campus, albeit part time.
    Through all of this, I looked forward to each of Zenyatta's races. The first sight of her, dancing and prancing, always brought a smile to my face. During the race, I screamed for all I was worth, jubilant when she made her late move and swept to the front.
    Prior to 2010 I had only attended Zenny's races at Santa Anita. When her retirement was announced, my sister and I went to Hollywood Park for the first time since the 1997 Breeders' Cup to attend her "retirement party." When her retirement was rescinded, I promised myself that I would attend every race she ran in southern California, and I did. After years of going only to Santa Anita, I went to Hollywood Park twice and Del Mar once, lured by the magic of Zenyatta.
    I have not only learned from Zenyatta; I have met an amazing array of people because of her. At every race, strangers become friends as we all talk about her, comment on her dance moves, take photographs and cheer like lunatics. People of all ages fall under her spell: little girls, race track veterans who rarely call a horse by name, middle aged women, teenage boys. Half of the joy I derived from attending one of her races came from seeing so many different people united in their love for this amazing horse.
    It gives me hope for humankind -- we can come together, even if just for a short time, even if it's just to enjoy the beauty and joy of a horse.
  • I love her because she's as close to the perfection that we yearn to see in the creation around us that I think we can ever get. She's beautiful, athletic, kind, sweet, and she has a charisma that I don't think I've ever seen in a horse, up close. She draws you in...you can't help yourself.
  • I'm not sure that any words are left that haven't been said by others.

    But in some ways Z reminds me of Secretariat. Slow out of the gate, last and falling back. Then about the time you think NO WAY--Z and Mike would blast by the others!

    Thanks to people here I am reminded of the hug Z gave me the first time I got to meet her.
  • One word UNBELIEVABLE!
  • I love Z because she has such a wonderful, kind and gentle personality. There's also the Z who is courageous, poised and amazingly determined. She shows that in her races and in her devotion to her foal. She just makes me smile. I'm so glad she came along in my lifetime. She truly is The Queen.
  • I just love Zenyatta - have ever since her 4 or 5th race at Hollywood Park - then I was hooked.... love love love her!!! And now the Prince is here.... WOW
  • This is such a good topic. How can you describe how you feel about a Beautiful Horse that you never laid eyes on, never touched, never even seen up close.

    I found Zenyatta quite by accident, flippin through the TV channels. One look at her and I thought how Beautiful she is. A real creation from above. I watched her every chance I got and somehow I just fell head over heals. By reading Dottie's posts I became more and more attached (from a distance) and learned so very much. She has given me a new interest and also by watching her, she shows you that business is business (her wins) and then you also have that tender, loving and caring soul. You can just look in her eyes and see a gentle, spirit. Wow what I wouldn't give to see her up close and personal! I love the pics of Ann and her cuddling and also of her "Dance".
    Oh my look what else she has given to her fans. The Prince!

  • Here's another reason why we love Zenyatta...
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    it's 12:40 am, I have an animal breeding midterm in the morning, I SHOULD be studying, and instead, I'm having WAAAAAAAAY too much fun with our new Forum. Guess I should try to get some sleep, then get to school early and go over my notes....again. It's just not nearly as fun. Shannon, you're making it very difficult for me to study since I'm following your philosophy about time well spent ;)
  • Zenyatta = Girl Power! Perfection!

    Zenyatta's presence and personality rock!
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    I love the whole Zenyatta package. Without this team, who knows where she would have ended up. This team brought out her best, and the best of Zenyatta is simply THE BEST! I got to see her up close, just a few feet away in the walking ring at Hollywood Park, October 2010. That was the experience of my lifetime. I have wonderful memories and pictures of her.
  • Who wouldn't?!
  • To me Zenyatta is Love. Pure & beautiful love. She has showed all of us that with love & family anything in life is possible.
  • Zenatta is Zenyatta full of love and has inspired my life she is the true light
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