I have looked all over the place for info on his injury. I have finally found some. Synchronized fell at becher's brook, but he did not get his injury from that fall. He went on to run and jump a few more fences (five more) on the fifth fence he injured himself. He fractured his hind leg (not sure which). Now this brings the thought of having loose horses caught to prevent self inflicted injuries such as that. What do you think?


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    It sounds like a good idea to prevent injury, but here (in Europe) we don't have outriders like on US tracks, who can catch loose horses. So that's a problem.
    Also, watching the huge field of the Grand National, I noticed a lot of horses who had lost their jockey and went on alone, ran at or close to, the front of the field or in mid-pack. Which would mean most of the loose horses would be difficult if not impossible to catch.
  • All the more reason for less horses in the grand national. according to pete died of a fractured leg due to stumbling over a fallen horse that he could not get out of the way of. A horse goes down after a jump and horses behind it fall or stumble over it causing the fallen horse more injuries or the other horse injuries. its chaotic having that many horses. they bunch up going over a jump and horses bump into each other going over the jumps. I read someone say that the horses arent used to some of the jumps there and dont expect a drop on the other side. sheesh. I thought they trained them for jumps that high
  • & the trainer of synchronized said he wont go back to the grand national, that the jumps or race itself "was daft"
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    Here is the latest from the connections of Synchronized. What a sad turn of events for a wonderful jumper. RIP Synchronized, beautiful horse.

  • Thank you for this :) its nice being able to read what the connections to the horse feel about this tragety. i found out in my search that it wasnt the jump that caused his injury so its nice to see someone else see that as well so i know im not mistaken. but i still stand by my opinon of lesser horses should be better
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