Should we always breed the best to the best?



  • She sold for $20,000 yesterday. The seller's made a great investment when they got her for $9,000 in November.

    Zenyen said:

    Set Them Free was a much stronger and more consistent broodmare than V.

    So is a pedigree like this worth taking a chance on? Sold for $9,000 last month (2017 Keeneland November Breed Stock) and is entered right back in the upcoming Barretts 2018 January Mixed Sale. A young mare, with what appears to be a very good pedigree, selling for only $9,000 last month. Her conformation must be cause for pause, or what???

  • Hey guys , here is something I did not realized, Songbird’s dam Ivanavinalot is 18 years old and the only true star she produced is Songbird. It is very interesting to look at the rest of her offspring. I truly hope Zenyatta will still produce a winner, and if not her, maybe it will come down to the next generation. It might just be nailing the right stallion.
  • Or not another wrong one.
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